Get Fuller, Thicker Eyelashes with Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara


When my mom was a kid, a “friend” advised her to cut her eyelashes so they would grow back fuller and longer. Unfortunately, that friend was very, very wrong and my mom’s already sparse eyelashes barely grew back at all. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with thick or long eyelashes either. The problem with my lashes is that they are very fine and have blonde tips so you can barely see them. I have basically been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for years.


A few months ago, a good friend from high school started selling Younique cosmetics and my interest was piqued – especially the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara. I’d seen people posting about it for months but wasn’t really sure what to think. She sent me a tube to try out and I am hooked! This mascara is not your typical mascara though. It is more like false eyelashes in a tube – quite literally.

Photo Jul 20, 12 57 08 PM

Here’s the deal. It comes with two tubes – one is the Transplanting Gel and the other is the Natural Fibers. You put a coat of Transplanting Gel on your lashes – just like regular mascara. Then, you put a coat of Natural Fibers on your lashes while the Transplanting Gel is still wet. This actually adds these tiny fibers to your lashes making them instantly thicker, fuller, and longer.


You finish that off with another coat of Transplanting Gel to seal in the fibers. At this point, you can repeat the whole process to intensify the look. It’s very easy to apply – pretty much like regular mascara. It’s water-resistant but comes off very easily with face wash and water. Here’s the finished look…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! By the way…what you see below is without any eyeliner…it’s just the mascara.

Photo Jul 20, 1 26 38 PM

Photo Jul 20, 1 30 52 PM


You know who else is hooked? My mom. She loved it so much she wanted to take mine so I will be buying her one asap.

My mom applying Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara

My mom applying Moodstruck
3D Fiber Lashes mascara

This is my friend’s before and after…amazing, right?

Left eye has regular mascara; right eye has Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Left eye has regular mascara; right eye has Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Younique also recently launched their new enhanced Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+, which is supposed to give even better length. The 3D+ tubes now have a see through compartment that allows you to know when your mascara or fibers are low so no more guessing. The sac they come in is recyclable unlike the hard case the original came in. The price did not go up still $29 and if used every day last up to 3 months! Also good news is that they are now made in the USA so shipping is quicker.


A few tips!

  • Before applying the Transplanting Gel, apply a coat of regular mascara. This acts as a base and really helped my eyelashes look even better.
  • Do the hairdryer trick. You can watch a video about that HERE.


So the awesome thing is that you can try out the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara risk free for 30 days. If you don’t like it for any reason, just return in and get your money back. Visit to get additional info about Younique cosmetics and shop!


One lucky Jolly Mom reader will win Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ mascara! Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.

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12 Days of Christmas Activities – Day 5 Ornament Exchange #12JollyDays

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Our Christmas tree is filled with ornaments that represent us. Our family. Our memories. Throughout the year, we collect new ornaments to add to the tree. We buy an ornament at every travel destination. We have ornaments from our trips to Ocean City, Disney World, Disney Land, Chattanooga, and more. Our tree has an ornament marking each year that Mike and I have been married. There’s an ornament for each child’s first Christmas. We have ornaments from when we were kids. Ornaments made by us as a family or by Lucas at school. It’s a beautiful sight to see and it always brings up memories while we trim the tree. We talk about the places we’ve been or remember Lucas’ first Christmas or share stories of our own childhood.


Each Christmas, we like to give each other special ornaments that mark a milestone or hobby. This year, we have several new ornaments. For Lucas – the gamer and baseball ornaments. Two of his obsessions.




For Amelia – the sock monkey and Elmo ornaments. She is obsessed with Elmo lately!



For Mike – the beer and griller ornament. Mike loves to brew his own craft beers and he can regularly be found at the grill or smoker making a tasty dinner for us.




For Aries (our dog) – a beautiful chocolate lab ornament.


For Family – a new “The Jollys” ornament marking each member of the family.


For Me – the photographer and smartphone ornaments. These couldn’t be more perfect, right?!


Exchanging ornaments is a special tradition that every family can do during the holiday season and will create lasting memories. You could host an ornament exchange party with friends or family, make homemade ornaments with the kids, or if you have an “elf” friend he or she can surprise everyone with a new ornament (our Elf Sherman does this every year, actually).

Personal Creations Ornaments

Make sure to visit to check out their huge variety of personalized Christmas ornaments. They have over 1,000 personalized ornaments – there is literally an ornament for every occasion, milestone, personality, interest, and more. Save 20% off your entire order when you enter PCSM20 at checkout!

