Playtex Baby Products for the On-the-Go Mom

Being a mom that is always on-the-go, I am constantly looking for products that make traveling a little bit easier. Whether it is a trip to grandmas or a trip to the ball field for one of Lucas’ baseball games or a trip to the beach for summer vacation, getting out of the house and packed up with all of the baby stuff is a huge chore so having a few products to make that simpler is always a plus! One of our go-to travel products is the Playtex™ SmartCool On-The-Go Bottle Tote. It is perfect for packing up Amelia’s bottles, sippy cups, or food. What I love about it is that it will keep liquids cold for up to 14 HOURS. Pretty awesome!


It fits three standard size bottles and it has pokers for other stuff – even a pod that can be used to store extra nipples or pacis. Plus, I can sneak in some of Lucas’ snacks and keep them cool too! It’s really not just for baby stuff. It’s a cooler tote that can be used well beyond the baby years.

Another item that is handy BOTH at home and on-the-go is the Playtex™ SmartSpace Dishwasher Basket. Because seriously? Baby bottles and sippy cups have so many small parts! They get lost in the dishwasher or even worse – damaged by the heat. This keeps everything safe and in its place! In addition, we typically rent vacation homes or condos that have dishwashers so this is a godsend when we travel as well.



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A Personalized Easter Celebration

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One of our favorite holidays is Easter. We have been hosting our annual Jolly Family Easter Egg Hunt and dinner for family and friends for several years now and it is so much fun! I was very excited when I discovered all of the cute and personalized Easter products that Personal Creations offers.

My favorite find is the personalized Egg Hunt Banner – it is perfection! It is large and it is scratch, tear, wrinkle and water/weather resistant. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. At only, $16.99 it is also a steal! We can’t wait to set it up for our Egg Hunt this year!



The personalized Happy Easter Flag is the perfect way to greet guests!



Another thing that I love about Easter is putting together a fun basket for Lucas. You can’t go wrong with the personalized Easter baskets at Personal Creations! They have so many cute styles! We went with the All-In-One Boy’s Easter Basket, which come in three different sizes and several basket liner options (we got the sports).


It also comes filled with lots of Easter goodies such as a chocolate bunny, bunny plush, Peeps and more. You can customize these in many

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Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 11.25.31 AM

I was kind of stumped about Amelia’s basket though. She will be 1 year old by the time Easter rolls around so she is too young for candy and the typical basket fillers. We got her a couple of books, but didn’t know what else to do until we found the Baby’s 1st Easter Basket. It comes with a super cute bear that’s dressed as a bunny and personalized bib that all fits nicely into a personalized wooden caddy that can be reused later. LOVE!



I also fell in love with the personalized Hoppy Easter Bunny – (also available as a boy) this is also going in Amelia’s basket. It has a very vintage shabby chic look to it that I love. Isn’t it adorable?!



Personal Creations has a wide variety of Easter products – baskets, gifts, decor, and more! Visit to see for yourself and make sure to use coupon code JollyMom at checkout to get 20% off your entire order.

Stay Organized with New Playtex Baby Products & #Giveaway

There are many days that I feel like I’m running around like a crazy woman. That’s the story of all moms, right?! There are so many things to juggle. Notice I said “juggle” and not “balance”. Parenting and life are definitely a juggling act. There are so many moving pieces – work, car pool, school, breakfast, lunches, dinners, extracurricular activities, time for yourself, time for your spouse or partner…and so on. The only thing that helps me with my daily juggling act is being organized. I have to have an organized mind, organized schedule, and an organized home. That’s why I am always looking for way to stay better organized. While it may not seem like a huge deal, even having our kitchen organized makes things run smoother. A minute saved not hunting down the correct bottle part or sippy cup lid is a minute saved. We really like the Playtex Smartstand Universal Lid Organizer and the Playtex Smartspace Drying Rack for exactly those reasons.

The Playtex Smartstand Universal Lid Organizer is perfect to keep all of those sippy cup lids organized, which can become a big mess and translates into not being able to quickly find the right lid. You can keep it on the counter or it will also fit neatly into a cabinet so that it’s out of the way.



  • Assembles in seconds with no tools required
  • Fits in most cabinets or can be placed on the counter
  • Designed to hold all Playtex™ cups and other sippy cup lids
  • Rotates so you can find the right lid

The Playtex Smartspace Drying Rack is really necessary to dry all baby bottles and bottle parts. We just transitioned Amelia to sippy cups and it works perfect for that too! I love the little caddy on the side that stores bottle brushes or baby spoons and other utensils.



