Father’s Day Celebration Ideas #BestFeelings #Giveaway

Father’s Day is just a couple of days away and we are excited! It’s the perfect day to celebrate dads everywhere – especially Mike – my husband and the best dad around!

We like to call Mike "the player guy" because he is always goofing off and making us laugh!

We like to call Mike “the player guy” because he is always goofing off and making us laugh!






He is always there for us!

He is always there for us!

Without giving too much away for all the dads out there (and my hubby who is a Jolly Mom subscriber), I thought I’d share with you some of our favorite ways to celebrate Father’s Day.

Let dad sleep in! As all parents know, once you have kids – sleeping is a thing of the past, so it is nice to give your significant other the “gift of sleep” on Father’s Day.

Cook breakfast or brunch. Mike’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast so it wouldn’t be Father’s Day around here without starting the day with a special breakfast (after sleeping in, of course). Typically the menu consists of stuffed French toast, bacon, fruit, coffee and juice. His favorite!

Set the mood with the perfect scent for dads . We love Glade® Cashmere Woods® Sense & Spray® Automatic Freshener. It has a lovely oak scent that the guys really enjoy! In fact, it would make a thoughtful gift for dads to keep in the office, their “man cave” or just set it out on your living room bookshelf or in your bedroom on the morning of Father’s Day to create a cozy environment that dads will love.

Cashmere WoodsFINAL

Plan a fun, surprise outing for dad. A few years ago, we surprised Mike with tickets to an Atlanta Braves game – he was over the moon. We’ve also done some low-key activities such as flying a kite, having a picnic at the park, or visiting the lake for a day of swimming.

Have the kids make dad a fun DIY gift. We always like to do a child-friendly craft around holidays, as it’s a great way for kids to feel involved. Mike is an outdoorsy, handy kind of guy. He loves all things woodsy – like the scent of  Glade® Cashmere Woods®− so we have been scouring the internet looking for a craft inspired by that musky scent that he would love. Some of our favorites are:

Dad Letters via Crafty Wood Cutouts

Father’s Day Plaque via Cheap Crafty Mama

Father’s Day Frame via Daily Messes

Wood Pencil Holder via Jonesing2Create

DIY Photo Gift via Chase The Star

I also created a Father’s Day Crafts Pinterest Board for inspiration – see below for additional ideas!

Follow Piera’s board Father’s Day Crafts on Pinterest.

What fragrances inspire your best feelings this Father’s Day? Share your thoughts and ideas via Twitter and Facebook using #bestfeelings, and be sure to visit Glade.com for more information and Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter for all the latest news.


To help get your home ready for summer entertaining, Glade® is offering one lucky reader a fun prize package featuring Glade® Cashmere Woods® Sense & Spray® Automatic Freshener & a $100 Blick/Art Store Gift Card! Simply leave a comment on this post to enter to win!

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The NEW At Home Stores + $100 GC #Giveaway


I have been shopping at Garden Rdige for home accessories and decor for years. It is one of my favorite places to shop! I have purchased area rugs, picture frames, furniture, artwork, and more. They have the cutest things for really great prices.

About Garden Ridge (from press release):

Garden Ridge is a beloved store chain in our home state of Texas, where many are familiar with the city of GardenRidge. As we continue growth outside Texas borders, the name Garden Ridge didn’t have much equity and people thought we sold garden equipment and supplies. We wanted a name that better reflected our large assortment of home décor products for every room, in every style, at everyday low prices.
At Home continues Garden Ridge’s rich, 30-year history dedicated to inspiring our customers to create a home that reflects their unique personality and style, both inside and out. From quirky to traditional, modern to exotic, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone. We are the home of endless possibilities.

Recently, I found out that they were rebranding and changing the name of their stores to At Home. It’s a much better name that fits their store much better!


At Home sent me a gift card to visit their new store and shop for items to redecorate a room in my home. I was so excited for the challenge and my hubby, Mike immediately knew what we should get. He has been dying to have a new bar cabinet to store all of his craft beer glasses and cocktail ingredients so that’s exactly what we got!

All the pieces to our new bar at the store

All the pieces to our new bar at the store





The accessories like lamp, lamp shade, picture frame, bottles, and cute red tray are also from At Home. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

The shopping experience was awesome (as always), but I could instantly see the changes when we pulled into the parking lot. The new At Home sign greets customers and there’s new signage inside.


