NEW Toys by Blaze & the Monster Machines

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As the holidays quickly approach, we are already starting to think about gift-giving. On our list to give this year are the adorable and fun new line of Blaze and the Monster Machines toys available at Target and other major toy retailers. Why do we love them so much? Besides being cute and lots of fun, these toys are also educational. They teach kids about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) concepts. It’s really important that we encourage children to learn more about these subjects. We need more scientists, inventors, and engineers – they are our future!


The new Blaze toys offer a cool way for kids to learn while they play! That’s the best way, right?! We are super excited to introduce you to two brand new toys in the Blaze line. First up is the new Blaze Monster Dome Playset (RV $29.99), which is a race track that allows kids to create side-by-side races between Blaze and Crusher.


The STEM concepts learned via the Blaze Monster Dome, include speed and momentum, which are illustrated by using the two launchers. Basically, kids place the two vehicles on the launchers, push down, and off they go! Kids of all ages love toys that allow them to race each other, so the Blaze Monster Dome will be a definite hit among young Blaze fans. Two children can race the two vehicles or one child can play on their own too. Kids can even take the set apart and piece together their own stunt set. As a parent, I really love that it doesn’t need any batteries and relies on pure imagination.




The Super Stunts Blaze (RV $39.99) is full of action – just like on the TV show – and is A LOT of fun. This toy can do some really impressive stunts that will wow kids and even adults.




It speeds up, does side-wheelies, back-wheelies, and even does a 360 degree spin on his rear tires. Kids press Blaze’s side to choose the stunt and then push down on the spoiler to get Blaze revved for action. The more you press the spoiler, the more power Blaze gets. The Super Stunts Blaze teaches kids all about acceleration.

Both of the toys featured above can be found at Target and other major toy retailers. To see the rest of the Blaze and the Monster Machines toy line, visit


  1. My son, who is 3 years old, loves Blaze and has been asking us to buy him some Blaze toys for awhile. He loves anything that goes fast and that satisfies his need for speed LOL. I’m glad I came across your post because I honestly hadn’t starting looking at where I could purchase any. Your article just saved me a Google search! 😉 Thanks for sharing this!