  • Unique design uses vertical space to save counter space
  • Rack separates into 2 parts for versatility
  • Features an absorbent, microfiber, machine-washable drying mat
  • Convenient side caddy to store brush and utensils
  • Fits any kitchen decor
  • BPA Free

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Playtex Diaper Genie SmartCaddy Review & Giveaway

My mom with Amelia

My mom with Amelia

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My mom has been kind enough to help out with the baby several times per week so that I can work. She comes to our house 1-2 times per week and Amelia goes to my parents 1-2 times per week. While mom is here though, I like to have everything set up for her so that watching Amelia is as easy as possible. One thing I like to do is have diapering supplies available for her downstairs. That way, my mom doesn’t have to go up and down the stairs every time Amelia needs a diaper change.

The Playtex® Diaper Genie™ SmartCaddy™ is the perfect solution for us! It is basically a large portable organizer that has an interior section to store diapers and outer pockets for baby powder, diaper rash cream, and other supplies. It’s light and portable – perfect to bring downstairs when my mom is over. And, I LOVE that it has a neutral fabric that goes well with our home decor!




But really…you can use the Playtex® Diaper Genie™ SmartCaddy™ anywhere. You could even keep it in the car! It can also be used to store items other than diapers – think small toys, coloring books, crayons, etc on road trips. What’s really cool is that the caddy can be separated into two smaller organizers as well. This is great if you’re tight on space or if you need two smaller caddies to use in two different areas of the home.


Cleaning is a breeze since it is made with water-resistant material. It’s as easy as just wiping down with a damp cloth.

Where to Buy:

Playtex® SmartCaddy™ is available at Target for $19.99.

Additional Information:

For more information, visit or



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Best Baby Play Mat: Snug Square Play Mat Review

Many of you know from seeing the pictures of my house that I have hardwood floors in every room of our house – kitchen, family room, dining room, living room and even all of the bedrooms. We have zero carpet unless you count thin area rugs. This presents a problem when you have a baby. Baby’s need soft and cushiony places to play – not hard, cold wood floors. Not to mention that we also have a dog (Aries) who we love a whole lot – but she sheds. A lot. Babies definitely DO NOT need dog hair on their playing surfaces! What our baby Amelia needed was a play mat. It needed to have a few important features though! See below…

1. Soft and comfortable.

2. Neutral colors. No red and blue and yellow primary colors.

3. Spacious. It needed to be large enough for Amelia to actually play on and maybe even mommy and daddy or big brother to get down and play with her.

Not an easy task considering all of the play mats that I have ever seen pretty much lacked in either #2 or #3 above. Until now that is! Let me introduce you to the Snug Square Play Mat. It is truly the best play mat that I have ever used or seen. It meets all of our needs! We have set it up in Amelia’s play yard and it’s perfect!

photo 1

The Snug Square Play Mat is made with a very plush (minky-like) fabric that comes in one of three machine washable colors – neutral, pink or blue. It is over 4.5 square feet – it is HUGE. However, it is very light and rolls up easily for storage! Perfection!

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.51.44 AM

Our baby girl loves it!

Find out more information at

Give a Holiday Gift that Means Something #PCholiday

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Gift-giving is one of my favorite things. There’s something about giving a loved one a gift and seeing their face light up as they open it up. It’s truly priceless! However, what I’ve learned over the years is that it’s not about how much the gift cost or the latest trends – the perfect gift ultimately comes down to what it will mean to the person receiving it. I always try to find a gift that is unique and special for that person. Something that will mean something to them. A gift that they will always remember. That’s why I especially love giving a personalized gift. It’s so special to have something with your name on it or a special message. This year, several people of my holiday shopping list will be receiving a personalized gift from Personal Creations. Some of my favorites are below!

Personalized Glass Keepsake Box. I bought one of these for my mom and another for me. This box is simply stunning. You can have it etched with a single monogram or a special message. It’s the perfect place to drop your jewelry at the end of the day or to simply place out as decoration. It’s truly beautiful!

Trinket Box

Personalized Cuff Bracelet. I got this bracelet for my 12 year old niece. She is really into accessories right now and I think this bracelet will be perfect for her!

Persoanlized Cuff Bracelet

Personalized Rag Doll. OK, seriously what little girl wouldn’t love one of these dolls with her name on it?! I honestly could have gotten one of these for every little girl on my list and each would have been happy!

Personalized Rag Doll

Personalized Stuffies. These are a huge hit with kids right now – even Lucas who is 6 years old wants one! These unique stuffed animals have 7 top-secret pockets so kids can hide toys, keepsakes, pajamas and more. This specific cutie will be for my nephew, Enzo. I think he’s going to love it!

Stuff It Plush


All of the items pictured above can be purchased at There’s still time to order and receive by Christmas!


To get 20% off your order, click HERE. The discount will be automatically added to CHECKOUT!

