Earth Day 2010: How Eating a PB&J Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Reducing our carbon footprint seems like a tough job. Just saying the words feels so overwhelming. The funny thing is that all it takes to do our part is some small changes. How about trading a burger for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? That’s a very small change that we can all do and it does have an impact!


What is your carbon footprint and why should we care about it on Earth Day?

· Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 2.5 Pounds — If you have a PB&J instead of a red-meat lunch like a ham sandwich or a hamburger, you shrink your carbon footprint by almost 3.5 pounds. That’s about 40% as much of what you’d save driving around for the day in a hybrid instead of a standard sedan. An animal product affects the environment and greenhouse gas emissions due the resources it takes to raise an animal, process the meat and ship the product.

· Conserve Water: 133 Gallons — You’ll conserve 133 gallons of water at lunch versus the average American lunch. Three PB&J’s a month will save about as much water as switching to a low-flow showerhead.

· Save Land: 24 Square Feet — Don’t forget the land you save from deforestation, over-grazing, and pesticide and fertilizer pollution: about 24 square feet at lunch.

On Earth Day, Sodexo and the Peanut Butter & Jelly Campaign, will be serving a variety of innovative PB&J options at 6,000 dining establishments (including local hospitals, office buildings, military personnel, senior housing and university cafeterias) nationwide for breakfast, lunch & dinner on Earth Day—reaching approx. 10 million people. About 12,400 tons of emissions, 3 billion gallons of water, and 5,500 acres could be foregone or saved if every Sodexo diner ate a plant-based lunch like PB&J on Earth Day!

So take a cue from Sodexo and the Peanut Butter & Jelly Campaign on Earth Day and skip the red meat–eat a PB & J instead! This is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day with kids too. Come up with a creative PB & J recipe with your kids and discuss how making small changes can have a big impact on our environment.

Check out Sodexo and the PB & J Campaign online and on Facebook for creative recipes and ideas that you can try with your kids on Earth Day!

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