Children’s Activity: Froot Loops Necklace Busy Bag #KelloggsChamps

As a mom, I find myself waiting a lot. Waiting at the pediatricians office. Waiting in line at the store. Waiting, waiting, waiting. In the meantime, I have a 5 year old who does not like to wait. He can be a bit impatient and gets bored rather easily. While I will admit, these are the times that I often resort to breaking out my iPhone or iPad so that he can play a game while we wait – I hate to always resort to electronics. That’s where a Busy Bag comes in very handy!




What’s a Busy Bag you ask? Well, it is a bag filled with a fun activity to keep your child entertained and happy – the bonus is that they can be very educational too! A fun and very easy Busy Bag to put together is a Froot Loops Necklace Busy Bag – the supplies are simple and affordable and the results are cute and tasty! Plus, kids can work on various skills such as color sorting and their fine motor skills.





It’s a perfect activity for kids ages 3 – 6 years old … even older kids may enjoy it!



As you can see, Lucas (5 years old) loved it!


Froot Loops Necklace Busy Bag

What You’ll Need

  • Froot Loops
  • Yarn, Twine or Elastic String
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Resealable ziptop baggie

Assembling the Busy Bag:

Precut yarn, twine, or elastic string in the length of a long necklace. Tie a Froot Loop to one end so that when your child goes to thread the necklace the cereal doesn’t fall off the string…



and wrap the other end with a small piece of tape so that it’s easier for your child to thread…



Put the prepared yarn, twine or elastic string and a big handful of Froot Loops in the Busy Bag.


Have your child thread the necklace until it is full of Froot Loops and then tie together to form a necklace. Then, let your child eat the necklace – yummy!


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  1. I love the idea of a Busy Bag! That would be perfect for waiting at a restaurant! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I loved making these as a kid!

  3. That is a great idea! I’ll admit we’ve resorted to iPhone’s in a pinch. I like this idea better!

  4. He looks happy to have made something he can wear and eat.

  5. LOVE the idea…thanks for sharing. Bridgette has it right…this has restaurant written all over it.

  6. Reminds of things that we used to do as kids. Nowadays children much rather be occupied with ipads. what a shame