Squeezable Moments: Squeeze Away the Fever!

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I’m thrilled to announce my partnership with PediaCare. Over the next six months, I will be sharing lots of healthy living tips for families and children along with other fun ideas such as travel tips, rainy or sick day activities, and more. Up first, I’ve been tasked with sharing “Squeezable Moments”.

Cuddles with Lucas

Cuddles with Lucas


As a mom and parent, we experience so many squeezable moments with our children. It’s one of the best parts of being a parent! All of those cuddles! The most excrutiating squeezable moments though are when our babies are sick. Thankfully, Amelia hasn’t been sick yet (knock on wood), but Lucas has asthma and allergies and the poor kid gets bronchitis at the drop of a dime. I’ll never forget the first time he was sick when he was a little baby. He had a really high fever and was miserable. You know who else was miserable? Mommy and daddy. Oh my goodness…Mike and I couldn’t even think. It was like the world stopped when he was sick (it still does). I swear my mind doesn’t work correctly either. It’s all the worry and stress. It doesn’t allow me to think clearly.

Lucas sick with a cold and fever.

Lucas sick with a cold and fever.

The truth is that even now that Lucas is 6 years old, I still don’t think clearly when he is sick. Both Mike and I are like that. Every cough, every sniffle feels like a dagger to my heart. That’s why I love the new PediaCare Single Dose Acetaminophen Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever. These are REALLY cool and convenient and…I don’t have to THINK.

both single dose

Basically, they are pre-measured acetaminophen product packaged in individual, squeezable packets. What does this mean for YOU? Peace of mind. Peace of mind that you’re giving your child the right amount of medicine. It’s a simple, no-brainer way of giving your child the accurate medicine dose every single time. This product is truly genius! These are perfect for every day use, but also extremely convenient for travel or to have in your diaper bag. LOVE! It’s squezable moments made simple!

Enter to Win and iPad Mini!

Make sure to check out the “Squeezable Moments” sweepstakes! Parents can upload a photo via PediaCare’s Facebook page of a “cute, tender or silly moment” of their child for chance to win an iPad mini.

All entries must be submitted at or after 9:00 AM EDT on November 11th, 2013 and must be received by the Administrator by no later than 11:59 PM EDT on December 9th 2013 (the “Sweepstakes #3 Entry Period”). The winner of Sweepstakes will be announced on or about December 12th 2013. Good luck!

NEW by Britax! Advocate 70-G3 Review & #Giveaway


Britax is our family’s car seat brand of choice. Lucas is six years old and besides his infant seat – he has always ridden in a Britax. He’s had a Marathon, Boulevard, and now the Frontier 85 SICT. Amelia started off with Britax from birth. We bought her the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat and love it. So why Britax?

Because Britax takes safety to a whole new level! They have their own crash test simulators, in the U.S., Europe and Australia that can certify to strict global requirements (and not just U.S. requirements). All of their seats come with all the best safety features that go above and beyond federal standards. In fact, here in the U.S. we don’t have federal standards for testing side-impact protection in car seats. So, Britax created a rigorous testing regime that simulates side impact crashes based on proven European test methods. In addition, each Britax convertible car seat is engineered, tested and built in the United States to ensure superior quality. Love that!

Speaking of side impact protection – Britax is the leader in this! BRITAX convertible car seats feature a rigid shell with deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing foam providing Side Impact Protection.

Britax offers us peace of mind. I know that I am getting the best in safety when I buy a Britax. A car seat is not the place to cut corners and Britax has proven time and time again that they produce high quality and SAFE car seats for our children. You can read more about Britax safety, please visit the Testing & Safety Standards page



That being said, our little baby Amelia is not so “little” anymore. She is growing like a weed so it’s time to start thinking about moving her to a convertible car seat. Britax just recently launched two new car seats that are really exciting – the Advocate 70-G3 and Boulevard 70-G3 convertible car seats. They can both be used rear-facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 1 year and 20 pounds, up to 70 pounds. This means that both of these car seats can really be used throughout the entire time that your child will need a car seat or booster seat. Not only is this convenient, but it will save you money in the long run!

We received the Britax ADVOCATE 70-G3 to review and it is an impressive car seat. One of our favorite features is the new EZ-Buckle System which keeps the harness buckle forward. It actually prevents your child from sitting on the buckle, which of course means – NO MORE digging under your child to find the buckle. Seriously LOVE this feature! I also love the new HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology, which are now secured to the seat so that they stay in the proper position. The proper position is super important in the event of a crash because these will limit forward movement and thus help prevent head injury.


Did you know?

