Get Fuller, Thicker Eyelashes with Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara


When my mom was a kid, a “friend” advised her to cut her eyelashes so they would grow back fuller and longer. Unfortunately, that friend was very, very wrong and my mom’s already sparse eyelashes barely grew back at all. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with thick or long eyelashes either. The problem with my lashes is that they are very fine and have blonde tips so you can barely see them. I have basically been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for years.


A few months ago, a good friend from high school started selling Younique cosmetics and my interest was piqued – especially the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara. I’d seen people posting about it for months but wasn’t really sure what to think. She sent me a tube to try out and I am hooked! This mascara is not your typical mascara though. It is more like false eyelashes in a tube – quite literally.

Photo Jul 20, 12 57 08 PM

Here’s the deal. It comes with two tubes – one is the Transplanting Gel and the other is the Natural Fibers. You put a coat of Transplanting Gel on your lashes – just like regular mascara. Then, you put a coat of Natural Fibers on your lashes while the Transplanting Gel is still wet. This actually adds these tiny fibers to your lashes making them instantly thicker, fuller, and longer.


You finish that off with another coat of Transplanting Gel to seal in the fibers. At this point, you can repeat the whole process to intensify the look. It’s very easy to apply – pretty much like regular mascara. It’s water-resistant but comes off very easily with face wash and water. Here’s the finished look…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! By the way…what you see below is without any eyeliner…it’s just the mascara.

Photo Jul 20, 1 26 38 PM

Photo Jul 20, 1 30 52 PM


You know who else is hooked? My mom. She loved it so much she wanted to take mine so I will be buying her one asap.

My mom applying Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara

My mom applying Moodstruck
3D Fiber Lashes mascara

This is my friend’s before and after…amazing, right?

Left eye has regular mascara; right eye has Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Left eye has regular mascara; right eye has Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Younique also recently launched their new enhanced Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+, which is supposed to give even better length. The 3D+ tubes now have a see through compartment that allows you to know when your mascara or fibers are low so no more guessing. The sac they come in is recyclable unlike the hard case the original came in. The price did not go up still $29 and if used every day last up to 3 months! Also good news is that they are now made in the USA so shipping is quicker.


A few tips!

  • Before applying the Transplanting Gel, apply a coat of regular mascara. This acts as a base and really helped my eyelashes look even better.
  • Do the hairdryer trick. You can watch a video about that HERE.


So the awesome thing is that you can try out the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara risk free for 30 days. If you don’t like it for any reason, just return in and get your money back. Visit to get additional info about Younique cosmetics and shop!


One lucky Jolly Mom reader will win Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ mascara! Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Our Summer Yurt Camping Trip & Campfire Hot Dogs Recipe

We love camping because it gives us the perfect opportunity to truly disconnect and spend quality time with each other as a family and with nature. It’s a moment to breathe and find some stillness in a world that has gotten way too fast paced. This past month, we packed up the car and headed only 30 minutes away to Fort Yargo State Park in Georgia to do some yurt camping. This is our third time camping in a yurt and let me tell you…it’s a much easier way to camp with young kids.


We had a great time! We did lots of goofing off…


and hiking…


and canoeing…


and crafts…


and reading…


and sleeping…


and swinging in the hammock…


and eating, of course! No camping trip is complete without s’mores which we packed into a container. Unwrapping all of the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers and placing them in a big container makes the whole process of making s’mores much easier so you can just enjoy each other’s company around the fire.



Oh and eating them is nice too! 🙂

We also made Campfire Dogs, which are a twist on the boring hot dog and so much fun to make! Here’s how you make them.


Campfire Crescent Hot Dogs


  • 1 tube refrigerated crescent rolls (8 count)
  • 8 hot dogs
  • Condiments (mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish, etc)

1. Unroll the crescent rolls into separate triangles along the perforations. 2. Place the hot dog on the edge of the widest part of the triangle and roll the hotdog.

Campfire Dogs


3. Skewer your crescent dog and roast it over the fire until golden brown. We like to roast over indirect heat (not directly over the fire) so the crescent can completely bake through and then at the end we place it over the fire to get it a little crispy. 4. Serve immediately with mayo, ketchup, mustard or other condiments.

If you want to read more camping with kids tips activity ideas, make sure to read my Camping with Preschoolers post too!


Celebrate the Great American Campout

The summer is a great time to take the family camping. Plus, the Great American Campout Day is in a few days on June 27th! Below are some fabulous ways to celebrate Great American Campout Day in Georgia or make sure to visit National Wildlife Federation for additional ideas throughout the country.

Amicalola Falls State Park- The Hike Inn

A five-mile hike from the top of Amicolola Falls will bring visitors to the 20-guest room Hike Inn. Guests have access to hot showers, but there are no outlets at this backcountry getaway. The Hike Inn serves breakfast and dinner every day in a family-style setting and is perfect for Appalachian Trail hikers or families looking for a wilder kind of vacation.