Inside, there are display vignettes to offer design inspiration…




And, what I especially loved is that At Home still offers all of the same wonderful products as before. It is literally aisles and aisles of home decorating items.




A girl could spend hours and hours in here (and this girl has lol)!

To celebrate the new At Home stores, we are giving away a $100 store gift card!

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Summer Entertaining Tips & Inspiration #BestFeelings

I love the summer for so many reasons. I love having my babies’ home with me. I love the abundance of fresh fruit and produce and the sweet smell of honeysuckle and jasmine in the air. Everything seems to slow down a little bit in the summer giving us more time with the people we love. It’s the perfect time to host a backyard party and invite your friends and family over for dinner on your patio. So today, I thought I’d share with you a few entertaining tips to inspire you and your guests’ #bestfeelings this summer!


Summer Entertaining Tips

  1. Create a centerpiece for your dinner table inspired by the vibrant colors and sweet fruity scents of summer. To create our centerpiece, we used the fresh notes of gardenias and peach, which are very similar to the new Lift Off fragrance from Glade® as inspiration. The soft colors and refreshing scents added another level of ambience to our outdoor gathering.


  1. Designate a comfy space for guests to sit, talk and eat. Include seating with thick cushions and make sure to provide shade for the spots that get the most sun.
  1. Keep food simple! Think grilled meats paired with fresh salads and fruit and of course, a cool, refreshing drink. Consider using your centerpiece as inspiration for your drink menu. For example, we served peach drinks and ended the meal with a peach cobbler for dessert.
  1. Have a plan in place to keep the bugs away. Use mesh covers, aluminum foil and containers to protect food from those pesky bugs! Use cupcake liners (turned upside down) to keep fruit flies and ants at bay.
  1. Add ambience to your space by lighting multiple candles and using mini lights or paper lanterns as your light source. Use summer scents like the Glade® Lift Off candle from the new Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection (available through June) to help guest’s better embrace the joys that come with summertime.


The Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection features a variety of uplifting fragrances that perfectly reflect the #bestfeelings of the summer including:

What summer fragrances inspire you and your home for the upcoming season? Share your thoughts and ideas via Twitter and Facebook using #bestfeelings, and be sure to visit Glade.com for more information and Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter for all the latest news.

To help get your home ready for summer entertaining, Glade® is offering one lucky reader a fun prize package featuring Glade® Lift Off Candle and a $100 West Elm Gift Card! Simply leave a comment on this post to enter to win!


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Disconnect to Reconnect: Take the Pledge!

Disclosure 1

Our world is so fast-paced. Our days are literally gogogo. Work, school, karate, t-ball, grocery store, post office, doctor’s offices, and so on. Not to mention the electronics. You barely see more than people’s foreheads these days! People are entranced by their smartphones and tablets and video games! It would do everyone so much good to stop and really focus on one another.


The boys on their electronics

The boys on their electronics

One of our favorite ways to do this and one of our favorite things to do together as a family is to share a meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be as simple as sitting at the kitchen table or a picnic at the park or at one of our favorite local restaurants.


Brunch on our back deck


Picnic at the park

Picnic at the park


It really isn’t about where; it’s about who we’re with. It’s about disconnecting from the computer, iPhones, iPads…the crazy outside world and reconnecting with the people I love.


It’s during these meal times that I am able to hear about my family’s day. Lucas tells us about what he learned at school. The fun things he played on the playground with his friends.

It’s honestly our daily exhale.

That’s why I love the Disconnect to Reconnect initiative, which is challenging families to take the pledge and put the electronics away during meal times and focus on one another for at least one meal per week. Disconnect to Reconnect!

“There’s no social network more important or engaging than your family.” via poweroffamilymeals.com


Take the Disconnect to Reconnect Pledge!

I just took Disconnect to Reconnect pledge at the Power of Family Meals website and I am so excited about it! You can take the pledge HERE. Plus, the website has wonderful resources for families on how to unplug and reconnect with one another (recipes, tips, and more).

“Daily mealtime communication strengthens the family bond. It’s also how generations pass along cultural and ethnic heritage. You can’t do that in 140 characters or less.” via poweroffamilymeals.com


One Jolly Mom reader will win a Breakfast for Dinner prize pack complete with all the fixings for a family meal!

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Help Raise Money for Aflac Cancer Center! #DuckPrints #Giveaway

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The C word. Cancer. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, yourself, or God-forbid – a child.

In 2007, approximately 10,400 children age 15 or younger were diagnosed with cancer in the United States. Cancer remains the leading cause of death by illness in the U.S. for people age 15 or younger.

