Dream Baby Stay Put Cutlery Review and Giveaway

Lucas has been an absolute monster (I use the term lovingly) at dinner time lately. About 1/3 of the way into dinner, he takes his place mat and throws it to the floor. Of course, the food goes with it. He’s also gotten into this thing where he won’t eat unless he has a fork. He just started this recently so we didn’t have any toddler forks. He wanted ours! Not safe. Not good. Not to mention that he doesn’t actually know how to use one yet. Well, recently I came across the Stay Put Cutlery Set by Dream Baby and I was really intrigued because it seemed like the answer to my problem.

The Stay Put Cutlery Set comes with a bowl that suctions to any non-porous surface. It also includes a fork and spoon that are on coiled tethers, which also suction to any non-porous surface. It’s such an innovative product because it allows your child to learn how to feed themselves without the stress of having to pick up bowls and cutlery every 5 seconds!

Dream Baby recently sent me some samples to try out. I am really impressed with the quality of both the bowl and cutlery. They are very well made and extremely sturdy. The utensils, including the fork (or spork), are wonderful! I was worried about the suction cups though. You know how suction cups are a hit or miss kind of thing? Surprisingly, they suction down very tight! So tight, that at one point, I had to use super mom strength to get it off my table! Lucas immediately loved having his own bowl and utensils. He was definitely happy and it’s a great way for him to become familiar with using utensils! I do think that due to Lucas’ size, the coils are a bit short for him. The recommended age for this product is 9 months to 24 months and Lucas is 18 months and 95th percentile for his height. Overall though, the Stay Put Cutlery Set is definitely worth checking out and is a great way to get your little one to learn how to use utensils!

See the Stay Put Cutlery in Action:

Want it: You can get the Stay Put Bowl and Cutlery Set at Babies R Us for $9.99.

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