Smithgall Woods State Park- Luxury Cottage Camping

If you have never seen a chandelier in the middle of the woods, stay a night at Smithgall Woods State Park’s Smithgall Cottage. Rustically opulent and built of smooth Montana lodge pole pines, the cottage features immaculately decorated rooms, including a great room with a large stone fireplace, an exercise room, a kitchen, a dining room and four bedrooms (2 Kings; 1 Queen; 1 Double/Double) with private baths. Nestled at the heart of the park, the cottage’s large decks overlook the surrounding bubbling brooks and gorgeous forest scenery.

Stephen C. Foster State Park- Suwanee River Eco-Lodge

Run by Stephen C. Foster State Park, the Suwanee River Eco-Lodge in Fargo, Ga., consists of 10 cottages and a conference room that can seat up to 100 people. Perfect for hunting or paddling vacations, business meetings, retreats, reunions and weddings, the eco-lodge sits just 18 miles from the beautiful Okefenokee Swamp.

Yurt “Glamping”

There’s no need to pitch a tent when High Falls, Tugaloo, Red Top Mountain, Fort Yargo and Cloudland Canyon State Parks offer the glamorous camping (“glamping”) option of yurts. Made of wood and canvas, yurts sleep up to six people and come with beds, futons, screened windows and locking doors, as well as an outside deck, picnic table and grill/fire ring. Yurts will also soon be added to Sweetwater Creek State Park.

First-Time Camper Program

For those who have never ventured into the woods, 13 state parks offer loaner gear through the First-Time Camper program. The program’s equipment was donated to the parks by Coleman, REI and The North Face, and, for just $50, first-time adventure seekers can spend two nights in a modern campground with a tent, sleeping pads, chairs, a camp stove, lantern and marshmallow-roasting sticks. Park staff and volunteers can help set up the tents and provide “Camping 101” instructions.


12 Days of Christmas Activities – Day 9 Family Game Night #12JollyDays

Disclosure 1



One of the easiest ways to connect as a family is to plan a game night. We love doing this during the holiday season when the winter nights are longer and we just want to be snuggled up inside. It’s also a great activity to do during the week right after dinner. This year, we surprised Lucas by including game night as one of our daily advent activities AND pulled out a bunch of brand new board games we knew he would love!





We set aside a few hours with no phones or TV and it was ON!


And, of course – we enjoyed some treats!



Below are a few tips to have a successful family game night.

  • Make it special by setting out a few treats and hot cocoa
  • Have music playing in the background
  • Put away all distractions, including smartphones, iPads, etc. This should be time that everyone focuses on each other.
  • Get the kids involved by letting them take turns choosing the games you all play
  • Be open minded about the games you play! Board games, video games, card games, charades – all are fun!


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Ten Ways to Boost Your Confidence

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What makes YOU feel more confident as a woman? How does your confidence level affect your daily life? The truth is that confidence matters. I know that for me personally, when I feel confident – I feel like I can do anything. I can take on the world. The way that I feel about myself impacts every aspect of my daily life from being a mom and wife to my work and business life. Today, I thought I’d share some confidence-boosting tips with you.

Ten Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Ten Ways

Invest in YOU. Take the time to read a good book, learn a new language, or learn a new skill or even hobby.

When you look good, you feel good. Figure out the clothes and shoes that make you feel YOUR best. You may find out that what is trendy is not for you.

Fit is important too! You have to be comfortable in your clothing. Stay away from clothes that are too tight or clothes that are to baggy and make you feel frumpy. Don’t allow sizes to get you down though – just choose what feels comfortable and looks good.

Improve your skin. Wash your face morning and night, moisturize, and always wear SPF.

Stop apologizing! Women with low confidence tend to apologize for just about everything. Believe in yourself and the decisions you make.

Get some exercise! Working out is good for the body, mind, and soul. It will instantly help you feel better about yourself and your day.

Think positive! The power of the mind is great! If you are constantly negative, you will feel bad about yourself and life.

Make your bed every morning. Starting the day by immediately accomplishing this one thing will help you feel in control and successful.

Be grateful. People who express how thankful they are for the blessing their life are happier and more confident.

Smile! A bright smile instantly puts you in a better mood and boosts confidence. If the way your teeth look, keeps you from smiling then there’s a solution! Invisalign® as a discreet alternative to braces that allows you to perfect your smile without sacrificing your busy life!

About Invisalign

Many people who would like to straighten their teeth don’t because unsightly metal braces have implications on their appearance and confidence. Invisalign is a subtle solution with no wires or brackets to detract from a confident smile and no interference in professional or personal lives from a mouth full of metal. Invisalign patients continue their daily lives with ease and growing confidence as their teeth begin to straighten and their smile improves.