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 9.16.26 PM

$500 Holiday Giveaway!

Enter via the giveaway widget below for a chance to win a $500 Gift Card! Must live in the US and be 18 + up to enter.


$500 Personal Creations Gift Card Giveaway

(VIDEO) @Rayovac Portable Mobile Battery Power Pack

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One thing that I can’t live without? A Rayovac Portable Mobile Battery Power Pack to charge my phone while I’m on the go. I can’t tell you how many times per week I use this thing. It is a lifesaver (and quite literally could be). The last thing I want is to not have a phone when I’m out – whether it’s out running errands, at the pediatricians office, at the park, picking Lucas up from school, anywhere – my phone is my lifeline. If something were to happen, I need to be able to call Mike or a friend or family member. I always keep one in my diaper bag or purse so that if my iPhone ever runs out of battery – I have a way to charge up no matter what.



The Rayovac Portable Mobile Battery Power Pack has so many awesome features – I’ll let Mike tell you about it in the video below!

Features and Benefits

• 800mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable mobile device charger
• Charger holds enough power to recharge your mobile phone for 150 minutes of talk time
• Recharge the Phone Boost power pack 500+ times by using a USB charger
• Holds charge up to 6 months
• Integrated USB and Apple Lightning device connectors with protective caps
• Compatible with Apple Lightning devices
• MFi certified – Made for iPhone & iPod
• 4 LED battery gauge indicators show charge and discharge status
• Keychain attached for convenience and portability
• Instant power once your device is plugged in
• Push button switch turns charger on – if inactive for 30 seconds, charger will automatically turn off to save battery power
• Limited product warranty

(VIDEO) Our New BFF! iRobot Scooba 450 Review


OK, so there’s a new member of the household that I’d like to introduce you too…it’s the iRobot Scooba! He is my new BFF. For real. You wanna know why? Scooba vacuums my floors AND washes them while I…do whatever I want to do. I can be out shopping while Scooba is doing the dirty work. I can watch a movie, read a book, play with the kids while someone or someTHING else is cleaning. Yeah, it really doesn’t get better than that, right?!

The Scooba hard at work cleaning the floors while hubby and I watch a movie

The Scooba hard at work cleaning the floors while hubby and I watch a movie

How The Scooba Works

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.52.37 PM

Mike aka “Jolly Dad” aka my husband put together a little video below that shows you exactly how Scooba works and the results that we get.

Our Thoughts

I have been eyeing both the iRobot Roomba and Scooba for years, but was skeptical about how well it worked. I am blown away by the power of the Scooba. Truly. We have a chocolate lab, Aries who sheds constantly. The Scooba vacuums up the floor including all of her fur and then washes it. No prep needed from me! We run it once per week now in the kitchen, family room, and our bedroom (the room our dog sleeps) and it has been such a timesaver. We are already saving up to buy the new Roomba, which vacuums carpets and hard surface floors (doesn’t wash) so that we can use it every day. I.can’t.even.imagine.

Scooba 450 will automatically sweep, wash, scrub and squeegee away dirt, grime and bacteria, neutralizing up to 98% of common household bacteria and leaving only clean floors behind.

Where To Purchase

The iRobot Scooba 450 retails for $599 and can be purchased online, Bed Bath & Beyond (use their 20% off coupon and get a great deal!), and other major retailers. For additional information, please visit

Sticking To My New Year’s Resolutions #2014

I know there’s this big movement against resolutions, but for me – resolutions or setting goals for myself works. They motivate me and keep me focused. After having Baby Amelia, I (still) have to lose baby weight and honestly – I also have pre-baby weight to lose. This year is going to be the year that I do that – without going on some ridiculous fad diet. I began by making small changes at the end of last year, but then the holidays happened. Enough said, right? Well, now that the Christmas cookies are gone – I can focus on making real changes by consistently working out and eating right. I am ready! 2014 is going to be a great year!


Beyond my own personal weight loss and fitness goals though, my biggest goal is that we, as a family, are healthy. That means that we ALL need to be active and eat right. So some of our family goals for 2014 include the following:

  • Healthy eating
  • Drink more water
  • Spend more time outside being active
  • Make time to read
  • Slow down and enjoy one another (i.e. put away the iPhones and electronics)


After making this list, Mike and I sat down and talked about what the game plan would be – how we would actually stick to these resolutions. Here’s what we came up with!

