Hoover Presto 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vac Review

I will be the first to tell you that Mike and I love small household appliances and gadgets. We have quite a few– probably more than we need or use regularly. However, one of them that we cannot be without is our Hoover Presto 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vac. We absolutely love this vacuum for the convenience it offers. It is so quick to get to and to use. It is also especially light, which makes it easy to move around, take upstairs, downstairs or anywhere you need it.

The Presto is a cordless stick vacuum that has a removable hand vac that easily clicks in and out. It has 14.4 volts of cordless power which means that it has good power and suction as well as a longer battery life. The base of the stick has a rotating brush and the charging base has two additional attachments. Storage is easy and compact since the long handle of the vacuum folds down in half and simply lifts off and sits on the charging station–no cords to plug in each time (yay!).
I know that cordless vacuums can get a bad rap with how long their battery lasts, but one way to make your battery last longer is to make sure to run it until the battery is completely drained before you charge and then make sure to charge it fully before you use it again. This is the key!
The Presto Vac gets used in our house almost every day to pick up crumbs, dog hair, and life’s almost seemingly constant messes. It performs very well each time. We absolutely love it and would recommend it as a staple in every home!
Key Features:
• Cordless Hand and Stick Vacuum Combo – convenience of a hand vac and stick vacuum in one for quick spot cleaning
• 14.4V of Cordless Power – longer run time contributes to better performance
• IntelliCharge System – LED charging indicator alerts the user know when the unit is charged up and ready to use
• Cyclonic Technology – cyclones separate fine particles of dirt before reaching the filter with less frequent filter rinsing
• Fold-Down Handle – makes storage a snap, ideal for small storage spaces
• Filter Made With HEPA Media – rinsable and reusable filter . HEPA media traps 99.97% of dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns
• One-Touch Brush Roll – for use on carpets and hard floors
• Swivel Head – allows for easy maneuvering across the floor
• Quick Release Button – hand vac easily pops out for convenient use
• Easy-Empty Dirt Cup – see when it’s time to empty and simplifies dirt disposal
• Limited Two-Year Warranty
On-Board Tools:
• Pivoting 3-in-1 tool – Includes pivoting crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery brush to attach to handvac for detailed cleaning MSRP: $ 99.99

See It In Action:

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  1. Just curious how long is the run time and how long do you need to charge it? Biggest drawbacks of nickel batteries is battery life and charging time. Also concerned with the power of this being a 2-in-1.

    The folding handle is a nice feature though, makes it easier to store away.

    Thanks for sharing this review!

  2. The runtime on the Presto is about 20 minutes, which is pretty good, but it does take quite a while to charge (12 hours).

    The power is pretty good for the money, and the convenience of a 2-in-1 is nice. If you just plan on using it to clean floors, though, I would go with the Hoover LiNX instead… a bit pricier, but it has a faster charging battery and more power.

  3. Very in-depth review. I haven’t looked at this one yet.

    12 hours charge time for 20 minute run time? Is that considered good for a cordless stick vac?