Head injury is the leading cause of vehicle crash-related deaths for children up to 12 years of age and comprises 65 percent of injuries in both frontal and side impact crashes, according to the Child Injury Led Design and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

I also love the side-impact protection on the Advocate 70-G3. It actually has a third layer of protection, with energy-absorbing cushions on the child seat’s exterior to reduce side impact energy by diverting 45 percent of the crash forces away from the seated child. These cushions also provide extra protection for the adjacent passenger.

Did you know?

Approximately one in four of all motor vehicle crashes that involve children occur from the side, and these result in a significantly higher injury rate than frontal or rear impacts, according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

We tested out the Advocate 70-G3 with both Amelia and Lucas. Here’s Amelia in the seat in the rear-facing position. Even though she is only 5 months old, the seat feels like it hugs her. It’s very comfy for her!


And, now check out Lucas – he is 6 years old, in the 98th percentile for his height and weighs 50+ pounds. He is also comfortable! Pretty amazing huh?!

Britax Advocate-1

Check out my video below…

Safety matters when it comes to car seats. I want one that will protect my child. And Britax convertible car seats have so many safety features — and knowing that makes me feel like my child is safe while in the car. Click here to learn more about Britax safety features.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Britax. The opinions and text are 100% mine.

Pampers Swaddlers Now Available Up to Size 5 & Other Product Innovations! #Giveaway

Disclosure 1

When I was pregnant with Lucas, I researched everything ad nauseum. I was a first time mom and wanted to make sure that I was fully prepared with all the right information and products. When choosing a diaper, I went by recommendations. I remember that a mom on a message board said that she had heard that Pampers diapers were the best diapers for boys. So, I thought – Pampers it is! And, I was never disappointed with my choice – not once.


Now as a mom of a girl, I can tell you that Pampers diapers are also the best diapers for girls! I wouldn’t use anything else with Amelia or any of my children. We specifically use Pampers Swaddlers – we used them for Lucas and now for Amelia. They are so soft and comfy. They fit perfectly and we have never had any problems with them.


The only complaint that I ever had about Swaddlers is that they only went up to Size 3. I can remember being so upset when Lucas sized out of Swaddlers! That’s why I am so excited to announce that Pampers Swaddlers are now available in Sizes 4 and 5 as well!

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 1.38.21 PM

Pampers is listening! As we all know, moms are frequently challenged with the early morning wake-up call to change a leaky diaper. Pampers recently sponsored a survey of over 1,000 moms with little ones ages 3 and under. The survey found that nearly 1 in 3 mothers of babies age 1 or younger (30%) responded that they expect a wet, leaky diaper to be the #1 reason their babies may wake up at 3 a.m.

Furthermore, the leading technique mothers of babies age 3 or younger (32%) use to help their babies have an uninterrupted night of sleep is to put a dry diaper on them before bed.Pampers incorporated this firsthand insight, as well as the brand’s deep understanding of baby and baby’s needs, to design a diaper that both mom and baby can count on for up to 12 hours of overnight protection.


Pampers has been busy lately! They have been making improvements to not only their beloved Swaddlers line, but in other areas as well! Key highlights include:

  • Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers’ softest diaper and the #1 choice of hospitals, is now available through size 5.
  • Pampers Baby Dry is up to three times drier than ordinary diapers1 and provides up to 12 hours of overnight protection and three layers of absorbency.
  • Pampers Cruisers are now more absorbent and offer Pampers’ best fit for all the ways babies play freely.

To learn more about all the new Pampers diapers innovations and see video demonstrations visit\newpampers.

Exciting Pampers Offer at Babies”R”Us and Toys”R”Us!

From September 19-21 Babies”R”Us and Toys”R”Us customers will receive a free $20 Babies“R”Us Gift Card with an in-store purchase of any two Pampers value boxes of diapers (78 ct. or higher.)

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Stop Playing the “Pacifier Game”! Get a WubbaNub!


All mom’s know the Pacifier Game, right? You know the one where you endlessly pick up the pacifier that your precious baby drops onto the floor? Or, the one where you are endlessly digging through your diaper bag to find said pacifier? Yep – that game! Not fun at all! That’s why Carla Schneider invented the WubbaNub – a pacifier sewn into a soft plush animal.



The pacifier is made of medical grade silicone and BPA free. The soft plush

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portion provides comfort to the touch and makes it so much easier for the baby’s little hands to grasp and manipulate the pacifier them self. Which means fewer bouncing, rolling and lost pacifiers and less rooting around in the stroller or bag to find the pacifier.

What I love about the WubbaNub is that it is small enough for tiny, baby hands so they can pick it up and maneuver it all by themselves.

photo 3


My baby girl loves her WubbaNub – it’s like a little soother or lovey for her!

photo 2

WubbaNubs are available is many cute animals – perfect for baby boys and girls! Find out more at