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

1. First of all, begin by making your resolutions realistic and attainable.

2. Make a list of what you need to do to achieve your goals.

3. Plan, plan, and plan some more! For instance, for both Mike and I to workout at the gym I have to get up at 6am and workout first. Mike takes Lucas to school and then meets me at the gym where he gives me Amelia. So for all of this to happen, we have to 1). Be prepared. We have to make lunches the night before, set out clothes, etc. 2). Go to bed early the night before. This is tough because we are night owls. 3). Be highly synchronized and be a TEAM.

4. Set reminders of your goals around the house. We have a list up on the refrigerator and we make a point to discuss our goals every day – that way they are top of mind ALL.THE.TIME.

5. Track your progress. For instance, I set up a My Fitness Pal account and am journaling my food and will be using it to track my weight loss over the coming months (year or however long it takes me to get to where I want to be). I also bought a FitBit Force to help motivate me to get in at least 10,000 steps a day and to track how many calories I’ve burned. I have to say that I LOVE it!

6. Anticipate obstacles. This is a big one. You need to figure out what normal, everyday occurrences are going to get in the way of you sticking to your resolutions and figure out solutions ahead of time. And, notice that I said ARE GOING because the reality is that life is full of curveballs.

7. Get some support. For us, making our resolutions as a family is great because we can cheer each other on, remind each other when we’re off-course, etc. It’s important to have a support system in place!

8. Be kind to yourself. Realize that there will be bumps in the road, but when there are – you need to pick right back up and stay the course.

9. Be in it for the long-haul. I know that we all want things quickly, but it’s important to remember that change doesn’t happen over night. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there. Baby steps.

10. Reward your successes!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014 for all of us!

Give a Holiday Gift that Means Something #PCholiday

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Gift-giving is one of my favorite things. There’s something about giving a loved one a gift and seeing their face light up as they open it up. It’s truly priceless! However, what I’ve learned over the years is that it’s not about how much the gift cost or the latest trends – the perfect gift ultimately comes down to what it will mean to the person receiving it. I always try to find a gift that is unique and special for that person. Something that will mean something to them. A gift that they will always remember. That’s why I especially love giving a personalized gift. It’s so special to have something with your name on it or a special message. This year, several people of my holiday shopping list will be receiving a personalized gift from Personal Creations. Some of my favorites are below!

Personalized Glass Keepsake Box. I bought one of these for my mom and another for me. This box is simply stunning. You can have it etched with a single monogram or a special message. It’s the perfect place to drop your jewelry at the end of the day or to simply place out as decoration. It’s truly beautiful!

Trinket Box

Personalized Cuff Bracelet. I got this bracelet for my 12 year old niece. She is really into accessories right now and I think this bracelet will be perfect for her!

Persoanlized Cuff Bracelet

Personalized Rag Doll. OK, seriously what little girl wouldn’t love one of these dolls with her name on it?! I honestly could have gotten one of these for every little girl on my list and each would have been happy!

Personalized Rag Doll

Personalized Stuffies. These are a huge hit with kids right now – even Lucas who is 6 years old wants one! These unique stuffed animals have 7 top-secret pockets so kids can hide toys, keepsakes, pajamas and more. This specific cutie will be for my nephew, Enzo. I think he’s going to love it!

Stuff It Plush


All of the items pictured above can be purchased at There’s still time to order and receive by Christmas!


To get 20% off your order, click HERE. The discount will be automatically added to CHECKOUT!

Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Holidays with #TangerStyle

We are officially in holiday season now and it’s time to start planning the perfect wardrobe for all of those holiday parties! So what’s hot in fashion this holiday season???

I LOVE the metallic look! Get creative and wear a pair of metallic shoes with jeans or carry a metallic bag. So chic!

You can’t get more festive than red! Since red is such a bold color, I prefer to wear a pop of red – like the blazer and shoes above. Now, my favorite way to glam up for the holidays are with bold, statement jewelry pieces! A chunky cocktail ring with lots of sparkle or a bold bracelet – love!

Everything that you see above is available at one of my favorite places to shop – Tanger Outlets! They carry the latest designer fashions at LOW prices – they even have a price guarantee so you KNOW you’re getting the best value. So, not only is Tanger Outlets one of the best place to shop for a holiday wardrobe, but it’s also the perfect place to shop for holiday gifts! You can get everyone marked off your list in just one shopping trip!

To help make the holidays even brighter, Tanger has a series of 20% off coupons which you can sign up for by clicking HERE. Coupons are available for 20% any single item now through November 18th!

