Eco friendly {and CUTE} Back to School Products: Mimi the Sardine Splash Mat Review & Giveaway!

Not long ago, I wrote a {rave} review on Mimi the Sardine Lunchbugs–some of the cutest little lunch bags that I’ve ever seen! I wasn’t the only one that loved them–YOU guys did too! We had an amazing turnout and now, I am so happy to say that Mimi the Sardine is BACK today! At the perfect time, I might add. With parents everywhere scurrying to tie up their back to school shopping, Mimi the Sardine is the perfect place to do that! They sell bibs, aprons, splash mats, lunchbugs, backpacks, placemats, and tablecloths–all perfect for back to school.

This time Mimi the Sardine sent me a Splash Mat in the Hybrid Cars pattern. Gotta say that just like last time–I love it! The pattern is SO CUTE! The Splash Mat itself is really large at 36” x 46” {a very nice quality not found often!}. It’s perfect to use under a high chair to catch food and spills and also perfect for crafts. Below, you can see Lucas doing some art and crafts on top of his new splash mat.

The fabric is really the best part of all though! Mimi the Sardine uses water-based acrylic coated cotton fabrics that meet Oeko-Tex 100 standards for safe and environmentally-friendly fabrics. Plus, many of the fabrics are organic cotton {the ones that aren’t, will be soon}. So, they are safe for kids and the environment! What’s really great about the fabric though is that it is easily wipeable and so soft! You know how many wipeable fabrics are stiff and rigid {think plastic bibs and kid’s aprons that barely move}? The fabrics that Mimi the Sardine use are NOT LIKE THAT ALL! The fabric is soft, flexible, and folds up small. Oh, and did I mention? The splash mat is also machine washable! LOVE IT!

Want It: The Splash Mat comes in a variety of patterns and retails for $34.95. For more information or to purchase, please visit Mimi the Sardine.

This contest is closed. Congratulations to the winner, Tina Reynolds!


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  24. The Propeller pattern is CUTE! And I LOVE the name… Mimi the Sardine!! 🙂

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