Baseball Coaches and Team Mom Gift Ideas

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Lucas has been playing baseball since he was 4 years old. He started in the Peanut League and has played every season, including both spring and fall, since then.

Lucas up to bat with coach "daddy"

Lucas up to bat with coach “daddy”

He is now in Tee Ball and loves the game! We all do! Spring baseball season has just started here in Georgia and we are super excited to be at the ball park again!


Since spring season has officially started, I wanted to share with you a few coaches and team mom gift ideas. As you probably know, Team Mom and coaches are volunteers. They volunteer their time and oftentimes their own money for the team. And, it’s not just Team Moms and coaches – many of the parents have to help throughout the season. On our teams, we usually have a Team Mom, Dugout Moms (among other things, these are fabulous moms who keep the kids from hitting each other with the bats in the dugout) a coach, and several assistant coaches who help at practice and are on the field with the kids during the games. It takes a village.

The 2013 Oriole's Team

The 2013 Oriole’s Team

In fact, I have been a Team Mom or co-Team Mom every single one of those seasons. Well, except one and that was last year’s spring season because I was weeks away from giving birth to Amelia. Good excuse, right?! Mike has always been an assistant coach until last year when he was asked to be a head coach. Last year, we were on the Oriole’s T-Ball Team and we had a fabulous end of year party where we got to celebrate the players and thank all of the parents who volunteered their time to the team.

I made the players personalized water bottles and bag tags, which they loved!



The AMAZING Dugout Moms received a bath set from Philosophy and these very cute personalized makeup bags from Personal Creations. The Dugout Moms loved their gifts – both raved about the makeup bags. They loved that they were personalized! Can you believe these are priced between $14.99 – $19.99 – depending on the size. That includes personalization. Super cute!



The coaches and assistant coaches all received a baseball that was signed by all of the players and these personalized wooden Rawlings baseball bats from Personal Creations.


OMG. Honestly, the guys went NUTS. They were literally beaming ear to ear. They all laughed and joked that no one would ever be able to top the gifts lol.


All the coaches with their gifts

All the coaches with their gifts

With good reason too! The bats are gorgeous. These are full-sized adult bats that can be used. Mike has his on our bookshelf in the family room.



As you probably noticed, we love Personal Creations! They are the perfect place to shop for coaches and Team Mom gifts because people love to receive a personalized gift. It makes the gift more special and unique. And, honestly – that’s what gifting is all about – making the recipient feel special, appreciated, and loved.

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  1. Rebecca Orr says:

    These are great ideas Piera! My son is 6 (almost 7) and is starting his second year of baseball. Last year he was in T-ball. This year he is moving to Minors and his coach from last year is a also moving to the Minors and will be his coach again this year. Last year it did not even cross my mind to do a coach gift and gifts for his two assistant coaches and the team mom. But after reading this, I will definitely be doing something for them!

  2. You have shared some great ideas on uncommon topics. These gift ideas will be a great encouragement for our little players. Nice ideas Piera. Thanks for sharing.