Five Developmental Activity Ideas for Babies

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I can hardly believe that Amelia will be 10 months old next week – time is flying! Now that she is getting a little older, we are trying to incorporate some more educational or developmental activities for her. Things that will help her develop gross and fine motor skills along with just helping her discover and enjoy the world around her. Today, I want to share with you five developmental activities for babies that we love!

Five Developmental Activities for Babies

1. Discovery Bottles – These bottles are so much fun and easy to do! Simply remove the label from any water or soda bottle, add material (foam, glitter, beans, etc), fill almost full with water, and secure the cap with hot glue. Amelia loves to shake and roll the bottles and intently look at what’s inside.


2. Tactile Box – Fill a wipes container with miscellaneous items making sure that all items are SAFE for babies. Close the lid. Then, show baby how to open the lid and let her discover all of the items inside. Fill with large bottle caps, fabric scraps, foam letters, small toys, baby socks, etc (make sure none of the items are unsafe or a choking hazard).


Amelia playing with her Tactile Box

Amelia playing with her Tactile Box

3. Pudding Paint – Mix up some vanilla pudding. You can add food coloring if you’d like. Set out an old sheet, give baby pudding “paint” and let her create (and eat)! We haven’t done this with Amelia yet, but we did when Lucas was a baby. As soon as the weather warms up, pudding paint – here we come!

Lucas playing (and eating) with pudding "paint"

Lucas playing (and eating) with pudding “paint”

4. What’s in the Cabinet?  – Set up a baby-friendly cabinet in your kitchen. Put baby-appropriate kitchen tools (spatula, wooden spoon), plastic mixing bowls, pots, pans, measuring cups, etc in the cabinet. Allow baby to have access to this cabinet whenever she wants. Amelia loves “her” kitchen cabinet! I’ll put new things in there from time to time so that she’s surprised. She loves to pull out all of the items, bang on the pots, and just explore.

Amelia playing in "her" kitchen cabinet.

Amelia playing in “her” kitchen cabinet.

5. Photo Book for Baby – Fill a baby-appropriate photo book with pictures of family. I love Baby’s First Photo Album from Personal Creations because it is personalized with Amelia’s name and even includes the rest of the family on the front cover. The album itself is made of a tough fabric that will hold up to babies and the pictures are held in thick plastic sleeves.




We love looking through the book together – it is filled with pictures of her grandparents, brother, cousins, mommy and daddy. I tell her each person’s name as we look at the pictures. She loves it! If you want to purchase, use JollyMom at checkout for 20% off your order at!



  1. All great activity ideas.
    I especially love the pudding idea. That is so smart, sticky, but smart. They get to be creative with no concern if they eat the paint (its pudding). And the art work can go in the wash and all clean after.
    Thanks for all your great ideas.