Color Me House Review

I am a big proponent of encouraging children to be creative and explore their imagination. Isn’t this what being a kid is all about? I love when I find children’s products that promote creativity, which is why I am really excited about introducing you guys to a wonderful company called: Color Me House.

Color Me House is a company founded by April McCray, a mom driven by her passion for creativity. After years of her husband sharing with her countless stories of him making forts out of cardboard boxes as a child , April decided to take a leap of faith and turn a child’s love for boxes into something even bigger. She is definitely on to something! I mean, what child doesn’t love a cardboard box? You give a child a gift and most of the time, they are more fascinated by the box than the actual toy!

The Color Me House line features a house and a rocket made of recyclable, eco-friendly 2ply cardboard and they are made right here in the US. I had the opportunity to try these out and they are awesome! Below, you can see pictures of the playhouse. My plan was to let Lucas paint it, but it’s been raining a lot here in HOTlanta and I wasn’t about to let a toddler loose in the house with paint. So, Mike and I painted the house to look like a barn and it looks really cool! I also have to say that we had a blast doing it! We think we may even add a little white picket fence around it made of painted yard stakes. I already had ideas for a little girl playhouse. You could take some small boxes and make flower boxes and attach to the windows. Then, fill them with some cute silk flowers. You could add little curtains…oh the possibilities are endless! So adorable! I’m going to wait for a nice day and then let Lucas paint the Rocket. When I do, I will blog about it and show you guys video of the little guy having fun painting!

There are so many things that I love about these forts/playhouses. First, they are totally blank so that your little one can turn it into the fort of his or her dreams. The house could be a barn, a fire station, a castle, a pet shop, a beauty shop…there are limitless possibilities! Or, can’t you just see your aspiring astronauts planning their trip to the moon? Your child can use paint, crayons, stickers, wallpaper and much more to decorate or design their fort. The forts can safely be used by small children as well. There are no staples, sharp corners, or anything that can hurt a child. Also great is that these forts can be easily stored! They fold flat, which is great for anyone that lives in an apartment or honestly most of us mom’s whose homes are overrun with toys! They are really durable so don’t think that because they are made of cardboard they are not going to last. Your little one will get a lot of enjoyment from it. And, finally, best of all, they are SO AFFORDABLE! The Color Me House is $39.95 and the Color Me Rocket is $49.95. You can’t beat that for a product that will bring your child so much enjoyment and encourage them to “think outside the box”. From now to the end of the year, April is offering Jolly Mom readers FREE SHIPPING by using the code SHIP5675. Below, you can see more pictures of the rocket and house from April’s website.

Meet April McCray:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how Color Me House was started.

I am a mother of three children ages 12,11 and 3 and happily married for 14 years. I have always loved arts and crafts with my kids and watching them be creative is one of the greatest experiences of being a mother. Yes I am one of those that cries every year that I opened my children’s school made Christmas gifts as they stared at me in anticipation as I unwrapped their gift – so proud they were, so proud was I. We began making forts for our first born when he was two. My husband had the best childhood stories of making forts out of cardboard boxes and would tell them to us. When child number three came along and the forts began so did my husbands stories once again. This time my creativity got the best of me and Color Me House and Color Me Rocket were born. My kids love them, and now I think they are actually staring proudly at us.

How do you balance motherhood with being a business owner?

Balancing motherhood with a business is a challenge many of us face. To me its more about balancing life. I make a lot of adjustments to my schedule so that I don’t miss time with my family. My favorite time is dinner, this is one moment out of every day that I do not sacrifice. Dinner is our family’s time to be together at one table, side by side, no phones, no computers, no TV, no interruptions. We talk, ask each other about our day and what the best thing that happened to us today was. I am thankful for this time every day.

April was recently featured at The Mom Entrepreneur. If you would like to know more about April, check out the article Lemons to Lemonade.