Invisalign Smile Assessment

Invisalign is just as effective in treating complex teeth issues as it is with minor, more cosmetic problems — no wires and brackets needed. Advancements to the Invisalign patented technology continue to increase the complexity of issues that can be treated — underbite to crossbite, deepbite to overbite and overly crowded to widely spaced problems are typically treatable with Invisalign. Minor, more cosmetic issues may be corrected using the Invisalign Express option.  Take the Invisalign Smile Assessment to find out if Invisalign is right for you.

invisalign results fix dental issues_crystal

Find an Invisalign Doctor

As with any medical procedure, consider getting a second opinion if you are told you are not a candidate for Invisalign. Not all dentists and orthodontists are certified Invisalign providers, the best way to find an Invisalign provider is to visit the Invisalign Doctor Locator

Invisalign Countdown to Confidence Daily Instant Win Sweepstakes


The Invisalign Countdown to Confidence Sweepstakes is awarding one winner $100 each day for 60 days plus a chance to win the grand prize: free Invisalign treatment and $1,000! Enter daily to increase your chances of winning! To enter, click HERE.

Additional Information

To learn more about Invisalign, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

I’d love to know…how do YOU boost your self-confidence?


Sticking To My New Year’s Resolutions #2014

I know there’s this big movement against resolutions, but for me – resolutions or setting goals for myself works. They motivate me and keep me focused. After having Baby Amelia, I (still) have to lose baby weight and honestly – I also have pre-baby weight to lose. This year is going to be the year that I do that – without going on some ridiculous fad diet. I began by making small changes at the end of last year, but then the holidays happened. Enough said, right? Well, now that the Christmas cookies are gone – I can focus on making real changes by consistently working out and eating right. I am ready! 2014 is going to be a great year!


Beyond my own personal weight loss and fitness goals though, my biggest goal is that we, as a family, are healthy. That means that we ALL need to be active and eat right. So some of our family goals for 2014 include the following:

  • Healthy eating
  • Drink more water
  • Spend more time outside being active
  • Make time to read
  • Slow down and enjoy one another (i.e. put away the iPhones and electronics)


After making this list, Mike and I sat down and talked about what the game plan would be – how we would actually stick to these resolutions. Here’s what we came up with!

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

1. First of all, begin by making your resolutions realistic and attainable.

2. Make a list of what you need to do to achieve your goals.

3. Plan, plan, and plan some more! For instance, for both Mike and I to workout at the gym I have to get up at 6am and workout first. Mike takes Lucas to school and then meets me at the gym where he gives me Amelia. So for all of this to happen, we have to 1). Be prepared. We have to make lunches the night before, set out clothes, etc. 2). Go to bed early the night before. This is tough because we are night owls. 3). Be highly synchronized and be a TEAM.

4. Set reminders of your goals around the house. We have a list up on the refrigerator and we make a point to discuss our goals every day – that way they are top of mind ALL.THE.TIME.

5. Track your progress. For instance, I set up a My Fitness Pal account and am journaling my food and will be using it to track my weight loss over the coming months (year or however long it takes me to get to where I want to be). I also bought a FitBit Force to help motivate me to get in at least 10,000 steps a day and to track how many calories I’ve burned. I have to say that I LOVE it!

6. Anticipate obstacles. This is a big one. You need to figure out what normal, everyday occurrences are going to get in the way of you sticking to your resolutions and figure out solutions ahead of time. And, notice that I said ARE GOING because the reality is that life is full of curveballs.

7. Get some support. For us, making our resolutions as a family is great because we can cheer each other on, remind each other when we’re off-course, etc. It’s important to have a support system in place!

8. Be kind to yourself. Realize that there will be bumps in the road, but when there are – you need to pick right back up and stay the course.

9. Be in it for the long-haul. I know that we all want things quickly, but it’s important to remember that change doesn’t happen over night. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there. Baby steps.

10. Reward your successes!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014 for all of us!

#OneSmallChange 60 Day Challenge UPDATE

Disclosure 1

OK, so it’s been a couple of weeks since the start of my One Small Change 60-Day Challenge and it’s time for an update. If you don’t remember the challenge, you can read my first post HERE. My challenge? Exercise for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times per week. Most of all, the challenge is to make small changes in my life that will make a big difference. Exercise is an important one for me (and all of use, I think). I feel better when I exercise – mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s something that I need to do for myself to improve my health and lose the weight (FINALLY).

I’d love to tell you that I have been successful, but the absolute truth is that I have been struggling. I have only worked out a few times in the entire time. I mean, it’s better than nothing, which is what I was doing before…zilch. But, it’s not good and it certainly doesn’t meet the goals that I have set for myself.

