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If you’ve been searching for a natural skincare line that actually delivers then today is your lucky day. Let me introduce you to Happy Me Skincare. All of their anti-aging and acne healing products are natural, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and animal-cruelty free. Their products don’t have any artificial fragrances or artificial dyes and they are vegan. Doesn’t that just make you happy?! I was over the moon when I was introduced to them, but the real question was “would the products actually work?”

Thanks to Mom Bloggers Club, I had the opportunity to review the entire Happy Me Skincare line, which includes an anti-aging line and an acne healing line. First up is the Pore & Fine Line Perfector and Primer. This is a primer that you can use under makeup or alone. It goes on smooth and silky and I could instantly see that my pores looked smaller. That is from the natural silica in the product. It enhances collagen formation and tightens the skin. Also contains anti-oxidant rich Acai Pulp Oil, which repairs visible damage from free radicals and generates new skin cell growth and Lavender Oil to heal and soothe irritated skin. LOVE this product!


The Hand Repair SPF 30 sits on bedside table and I put it on every night before bed and in the morning after my shower. This lotion smells lovely, which must come from the Rosemary Leaf Oil and Lemon Fruit Extract{LOVE rosemary and lemon!}. Brassicaceae Extract works with Lemon Fruit Extract to give skin an even toned, youthful glow by naturally lightening and brightening sun and age spots. The Rosemary Oil actually tightens the skin and reduces fine lines by strengthening the tiny blood vessels below the surface and generating new cell growth. I don’t really have lines on my hands yet so I haven’t noticed a difference in that department, but my hands feel soft and smooth. I also love that this lotion has SPF 30 to prevent any further aging or discoloration brought on by the sun.

The final product in the anti-aging line is the Neck & Chest Repair SPF 30, which works to keep the neck and chest area looking youthful. Sweet Almond Extract smoothes wrinkles and lifts fine lines. Rosewood Oil from the Amazon Rainforest stimulates new cell growth for elasticity. Apple Fruit Extract encourages new cell generation as well by gently exfoliating dead skin cells for rapid turnover. This lotion is not greasy at all, which I love. It is light and quickly absorbs into the skin. It also has SPF 30, which is essential in preventing any further damage to the area.

My favorite Happy Me products are from the acne healing line though. If you follow my blog, you probably know that I have terrible skin. Oily, large pores, acne. Pretty much the worst skin you can have. I have really struggled with finding the right products for my skin issues. Thankfully, over the last year I found the Clarisonic and Personal Microderm, which are cleansing and exfoliating tools, but I still haven’t been lucky enough to find a skincare line that works…especially not a natural skincare line. I am IN LOVE with the acne healing products by Happy Me though. LOVE.

The Natural Acne Corrective System is a 60 day three-step system, which includes the Natural Acne Wash, Natural Acne Healing Moisturizer, and the Skin Support Dietary Supplement. The Wash is awesome because it cleanses without stripping my skin. This is a HUGE complaint of mine with pretty much every acne wash I have tried in the past. The Natural Acne Wash an exfoliating cleanser and is made with Willow Bark Extract, a natural form of Salicylic Acid, which works with Olive Leaf Extract to kill acne-causing bacteria. Also contains Amazon Rainforest anti-oxidants Acai Pulp Oil, Carapa Guaianensis Seed Oil and Balsam Copaiba Resin to maintain and balance oil production.


Next up is the moisturizer, which also contains ancient Egyptian acne fighter Willow Bark Extract in addition to Bergamot Leaf Oil, which heals and evens skin tone. Here’s what I love about the moisturizer. It actually moisturizes. If you have used acne products in the past, then you know that most acne lotions DO NOT moisturize very well {if at all}. The Happy Me Natural Acne Healing Moisturizer really moisturizes your skin, but it is also light and non-greasy. It also contains SPF 15, which is another huge plus since most acne lotions DO NOT contain any type of SPF. This is hands down the best acne lotion I have tried to date. LOVE.

The third part of the system is a dietary supplement. I love this because it attacks problem skin from the inside out. This is something most acne systems do not provide, but I have found that all three products together have made a huge difference in my skin. Packed with nutrients, it works in conjunction with the full Happy Me Skincare Acne Line to fight acne and maintain a healthy balance for happy skin. Willow Bark Extract, revealed for its medicinal properties by ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, neutralizes acne causing bacteria and helps generate new cell grow. Zinc Oxide is a vital mineral in decreasing the hormonal activity associated with acne and reducing skin’s oil production.

Finally, for those times when pimples still occur, the Natural Acne Corrective System also comes with the Overnight Pimple Eliminator. It is made with Sulfur, a natural element, Tea Tree Oil, and Zinc Oxide, a natural mineral. This little product is a miracle worker. It really works overnight to reduce redness and swelling on pimples.

Another thing I want to mention is that all of the products have this light botanical scent, which works as aromatherapy. Very calming and soothing! All in all, I LOVE all of the products I tried and the acne healing products are among the best I have ever used. My skin looks great–even Mike noticed! I will definitely be buying when I run out–without a doubt.

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