FREE Printables! Superhero Cupcake Toppers (Superman, Spiderman & Batman)

For Lucas’ Superhero birthday party, I made 75 cupcakes topped with Spiderman, Superman, and Batman toppers that I designed. Lucas literally squealed when he saw them LOL!

I actually printed extra and was able to use them throughout the party for the napkins…

and to decorate the mason jar cups for the kids…

It was an easy way to add an extra little touch and tie all of the decor together. Super cute and very affordable since the only cost is really paper, ink, and the lolli sticks for the cupcake toppers.

Of course, I am sharing these cute cupcake toppers with you guys! You can download them HERE for FREE! I’ll be sharing the cupcake recipes next week so stay tuned for those…


  1. I really appreciate you providing these printables for free. However, if you could make them available on another site besides SlideShare, that would be great. SlideShare will not allow me to create an account unless I do it through FB or LinkedIn. I prefer not to compromise my privacy settings on my FB account. Many thanks, again.

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