Finally, a Pillow You Can Wash: Aller-Ease’s Washable Allergy Protection Pillow (HUGE Giveaway)

Have you ever tried to wash your pillows? Probably didn’t go so well did it? I ruin several pillows per year because I wash them and the result is a lumpy pillow that has been rendered useless. With Spring upon us now, we are getting ready to do our yearly Spring cleaning and that includes washing all of our pillows except this time we won’t be ruining our pillows. We have Aller-Ease Washable Allergy Protection Pillows and they are truly washable.
Check out the before and after…

the pillow is actually fluffier than it was before I put it in the washer. Pretty incredible! No lumps, no ruined pillow…just a clean, lump-free pillow! The unique fiber in the Aller-Ease Washable Pillow maintains its shape and refluffs after every wash. I’m not the only one that loves it — Good Housekeeping ranked Aller-Ease’s Washable Pillow numero 1!

The pillow is also able to be washed in the hot water cycle so you can really get rid of germs, bacteria, etc…

The other thing on my mind now that it’s Spring are allergies. The pollen has been insane here in Georgia this year. We actually broke records this year and the Spring has literally just started. Lucas has asthma and seasonal allergies so the poor kiddo has really been suffering. However, his bed has an Aller-Ease mattress protector and one of the Aller-Ease Washable Allergy Protection Pillows, which protects against household allergens and pollen so at least I know he is getting a good and restful night’s sleep.

Aller-Ease Washable Pillow can be purchased online at and retails for $13.49.

This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to the winner, jakiesmom!
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