Superhero Birthday Party Centerpieces & Photo Opp Signs (FREE Printables)

For Lucas’ superhero party, I designed comic book callout signs with words like KAPOW, THWIP, and BOOM! I printed them, cut them out, and then attached each sign to a wooden skewer using scotch tape. We used these signs throughout the party as centerpieces…

And, also for kids to hold up as a photo opp…

The kids loved them! And, so did Lucas!

Truth is that we had planned or I should say–we set up an entire photo booth with cityscape outside, but then it started to rain so we had to make do with a few of the panels from the outdoor photo booth. I made the cityscape by painting four foam board panels from the $1 store with blue paint. Then, Mike glued on buildings and windows made from construction paper. Easy peasy and affordable!

I’m providing all of the callout signs for you to print for FREE! Download them HERE.

DIY Superhero Birthday Party Banner (FREE Printables & Tutorial)

If you’re planning a superhero birthday party, you’re in luck! Today, I will be sharing with you how to make a comic book birthday banner that is not only easy to make, but it’s affordable and cute to boot!

All you need are a few supplies and the FREE printables that I designed and am sharing with you today. Word of warning: I had to beg Mike to give up one measly comic book from his boxes of comic books he has stashed away. He was not happy when I told him that I would have to cut it. In the end, he gave it up, but you know…be prepared for a little backlash LOL. If not, then just head to your nearest comic book store or even check out thrift stores.

What You’ll Need:
Comic book
FREE Printables
Thin ribbon, twine, or string
Hole punch
Glue stick

Tear pages from comic book. Then, cut triangles from each page by cutting from two corners to the center top. Glue letters onto each triangle.

Punch two holes into triangle and thread with ribbon or string.

When It Rains, It Pours…A Superhero Birthday Party

Some of you may know that Lucas turned 4 years old last month. He is obsessed with all things Spiderman and superheroes so it was a given that we would throw him a superhero party. Up until now, all of his birthday parties have been wonderful, but they’ve been small–only for family. So this year, Mike and I decided we would invite friends and their kids–to the tune of almost 50 people! With all of those people coming, the party had to be held outside, of course. I spent months glued to Pinterest and Google coming up with ideas for the biggest, grandest superhero bash ever. I designed cupcake toppers and birthday banners to be printed. I searched for the perfect cupcake recipes and I don’t even want to admit how many hours I spent looking for cupcake wrappers. We made superhero capes for each of the kids and even made a photobooth with a cityscape and callouts so the kids could have their pictures taken. We rented tables and chairs and a Spiderman bounce house. We even “asked” our Friendly Neighboorhood Spiderman to make a surprise appearance. It was going to be AWESOME.

Starting two weeks before the party, Mike and I worked until the wee hours of the evening cutting and gluing and putting together all the party decor. The day before the party was spent picking up the rentals, baking 75 cupcakes, making the sandwiches and salad, and getting everything ready so that the next day we could spend focused on decor. I checked the weather every day. 20% chance of rain. Typical for the Georgia weather forecaset in the Summer and we rarely see a drop. I wasn’t worried–especially because the night before and the day of the weather showed sunny skies with the small chance of a scattered thunderstorm. The sun was shining so we set everything up outside.

About 30 minutes before the party, I was showered, dressed and ready for the party to start. I went to grab my camera to take pictures of how gorgeous everything looked before everyone arrived, but the battery was dead. Grabbed my backup battery and it was dead too so I plugged them in to charge thinking there would be enough time to quickly charge one of the batteries and snap some pictures a few minutes before the party began. I go into the kitchen to fill a condiment container with mayo for the sandwiches. I’m standing at the kitchen sink right in front of the window. I look out and with horror see that it has started to rain. Not a sprinkle, but a torrential downpour.Mike and I sprint outside and start lifting tables and chairs and moving them into the garage. We are drenched from head to toe. The table cloths are drenched. All but a handful of balloons have popped and many of the decorations are wet. Mike and I just silently stood in the garage, not knowing what to do next. It sounds silly now, but honestly, I felt like crying. All of that hard work. The vision that I had. The amazing party I wanted my little guy to have. Gone.

But then Lucas walked into the garage. I saw his eyes scan the garage. He saw all of the soaked tables and chairs sitting in the garage and saw the rain falling like buckets outside. His little face fell and he started to cry that it was raining and saying “what about his birthday party?” That’s when Supermom and Superdad mode kicked in. It wasn’t about our “vision” or anything else. This day was about Lucas. We started grabbing what we could and dragging it upstairs. We set the kids tables and chairs in the family room. Salvaged what decor we could and spread it around the house. It was what it was. All that mattered was that Lucas and the kids had a great time.

The lesson? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The party was still awesome! Everyone had fun!

And, guess what? The rain lasted for about 20 minutes LOL. Eventually, we were all able to head outside. The kids jumped in the bounce house.

Spiderman made an appearance.

We sang Happy Birthday and Lucas blew out his candles. Four years old. Time certainly flies, doesn’t it?

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing tutorials and free printables so that you can throw your own superhero birthday party (sans the torrential downpour, I hope LOL).

Look for the following:
No sew superhero cape tutorial and template
Superhero party printables, including cupcake toppers, callouts, and a birthday banner
Cupcake recipes
Mason jar cup tutorial
Photobooth ideas