Take a peek at the TangerStyle Holiday Lookbook and also make sure to watch the video below with Vanessa Lachey visiting the Tanger Style Studio to answer common holiday style questions. She offers wonderful tips for putting together the perfect holiday outfit!

This is part of a compensated program with Tanger Outlets.  All opinions expressed are mine. Please refer to this site’s Terms of Use for more information. 

Kalsø Earth Shoes Review and Giveaway

I’ve been dying to try a pair of Kalsø Earth Shoes out for a while now and was thrilled when I was recently offered the chance to review a pair. If you haven’t heard of Kalsø Earth Shoes yet – they date back forty years actually and were created by a Danish Yoga instructor named Anne Kalsø. She set out to design the ‘original wellness shoe’, a shoe that simulated walking barefoot on the beach with a slight “negative heel” design to naturally re-distribute body weight. So, I guess you’re probably wondering…what’s all the fuss about this “negative heel“? Well, it improves posture and reduces joint stress. Check out the benefits below…

I was sent The Enrapture sandal, which is such a beautiful shoe. It has the gorgeous straps with pleats that criss-cross the foot.

Best of all, these sandals are comfortable – supremely comfortable. They provide great support to my feet and are a dream to walk in. It’s nice to know that while my feet are looking and feeling fabulous – I am also improving my posture — pretty cool if you ask me! Besides feeling great and doing great things for your body – Kalsø Earth Shoes also LOOK great! Check out just a few of the fashionable choices below!

This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to the winner, Jesse!

I received a pair of complimentary Kalso Earth Shoes as part of this review.  All opinions expressed are mine. Please refer to this site’s Terms of Use for more information. 

Celebrate National Swimsuit Confidence Week!

So, yeah. I never thought I would post a picture of myself in a swimsuit, but today — I am doing the unthinkable LOL. I, along with over a 100 bloggers have partnered with Lands’ End to celebrate National Swimsuit Confidence Week and will be posting pictures of ourselves in our swimsuits today.

In the picture above, I am wearing the Lands’ End Floral Beach Halter One Piece Swimsuit, which is probably one of my favorite bathing suits…ever. It’s got this really sexy vintage vibe without being overly revealing and it stays put. LOVE it! As women, we are really hard on ourselves so I love the idea of letting go of our insecurities and celebrating ourselves this week in honor of National Swimsuit Confidence Week — I challenge you to do the same!

Join Lands’ End and SELF Magazine each day May 21 – 25, 2012 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. CDST and participate in a series of National Swimsuit Confidence Week events on Twitter. The weeklong movement was created to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes as well as educate and inspire them to embrace their swimsuit beauty and have fun this summer. Each day Lands’ End will give away 6 – $50 Lands’ End gift cards each day!

Date: Each Day – May 21 – 25, 2012
Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. CDST
Location: #confidence
Follow: @LandsEndPR, @SELFMagazine, @LEprMichele, @LEprMariella, @LEprMolly

I have Swimsuit Confidence! – Get the Badge – Go to and display the “I have swimsuit confidence!” Badge on your Twitter profile photo. Send a tweet to @LandsEndPR proclaiming “I have swimsuit confidence!” #confidence for a chance to be entered to win a $500 Lands’ End gift card. Send now through May 25 – winner announced at 5:00 p.m. CDST May 25, 2012.

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NEW for Spring by Lands’ End: Fine Gauge Supima Cotton Cardigans for Women

One of my favorite wardrobe pieces is the cardigan. It should be a staple in every woman’s closet. The cardigan is a classic – it can be dressed up with accessories or it can be dressed down for a casual look. Lands’ End, one of my go-to places to shop for yours truly, just came out with a new line of Fine Gauge Cardigans, which are perfect for Spring. They come in every color of the rainbow so there is a cardigan for every style and every outfit!

I am currently sporting the Navy, which is this season’s new “black” and I love it! I personally love to wear it layered over a tank and paired with jeans or over a Spring dress. It is so soft and comfy and it should be since it is made from premium Supima Cotton (aka America’s finest grown cotton). Supima is known for its superior quality, softness, and durability. The cardigan hits me about mid-hip and is very flattering. I love the buttons, which are real shell buttons — such a nice touch! And, don’t laugh at my iPhone self-portrait LOL!

Get the Fine Gauge Supima Cardigan at for $49.

The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing the company. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. Please refer to this site’s Terms of Use for more information.