Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

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Halloween is only a couple of weeks away and it’s time to start planning the evening’s festivities. If you are going trick-or-treating then it is also important to have a safety plan in place. Halloween is a fun holiday, but it is also a prime opportunity for bad things to happen. Today, I thought I’d share some safety tips so that you and your kids can have a fun and SAFE Halloween this year!


Lucas with his new Rayovac Glow in the Dark Flashlight


Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

  • Make sure that your child can be seen! Plan costumes that are bright and reflective and make sure that treat bags and accessories also have reflectors.
  • Make sure that your child can see in the dark! Have your child carry a flashlight like the Rayovac Glow in the Dark Flashlight, which allows kids to use as a light when turned on and also offers a constant glow so child is visible to others. 
  • Only visit homes and neighborhoods that are well-lit
  • Never, ever enter a home or a car to get candy
  • Small children should always be accompanied by an adult
  • Develop a trick-or-treating route for older kids to use and set a time for them to check-in with you and to return home.
  • Make sure children know who to call and what to do if they have an emergency or become lost. 
  • Tell kids to wait until candy has been inspected by an adult before eating
  • Review rules and safety plan with kids before trick-or-treating
Rayovac Glow in the Dark Flashlight

Rayovac Glow in the Dark Flashlight

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How To Decorate Your Front Porch for Halloween

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This week it is officially Fall, which signals the beginning of some of my favorite things. Crisp, cool weather and the smell of burning leaves in the air and pumpkin treats and baking and boots and scarves and Halloween. We love Halloween around our household. Not only does it mark the beginning of the holiday season, but it is also one of the funnest holidays. It’s a chance to be silly and imaginative and become your favorite super hero for a day or become a fairy princess or make up your very own costume. We also like to dress our home up for Halloween so today I thought I’d share with you a few tips and inspiration on how to decorate your front porch for Halloween.

Halloween Front Porch Tips

1. Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! We have lots of pumpkins and honestly  – I’d love even more. Here in Atlanta it’s hard to keep pumpkins fresh throughout the entire month of October so last year we started buying craft pumpkins. These can be carved and last years. I figure we’ll build up a nice collection after a few Halloweens of buying a 3-4 new craft pumpkins each year. We also buy a few real pumpkins about one week before Halloween to carve as a family.


2. Bring color to the front porch by using lots of fall flowers – we love mums in yellow or orange! I think the flowers not only brighten the space, but also add a touch of rustic elegance to the home.

3. Think outside of the box…or flower pot. Use fun containers to hold your flowers! We love these personalized metal Halloween trick-or-treat pails that we turned into planters. Instead of personalizing them with a name, we went with phrases like “Happy Halloween” and “Trick” and “Treat”.


4. Add another touch of nature by utilizing 1-2 bales of hay as part of your decor. We like to buy ours at a home improvement store rather than at a craft store. The craft store bales of hay are very small while the ones at a home improvement store are large and give you more room to top with pumpkins or even a bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters. Our witches brew candy bowl can be personalized with any message you’d like (even a family name), but we thought “Take One If You DARE!” was appropriate.




5. Spider webs. Yes, the cheap $1 bags of spider webs will really add a spookiness to the front porch!

6. Don’t forget the front door! We love our Halloween Pumpkin Door Canvas because it is large and really pops on the door. It’s so cute too!


7. Give guests and trick-or-treaters a proper welcome with a personalized welcome doormat.


8. Add Halloween accessories like a black cat, witch’s broom, graveyard headstone, etc to increase the “spooky” factor!


9. Have fun with it! Honestly, I think (no, I know) I used to be too serious about home decor. I mean don’t get me wrong – I loved to decorate, but everything was more “grown up”.  Once Lucas turned 4 years old and I saw how much fun holidays like Halloween were for him, I realized that it’s ok to be silly and really embrace the whimsy of the holidays. It’s all about the kids and making memories that will last a lifetime and shape who they become.






10. The best decoration of all? These two cuties! As you can see from the pictures above, we decided to play a little dress up and take some pictures. They loved their new personalized trick-or-treat sacks. Lucas got the personalized reflective jack-o-lantern, which I think is so classic. Amelia got the personalized princess treat sack – so pretty, right?!



To purchase any of the personalized products featured above, please visit PersonalCreations.com. They have a huge variety of personalized Halloween decor, treat sacks, and more!


