CONTEST IS CLOSED! Super Sweet Creations Review & Giveaway!

If you have a son, you know how difficult it can be to find really cute clothes for boys! Stores usually reserve a few square feet for the boys and the rest of the store is brimming with the cutest girl clothes. Ok, so a few square feet may be a stretch, but moms of boys know exactly what I am talking about. So, when I stumbled on Super Sweet Creations on Etsy, I was so excited to see the most adorable handmade appliqued tie shirts for boys! From the pictures alone, I knew that I would love these shirts for Lucas. They look like “little man” shirts and the appliqued ties are so handsome and reminiscent of real men’s ties. Monica from Super Sweet Creations gave me the opportunity to try out one her shirts. I was so excited to receive the shirt and when the package came, I hurriedly tore into it. Let me just say, that I was not disappointed! The shirt is so adorable and extremely well made. Monica goes the extra mile to add the sweetest touches. For example, on the back of the shirt, you will see a tag that reads, “You are the one I love”. How sweet is that?

Lucas wore his brand new “little man” shirt on Thanksgiving. We had 23 people over for Thanksgiving and EVERY single person that walked through the door complimented his shirt! He looked so handsome wearing it and it is such a great way to “dress up” a little boy without making him uncomfortable!

Moms of girls, don’t be discouraged! You can find adorable items at Super Sweet Creations for your little girls as well. Also, don’t be afraid to buy a tie shirt for your little girls. If you let Monica know that you are ordering for a girl, she will embellish it with rhinestones. Below, you can see Monica’s daughter looking totally gorgeous in a tie shirt! Monica also makes the most beautiful, luxurious baby blankets, which can be found at her other shop YATOIL(You Are The One I Love). And, finally, her 11 year old son, Nathan is also super talented. Believe it or not, he also has an Etsy shop called Zero 4 Ever where he sells his own paintings!

Get To Know Monica Sweet!

Please tell me a little bit about you and your family.

I’m the oldest of 3 and the only girl in my family, my parents migrated to the US from Guatemala when I was 13. I’ve lived in Southern California since 1991, this is where I met my husband Andrew from Vermont- small world! We used to watch the same shows when we were kids. The only difference is I would watch them in Spanish and he in English.
I now have 3 children of my own- 2 boys and 1 girl: Nathan 12, Sarah 7, and my exclusive private model Lucas 4.

Have you always been crafty?

One of the first memories I have of my crafty talent is when I was about 8 years old I would find plastic shopping bags that had a cartoon design such as the Smurfs or the Flinstones on them and I would iron them onto my T-shirts and charge my fellow classmates to do it for them as well, so the answer would be yes!

What motivated you to open an Etsy shop?

I have an Electronics engineering degree, but when my kids were born I decided to stay home with them. During the past 10 years, I did a lot of part time jobs to help out my husband. Last year after working for 2 years as a nanny while my 2 eldest where in school and my youngest would be my companion, I decided that it was time to stay home again.
After 6 months of staying home I realized that everyday I had a couple of hours of nothing to do and I wanted to help my husband (we’re trying to get into a house) so one night it just came to me. I can make baby blankets! I tried to make one the very next morning but I wasn’t successful on the first try. I signed up for sewing classes. While I was looking for binding instructions on the net, I came across the best thing that has happened to me (after husband and kids of course) Etsy!!
Blankets have now evolved into other very cool items

How does being a mom influence you creatively?

As a mother of 3 I have tried several outfits that I liked but my kids were not having it so that has given me the hands on experience to know what is comfortable for them as well as the look that I’m going for. Who doesn’t like a boy with a tie? Ever body except for the little one who feels like he’s being choked, so moms do really know best!

How do you balance motherhood with the demands of your shop.

It’s a really tough challenge but I have to prioritize. I work in the morning until 2 when Lucas comes home and then I get “cleaned up” before it’s time to get the other 2 from the bus stop at 3:30pm. Then I put in some over time after they go to bed. Friday I try my best to put everything away so there is some sort of order while we’re running around from soccer games to art classes to church on the weekend

When you are not creating things, what are you doing?

Cleaning, organizing, online, volunteering for soccer games, daydreaming.

What handmade item do you cherish the most?

When my mom was pregnant she made me a small crochet red pillow case with yellow flowers on it.

I noticed that your 11 year old son, Nathan, also has an Etsy shop called Zero 4 Ever! You have a family of artists! His paintings are really beautiful and I am still stunned that he is only 11 years old. Can you tell us a little bit about him and how he began painting?

Nathan is my first born, he was my wake up call at 19 years old. He is a really good kid. He has been making his bed since he was about 3 and putting his own clean laundry away as well. At that same age his drawing capabilities were amazing However, he didn’t start talking until he was about 4. We thought that because our household is bilingual he was having a hard time, but his Pre-K teacher advised us to get him checked out. Through LAUSD, he had a hearing test, vision test, and a psychological assessment. They were very impressed at how smart he was when it came to puzzles and his ability to see images 3d on paper. We were told that it’s very common especially for boys to be very good with their hands. That they do not care about talking-a big piece of mind for us! By the time he entered 1st grade, he was talking perfectly and now he’s bilingual and mastering in back talk.

As his mom I knew he could draw exceptionally well, but it gave my confidence a big boost when his 1st grade teacher pulled me aside and told me that I should look into art classes for him. I walked into an art studio and inquired about tuition. Sadly, I realized that I wasn’t able to afford it, but after asking a few questions- they offered me a cleaning exchange(I cleaned the art studio for the length of his weekly class) and he’s been taking classes for about 5 years now.

What advice would you give moms who want to turn their craft into a business?

Love what you do!! Do what makes you happy!! Every night I go to bed exhausted but every morning I’m thrilled to get up and start working. Find ways to make your craft unique and stand out from the rest. Go the extra mile in making it perfect. The best compliment you can get from a customer is their referral.

Ok, now for the giveaway! Monica has graciously offered to giveaway one of her handmade shirts to one lucky Jolly Mom reader! Contest will end December 14th and the winner (chosen via will be announced December 15th. US entries only.

How to enter:
1. Visit Super Sweet Creations or YATOIL and leave me a comment telling me which item from either shop you love the most.

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