Educational S.T.E.M. Toys for the Holidays

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This holiday season, give the gift of learning and fun with the new Blaze and the Monster Machines line of toys. These toys are fun and cute, just like the beloved Nickelodeon show! Plus, they teach kids educational STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts like acceleration, sound waves, speed, momentum, and more. Below are three of our favorites!


  1. Talking Blaze (RV $5.49) brings to life the STEM concept of sound waves! Press the button on the hood and Blaze says different lines from the show and makes sounds.
  2. Blaze Monster Dome Playset (RV $29.99) is a race track that allows kids to create side-by-side races between Blaze and Crusher. The STEM concepts learned via the Blaze Monster Dome, include speed and momentum, which are illustrated by using the two launchers. Kids place the two vehicles on the launchers, push down, and off they go! Two children can race the two vehicles or one child can play on their own. Kids can even take the set apart and piece together their own stunt set.
  3. Super Stunts Blaze (RV $39.99) is full of action – just like on the TV show – and is A LOT of fun. This toy can do some really impressive stunts that will wow kids. Super Stunts Blaze speeds up, does side and back-wheelies, and completes a 360 degree spin on his rear tires. Kids can press Blaze’s side to choose his stunt and push down on the spoiler to give Blaze more and more power Blaze. The Super Stunts Blaze teaches kids all about acceleration.

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All of the toys featured above can be found at Target and other major toy retailers. To see the rest of the Blaze and the Monster Machines line, visit