Do It Yourself! Halloween Tin Can Luminaries {Tutorial}

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to decorate your home for Halloween, make these luminaries using tin cans! Place them along your walkway or front steps to light the way on Halloween. So cute and charming!


What You’ll Need:


* Sharpie or marker in the same color as your paint
* Clean empty tin cans {I like to use the big coffee cans, any size will work}
* Hammer and large nail or awl
* Paint
* Paint brush
* Candles


Fill the tin can with water and place it in the freezer. When the water in the can is frozen, remove the can from the freezer.


Using the marker, draw whatever image or word onto the tin can. You can freehand or print a design from the internet and then trace it onto the tin can. Keep the design simple though. Design Ideas: outline of a cat, a bat, a witch’s hat, words like Boo or Happy Halloween.


Place the tin can on a folded towel. This will help brace the tin can and reduce the impact of punching the holes with the hammer.


Then, use the hammer and awl {or nail} nail to puncture the design in the can.


When you’re done punching the holes, place the can under hot, running water to melt the ice.


Also, since water expands as it freezes, the bottom of your can will probably not be level. If not, then turn the can over, cover with a towel, and hammer down the edges until the bottom of the can is level.


Paint the tin can using either spray paint or acrylic paint. Once the the paint is dry, you’ll probably have to go back with a toothpick and poke some of the holes through on the can since the paint can clog them up.


Place a candle inside the can and enjoy!


NOTE: You can also puncture one hole on either side of the tin can, attach a piece of wire, and then hang the luminaries as well!

Halloween Party and Decorating Ideas and a Twitter Party! #HalloweenHangout #Giveaway


It is officially my favorite time of the year. The fall! And, it all kicks off with one of my favorite holidays – Halloween! Ya’ll know me. I love to throw parties and to decorate. Halloween is no exception. We typically throw a Halloween bash every year. All the family and cousins come over for a fun dinner followed by trick-or-treating and of course – some spooky treats. That’s why I am always looking for fun Halloween products – everything from home decor to party supplies to yummy treats. You can get it ALL at Personal Creations, Shari’s Berries and ProFlowers. Just check out how I set everything up this past weekend…




1. Design Your Own Pumpkin Table Decor. You can customize these pumpkins with different faces and name them after every one in your family.


2. Witch’s Plate. Bewitching 3-dimensional glass plate features a pointy black hat with accents in bright Halloween colors. Personalized message is hand painted!


3. Halloween Beverage Tub. Personalized galvanized and waterproof drink tub. This is the perfect way to serve up some ghoulish drinks at this year’s Halloween party!

4. Halloween Treat Bowl. Use this personalized treat bowl to pass out your Halloween candy.


5. Halloween Cake Pops. These are handmade and divine! They are so chocolatey – almost like a truffle.


6. Halloween Gourmet Dipped Berries. OK, seriously – Shari’s Berries are the BEST dipped berries I have ever had and these Halloween-themed ones are perfection!


7. Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies. Nutter Butter. Enough said.


8. Pumpkin Patch. Festive orange mum plant in a fun jack-o-lantern ceramic container that you can reuse next Halloween for candy.


9. Boo-Kay. Halloween Boo-kay has orange tulips, Asiatic lilies, purple majesty and black thistles. Boo-tiful!


10. Personalized Halloween Baby Onesie and Personalized Halloween Treat Bag. Look at my lil punkin’ – doesn’t she look so sweet?!


11. Personalized Halloween LED Treat Bag. Felt bag features a spooky design that illuminates with sparkling LED lights at the push of a button. This provides light so that others can see your trick-or-treater at night!


12. Fall Wreath. Wreath is made of yellow, orange and burgundy straw flowers. It’s specially preserved to last.


13. Personalized Bat Halloween Doormat. This is the perfect way to greet trick-or-treaters at your front door on Halloween! Personalize each bat with a member of your family.


14. Personalized Halloween Pet Costume. Yep, you can even get your fur-baby their very own personalized costume!


We just love everything that we received to try out! The personalized products really add such a unique touch to our holiday decorating. Some of our favorites were the Design Your Own Pumpkins because they are such a classy way to decorate for Halloween. The treat bags are great because they are large so that means MORE CANDY. Plus, they are soft and can be collapsed for easy storage. LOVE, love it all!




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