My life has been touched by cancer too many times, I’m afraid. Aunts, uncles, friends. My parents. The C word is an ugly word that I wish could be eradicated from our vocabulary and most of all – from our lives. We need research. We need funding for research. We need a cure.

Aflac logo cmyk

We need more brands like Aflac, who has been engaged in the fight against childhood cancer for nearly 20 years. The Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is one of the largest childhood cancer centers in the country. Plus, they have donated more than $87 million to the Aflac Cancer Center, with the goal of reaching $100 million by the end of 2015!

TH photo 1

According to the National Cancer Institute, the five-year survival rates for all childhood cancers combined increased from 58.1 percent in 1977 to 79.6 percent in 2003.

During that time, Aflac has been fortunate to meet many unsung heroes who have made a real difference in the fight against childhood cancer. To honor these individuals, Aflac has created the Duckprints award. Duckprints champions these heroes through ceremonies at childhood cancer hospitals, user-generated nominations on www.duckprints.aflac.com and in social media.

Aflac Duckprints is committed in its mission to eradicate childhood cancer. Thanks to donations made to the research and treatment of this disease, 75 percent of childhood cancers can now be cured.

This month, Aflac is honoring former Aflac Cancer Center patient Trisha Henry Gaffney’s inspiring story using #Duckprints. Trisha’s uplifting story of surviving cancer and her path to motherhood illustrates how important specialized,long-term care is for cancer survivors.

TH photo 2

For instance, in Trisha’s case – she discovered years later that her chemotherapy and 23 radiation treatments had wreaked havoc on her body. Only one ovary was functional, and the radiation had damaged her uterus; she was
approaching an early menopause, and she would not be able to carry a child. She got the help she needed at the Cancer Survivor Program at the Aflac Cancer Center and in 2013 she became a mom to her daughter, Isabella.

“If I hadn’t had my friend telling me to go to the Cancer Survivor Program at the Aflac Cancer Center,” Trisha said, “I wouldn’t have my daughter.”

How Can You Help?

Now through Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 11), Aflac will donate $2 to the Aflac Cancer Center for a variety of social media Duckprints activities using #Duckprints, including:

  • Twitter: $2 for every Duckprints tweet or retweet using #Duckprints
  • Facebook: $2 for every Duckprints post or share using #Duckprints

Help raise awareness by entering the Jolly Mom Giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to restaurant.com below!

Make sure to check out the DuckPrints, Aflac Cancer Center, and Aflac. Plus, you can follow Aflac on their Twitter and Facebook pages for updates and news!

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This giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divasand Aflac. I was compensated to participate in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Kids’ Birthday Party Planning Ideas & Tips #BestFeelings #Giveaway

Disclosure 1

When I was a kid, my parents (mom, really) threw me the greatest birthday parties. They even threw me a few surprise parties over the years. I have the best memories from those times. That’s why I love doing the same thing for my kids. I love throwing parties (especially birthday parties) because they help to create beautiful memories, while bringing out everyone’s #bestfeelings, making it a moment in time that my children and I will never forget.

From Lucas' 4th super hero birthday party

From Lucas’ 4th super hero birthday party

From Lucas' 5th cowboy birthday party

From Lucas’ 5th cowboy birthday party

This year, we actually have a very important birthday coming up as Amelia is turning one this month. Since her birthday is in April, I thought it would be appropriate to have a spring-themed party. I love the idea of invoking the very heart of spring into Amelia’s special day. Lighter foods, bright colors, fresh fruit and of course, beautiful floral arrangements, all inspired by the delicious scent of the new Playful Paradise® fragrance from Glade®. Filled with the subtle hints of watermelon, apple and lily – it’s the perfect scent to bring out your inner child and set the mood for party planning!

For Amelia’s party, we are setting the tables with pretty tablecloths and decorating the tops by filling mason jars with spring bouquets for centerpieces. Food will be light and fresh – tea sandwiches, salads, fruit skewers, watermelon on sticks, and of course – cupcakes. As we prepare for her birthday, I thought it would be fun to share some birthday party ideas from Lucas’ previous years.

