Droopy Drawers No More! Tiny Bigs Review and Giveaway

Who here is constantly pulling their kids pants up? I am emphatically waving my hand up in the air right now! Seriously, this has always been a problem with Lucas. His pants never stay up. Part of the problem is that he is tall so I have to buy him pants that are bigger to accommodate his length, but of course the waist ends up being too big. Of course, belts would work, but they are a pain when your kids are still in diapers. I have seen other products on the market like suspenders, but they also seem like a lot of work. When I ran across Tiny Bigs while browsing the internet one day, I was so happy! Tiny Bigs are a safe and totally stylish way of keeping your kids pants up and shirts pulled down!

About The Designer (from the website):
The Tinybigs collection is the creation of Seattle-area mom, Keri Schroeder. Keri discovered a void in the children’s apparel and accessory market when she searched with no avail for a product that would keep her then, 9-month old daughter’s pants pulled up. After bouts of frustration with pinning her daughter’s clothes, rolling up the waists and dreading another pair of overalls, she decided to make something herself that would be safe and effective just for babies.
Keri sent me the Rockstar Tiny Bigs to try out on Lucas and I am so thrilled over how easy they are to use and how unbelievably cute they are! More importantly, they actually work really well and keep Lucas’ pants up. The first couple of times we used it, he was really curious about what I was putting on back there so he did mess with it some, but now he is used to it and leaves it alone. Did I mention how CUTE these are? I love when fashion and function meet so beautifully!

How To:

Just attach the bottom alligator clip to your child’s waistband, extend the elastic strap up and underneath their shirt, let the shirt fall naturally, then clasp the decorative magnetic applique to the elastic strap’s magnet beneath…basically snapping the shirt to the pants so both stay in place. In the video below, I (or my hubby and I actually) show you how to put it on.

A note about the video-Lucas would not stand still so we attached it while he was sitting. You shouldn’t do that because you want to be able to pull your child’s pants up and then let the shirt fall naturally to attach it correctly. I just really wanted to be able to show you the steps so you could really see how easy it is.

See It In Action:

Tiny Bigs are designed for babies 6 to 18 months. Lucas is passed that age, but it still works on him. However, Keri will soon be launching Tiny Bigs for toddlers up to 4 years old! I think these would also make a cute gift and they already come packaged in a cute box (pictured below). They retail for $16.99 and can be purchased directly from Tiny Bigs.

This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to the winner, Domanda3! Winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to contact me.