Baby Proofing: coverPlug Review

A while ago, I read in a parenting magazine about a mom who was frustrated because her 1 year old daughter was into everything and she was constantly chasing after her. Venting about it, she complained to her mother about it. Her mother jokingly told her that her job as a mom for the next couple of years would mostly consist of keeping her daughter from killing herself. While her mother was joking, I’m sure this resonates with all moms! Kids get into everything!

As parents, it’s our job to make our children’s world a safe place for them to learn and grow. Baby-proofing helps protect babies from dangerous things in our homes. Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to test out a new innovation in child proofing: the coverPlug.

The coverPlug is a molded, paintable panel that “plugs” into an electrical outlet. It is held securely in place by posts on the back that align with the ground openings.

I have to say that after trying it out for myself, I am very impressed with the product. The traditional outlet covers are very unattractive. The coverPlug looks really good since it covers the whole outlet and can be painted. In the picture below, you can see the before and after in my home. I did not have the time to paint it, but you can tell that once the cover is painted, it will blend almost seamlessly with the wall.

Most people complain that traditional outlet covers are hard to remove, but I have the opposite experience. My outlet covers are very loose and it does not take much to get them off. Thankfully, Lucas has not figured this out yet, but he will eventually. The coverPlug is held very securely in place. A child will not be able to remove it, but it is easy enough for an adult to remove. Another important note is that I doubt many children would even pay attention to the outlet once the coverPlug is on it. Once painted to match your wall color, it essentially “becomes” the wall so it probably won’t be very interesting to a toddler.

Overall, the coverPlug is a great child safety product that I would definitely recommend to other moms.