Birthday Party Themes

Host a race car themed birthday party from Lucas’ 2nd birthday 

Host a super hero themed birthday party from Lucas’ 4th birthday

Host a cowboy themed birthday party from Lucas’ 5th birthday

Host a bowling themed birthday party from Lucas’ 6th birthday

Homemade Birthday Party Tips & Free Printables

Make a semi-homemade tiered birthday cake from Lucas’ 1st birthday

Make a no sew superhero cape

Super hero birthday party printables

Cowboy birthday party printables

Bowling birthday party printables


To help you plan your next birthday party, Glade® is offering one lucky reader a fun prize package! Simply leave a comment on this post letting me know which scents bring out your best feelings and childhood memories and you’ll be entered to win a Glade® Playful Paradise® Premium Room Spray, Pretty Cupcake Kit and Cupcake & Treat Stand & a $50 Bed, Bath & Beyond Gift Card!

Contest ends on May12th at midnight PST. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email. Best of luck!


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Playtex Baby Products for the On-the-Go Mom

Being a mom that is always on-the-go, I am constantly looking for products that make traveling a little bit easier. Whether it is a trip to grandmas or a trip to the ball field for one of Lucas’ baseball games or a trip to the beach for summer vacation, getting out of the house and packed up with all of the baby stuff is a huge chore so having a few products to make that simpler is always a plus! One of our go-to travel products is the Playtex™ SmartCool On-The-Go Bottle Tote. It is perfect for packing up Amelia’s bottles, sippy cups, or food. What I love about it is that it will keep liquids cold for up to 14 HOURS. Pretty awesome!


It fits three standard size bottles and it has pokers for other stuff – even a pod that can be used to store extra nipples or pacis. Plus, I can sneak in some of Lucas’ snacks and keep them cool too! It’s really not just for baby stuff. It’s a cooler tote that can be used well beyond the baby years.

Another item that is handy BOTH at home and on-the-go is the Playtex™ SmartSpace Dishwasher Basket. Because seriously? Baby bottles and sippy cups have so many small parts! They get lost in the dishwasher or even worse – damaged by the heat. This keeps everything safe and in its place! In addition, we typically rent vacation homes or condos that have dishwashers so this is a godsend when we travel as well.



Additional Information:

For more information, visit www.playtexbaby.com or www.facebook.com/PlaytexBaby.



Ten Jolly Mom readers will win the products featured above! Simply enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!


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Great American Cookies Atlanta Event Recap #BrownieBling #Giveaway #ad

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Great American Cookies.


You guys know me. I always love a good party. I love all of the details – everything from the tablescape to the food. Just last week, a good friend and a fellow blogger here in Atlanta – Stacie of The Divine Miss Mommy – invited me to a Great American Cookies party at her house. Everything was set up so pretty!

photo 2

It was so nice to see old friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and make new friends!

photo 1
We were celebrating the launch of the NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s®. Chocolate – the best reason to celebrate of all, right? This chocoholic says YES! We had a great time sampling all of the goodies!


photo 5-2

OK, let me tell you about the NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s®. It is chewy and moist and super chocolatey. The M&M’s® on top give it texture and a nice crunch, which I always like! It was delicious!!!

photo 1-2

The cookies were also divine! My favorite had to be the Domino Cookies. They are double the chocolate – chocolate cookies with huge white chocolate chunks. Perfect paired with a nice tall glass of cold milk!

photo 3

I brought home a box of cookies and brownies to share with my boys at home and let’s just say that I was the most popular person that night lol.

photo 2-2

The thing

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about Great American Cookies is that they are a perfect treat to enjoy at home or to share with friends and loved ones. How about buying a box and bringing them to a party as a hostess gift? You can serve them as treats at a school event. Trust me anyone who eats these yummy treats will love you! You will be the hit of the party!

Great American Cookies has tons of goodies to offer – cookies, Cookie Cakes, brownies and other treats. For additional information and to check out the Great American Cookies delicious menu, visit GreatAmericanCookies.com.

Thanks to Great American Cookies, I have a treat for you! One Jolly Mom reader will win a $50 Great American Cookies Gift Card! Sweet!


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Great American Cookies.

Create Your Own Staycation Oasis Right at Home #BestFeelings

There’s nothing I love more than being on vacation with my family, especially when we travel to a tropical location like the Caribbean!


I love having the time to disconnect. The calm of the ocean sounds, the scent of salt water in the air and the warmth of the sun on my shoulders always gives me the #bestfeelings. Unfortunately, we can’t always be on vacation. That’s why I try to make our home feel like its own oasis – a “staycation oasis” if you will. Below are a few ideas to help you create your very own staycation oasis right at home!