Me - hot, sweaty, huffin' and puffin' on the elliptical at my gym.

Me – hot, sweaty, huffin’ and puffin’ on the elliptical at my gym.

I have been struggling primarily because since my first post, I have been out of town on a business trip, planned three parties, had Lucas’ t-ball playoffs, and so on. At the end of the day, those are just excuses though. I need to make the time for myself. I need to make myself a priority. Because here’s the thing…life is always going to be throwing twists and turns at me. I will always have to plan parties, attend Lucas’ sporting events, go on business trips. That’s the point. Life keeps moving and we have to find the time to make ourselves a priority. To do the things that are important for our health and lives despite the fact that there are a million and one things going on at all times. I mean…that’s the life of a mom…of a parent.

OK, so here’s the deal – even though I haven’t been doing as well as I would like – I am NOT giving up! I am going on vacation for a week starting today. We are going to a cabin in North Georgia. We will be hiking and spending a lot of time outdoors. I should be able to get exercise in 3 days this week. Once I return, I am hitting the gym. This is a promise…a pledge to myself!


In the meantime, I challenge YOU to take the pledge too!

Take the Puritan’s Pride One Small Change Pledge!

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Small changes in your life can improve your well-being. Puritan’s Pride wants to help. Pledge today, enter the sweepstakes to win $2,000 and prizes to help you stick to it.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Puritan’s Pride. The opinions and text are all mine.

Welcome to the World, Amelia Marie Jolly!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that my sweet baby girl, Amelia Marie Jolly was born a couple of weeks ago on April 16th, 2013 at 11:36 pm ET. She weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. She is precious.



Labor was very, very long. I went into the hospital on April 15th (my birthday!) at 7 pm to be induced due to concerns that I may have pre-eclampsia. Amelia was born over 24 hours later. Thankfully, the actual delivery was pretty easy – I only pushed for 10 minutes. The moment that Mike and I laid our eyes on her – we were in love! She looks so much like her brother that when people ask me who she looks like Mike or me – I actually say – “She looks just like Lucas.” LOL



Speaking of Lucas, we had my parents bring him to the hospital to meet Amelia right after she was born. Yes, he was asleep and we had my parents wake him anyway. We had promised him that he would be the FIRST person to see her after she was born and we wanted to keep that promise.



This little guy has blown us away with his big heart. He loves his baby sister so much. He constantly wants to help with her. To hug her. To kiss her little “tootsies”. To include her in everything we’re doing – he even begged me to take her to one of his baseball games last week so she could cheer for him. It was a little too soon for that, but I think little Amelia will be making an appearance at one of his ball games very soon. He is an amazing big brother. I couldn’t be prouder of him.




Amelia and Lucas exchanged gifts at the hospital the next day. Lucas made Amelia a bear at Build-a-Bear a few weeks ago. Meet “Pink Bear” (the other stuffed animal is Lucas’ and his name is “Woofie”) …



When you squeeze her right foot you hear Lucas saying, “Amelia, you’ll be in my heart forever.”

Be still my heart.

Amelia gave Lucas a big brother t-shirt and a sign for his room. He literally lives in his big brother t-shirt and wore it on his first day back to school after she was born.






Mommy and daddy also had a very special gift for Lucas. We made him a photo book of his first year of life. It chronicles everything from birth to his baby nursery to milestones and first holidays.






We wanted him to feel special and loved and not forgotten. We also wanted him to know that at one time he was a baby and mommy and daddy did all of the things that we are now doing for Amelia – for him as well. So, we sat on the hospital bed together and gave him the book. His big eyes filled up with tears as we read through the book and looked at all of the pictures of him. When we were done, he looked up at with his eyes filled with tears and said, “So, you are going to love me forever?” We hugged him tight and told him that he would always be “our first baby.” The photo book is so special to him that he has asked us to read it to him many, many times. I’ve caught him reading it quietly in his room. He’s read it to his grandparents and anyone who will listen. He is such an amazing little boy with such a big, sensitive heart. I love him so much it hurts.

And, Daddy. Daddy is head over heels in love with his baby girl. I will catch him staring at her with this blissful expression on his face. She is going to be daddy’s little girl, for sure.




Life at home for the past couple of weeks with little Amelia have been wonderful. Amidst the sleep deprivation (lol), we’ve been enjoying our time getting to know Amelia and figuring out life as a family of four. One night last week…Mike and I were laying in bed watching TV. Amelia was sleeping on Mike’s chest and Lucas was asleep in between us. I felt completely at peace. I looked at Mike and said, “We’re a family of four“. Amazing. Or, as Lucas so eloquently said this morning, “Isn’t it amazing that we have another human in the house?” Yes, it is, buddy LOL.

Wordless Wednesday: Surprise! We’re Having a Girl! #GreatStarts #janphotoaday

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