1. Create an outdoor space that you love. It should be comfortable and have a “living room” feel. For example, make sure your chairs have plush cushions, throw pillows and add some tropical plants like succulents to bring the feeling of vacation home. Our backyard deck has a cabana, candle chandelier, comfy chairs and lots of throw pillows. When we’re out there, I always feel like I’m on vacation!


2. Bring the beach to you! Fill mason jars with sand and sea shells for a tropical home accessory or simply decorate with sea shells you collected from your last trip to the beach.

3. Cook outdoors. When we’re on vacation, we always grill – everything from fish and shrimp to burgers and brats. Grilling almost equals vacation to me!

4. Don’t forget about the kids! Bring out the kiddie pool, slides, or slip ‘n’ slide so your kids can have their very own at-home water park and kid-friendly oasis!


5. Bring home the scent of your favorite vacation destination. For me, the scent of the ocean is my favorite, so tropical scents are always my “go-to” fragrance choice. I love the new Glade® Island Escape® (from the new Glade® Premium Room Spray Collection) because it brings me right back to the sandy beach. It has sweet notes of pineapple and berries – evoking feelings of spring and summer and bringing a little slice of paradise right into my home! The scent makes me feel invigorated and refreshed – just like a day at the beach!


Check out all six new Glade® Premium Room Spray fragrances – Which one are you excited to try?

  • Playful Paradise® – Make a splash with this fun, beach fragrance that combines scents of mixed fruits like melons and peaches
  • Island Escape® – Infuse the air with this sweet medley of island fruits including hints of pineapple and mixed berries
  • Lavender Embrace™– Embrace the moment with this peaceful bouquet of soft and soothing lavender including notes of eucalyptus, rose and jasmine
  • Brilliant Sunshine™ – Enjoy hints of peach, cantaloupe and lilac, like a ray of sweet sunshine on a summer day
  • Sheer White Cotton® – Freshen the air with the scent of fresh sheets blowing in the breeze, including hints of honeydew, pear and jasmine

What vacation scents & destinations bring out your #bestfeelings? Share your favorite spots via Facebook and Twitter using #bestfeelings!

For more information about Glade® products, you can visit them online, and follow along with their Facebook and Twitter pages.

To help you relax after all of that spring cleaning, Glade® is offering one lucky reader a fun prize package featuring Glade® Island Escape® Premium Room Spray, Glade® Playful Paradise® Premium Room Spray, and a Modern Succulent Terrarium Kit! Simply leave a comment letting me know which fragrance helps create your personal escape below to enter to win!

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Stay Organized with New Playtex Baby Products & #Giveaway

There are many days that I feel like I’m running around like a crazy woman. That’s the story of all moms, right?! There are so many things to juggle. Notice I said “juggle” and not “balance”. Parenting and life are definitely a juggling act. There are so many moving pieces – work, car pool, school, breakfast, lunches, dinners, extracurricular activities, time for yourself, time for your spouse or partner…and so on. The only thing that helps me with my daily juggling act is being organized. I have to have an organized mind, organized schedule, and an organized home. That’s why I am always looking for way to stay better organized. While it may not seem like a huge deal, even having our kitchen organized makes things run smoother. A minute saved not hunting down the correct bottle part or sippy cup lid is a minute saved. We really like the Playtex Smartstand Universal Lid Organizer and the Playtex Smartspace Drying Rack for exactly those reasons.

The Playtex Smartstand Universal Lid Organizer is perfect to keep all of those sippy cup lids organized, which can become a big mess and translates into not being able to quickly find the right lid. You can keep it on the counter or it will also fit neatly into a cabinet so that it’s out of the way.



  • Assembles in seconds with no tools required
  • Fits in most cabinets or can be placed on the counter
  • Designed to hold all Playtex™ cups and other sippy cup lids
  • Rotates so you can find the right lid

The Playtex Smartspace Drying Rack is really necessary to dry all baby bottles and bottle parts. We just transitioned Amelia to sippy cups and it works perfect for that too! I love the little caddy on the side that stores bottle brushes or baby spoons and other utensils.



  • Unique design uses vertical space to save counter space
  • Rack separates into 2 parts for versatility
  • Features an absorbent, microfiber, machine-washable drying mat
  • Convenient side caddy to store brush and utensils
  • Fits any kitchen decor
  • BPA Free

Additional Information:

For more information, visit www.playtexbaby.com or www.facebook.com/PlaytexBaby.



Giveaway! Ten lucky Jolly Mom readers will win the products featured above – enter below!


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