HP Mini Notebook Computer & Printer Bundle Giveaway!

Recently, HP launched their Create Change campaign, which gives 4% of each purchase made at the HP Direct Store to one of seven charities.

Customers can choose to donate to CARE, the American Red Cross, DonorsChoose.org, Junior Achievement, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Susan G. Komen, and the World Wildlife Fund. I think this is such a wonderful initiative by HP that gives the consumer an easy way to help others. As HP says, “Don’t just buy a computer, support a worthy cause.”

Watch the Video To Learn More:

As part of HP’s Create Change program, they’d like to hear stories about how individuals and technology are creating change in the world. I have personally seen technology, the internet, and social media do amazing things. You can raise money, uplift families, raise awareness, change laws, connect moms, make lasting friendships, and make a statement through the power of the internet and social media. HP wants to know what you are or will be doing in 2010 to create change? And, thanks to HP I have an amazing giveaway for you guys! One Jolly Mom reader will win a HP Mini 311 Notebook PC and HP Touchsmart Premium Printer bundle {pictured below}!

Prize includes: HP PhotoSmart Premium Printer with Touchscreen Web and HP Mini 311 Notebook PC


One Jolly Mom reader will win an HP Mini 311 Notebook PC and HP Touchsmart Premium Printer bundle!

Blog about the giveaway and answer the following question: “What are you or will you be doing in 2010 to create change and how will winning this technology bundle help your efforts?” After you write your blog post, come back here and leave me a comment with the link to your post. Get creative. Use video, pictures, and anything that will help tell your story.

Make sure that you visit the Create Change site for inspiration before you enter!

Non-bloggers can enter too! Create a video that answers the question: “What are you or will you be doing in 2010 to create change and how will winning this technology bundle help your efforts?” Upload your video to YouTube. Come back here and leave me a comment with the link to your video.

On February 22nd, I will choose my favorite FIVE responses. Then, I will leave it up to YOU to decide who should win. Starting February 23rd, you will be able to vote for your favorite. Whoever gets the most votes wins! Voting will officially end on February 28th at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will be announced on March 1st. US entries only, please.

Although these aren’t required, I would love it if you would help spread the word about HP’s awesome campaign:
Visit Create Change and share the widget on your blog.
Become a fan of HP for Home  and share your ideas on creating change.
Follow HP on Twitter to receive Create Change and HP Direct updates

For more chances to win–make sure to stop by the blogs listed below. They are also giving away HP Laptop/Printer bundles!


  1. Great Great Prize

  2. Anonymous says:

    To make changes in 2019 I will do my small part by trying to make the world better through my job as an English as a Second Language teacher by trying to communicate to my students just how similar we all are and that all of us want the same things in life-love, family(to be rich) and peace. Technology helps us…because it makes the world seem like much smaller place, when we send messages in a matter of seconds !!! Ps Feb 22 is a great date, in additoin to being the end date for this contest it's my birthday!
    Diane Baum

  3. I like photography, so this would be perfect to edit and print out pictures.

  4. the changes i am making or trying to make in 2010 are less is more stuff is just stuff sure we all want what others have but do we really need it. i am also paying down debt due to unexpected home repairs in 2009 so will be a very frugal time for me

  5. Thanks for all of the great comments guys! However, for your entries to count, please make sure that you are following the required methods of entry listed in the post.

  6. Here is my entry http://newmebabysteps.blogspot.com/2010/02/improving-my-local-animal-shelter.html

    I love this contest, great way to get people involved and ignite passion for a cause.

  7. that great giveaway!! but one thing i m deaf and you all will not understand me when I m signs… what should i do?

  8. I will make things better by being more conscious in my purchasing choices. We have already started using recycled printer/copier paper and pads. We use the energy efficient lightbulbs and are reducing our water consumption (ie: not leaving water running, shorter showers etc). So I will keep looking for ways to be more green and efficient. I don't blog per se so I hope it is ok to leave this here?

  9. I will be helping volunteer at my son's preschool, which give scholarships to many disadvantaged students. I volunteer to teach French there. These products would help me create lesson plans.

    rsbryswrrl at gmail dot com

  10. Great giveaway!!

  11. Great Giveaway!!

  12. i would love to win this

  13. Awesome Giveaway! Count me in!

  14. shawn mckim says:

    Love this sweep

  15. Love it

  16. This would be perfect for all my photographs that i take! I definately overload my poor old one. Thanks.

  17. Im an email subscriber.thanks.

  18. I follow on twitter as lor63. thanks.

  19. In 2010 I just wanna change it by doing nice things one at a time

  20. We would love to be more organized with the kids pictures-my husband would love this computer.

  21. I'd like to retire this year and start selling on Ebay. This would be a great win for that!

  22. What a great contest I could really use a new computer

  23. This was tough for me to write out but here's my entry:

  24. I SO need to organize and this would help me. Thanks for the chance.

  25. elizabeth p says:

    I am using technology to reach out to other moms who are hoping to really get their household and weight under control and not as chaotic. I could use this package to keep my blog and website updated more frequently. I am queenesperfect at yahoo.com

  26. here is my submission.


    I am utterly shocked and disturbed by the number of people not following the directions here, you should delete all of there comments, lol.


  27. I posted about my goal to educate!

    Come on over and read my blog post. Good luck to everyone it is a great contest.
    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

  28. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.
    Making change ,volunteering my time to the Red Cross. They do so much for so many people. I was an EMT but I can't volunteer any longer doing that. My blog post

  29. Thanks for the great giveaway. Here's the link to my post:

  30. To create change? Get organized. Get my act together. Get ahead. Be informed.

  31. Here is the link to my blog!

    I am hoping to become a nurse so I can help lots of people!
    Thank you!
    Chelsea McBride

  32. i'm at college and would like the laptop so that when i graduate i can open up a hospital and help the ple who cant afford to go to hospital for the cost people want to pay. I would like this laptop so that i can try to get my business global.

    Thank You
    Warda Rao

  33. I really need a printer but I know there's NO point in even entering this.

    The contest websites such as Online-sweepstakes among others will walk away with a winner.

    They all vote for each other and are most of the people entering these blog contests.

    Don't waste your time entering if your not a contester.

  34. Not to start an arguement or anything.. but OLS has nothing to do with winning. It has to do with the best stories. I don't talk to anyone from Online-sweepstakes.com except my aunt because she is the one that got me started. It's all about doing good… not teaming up against entrants that aren't OLS members.
    So still enter if you aren't a member of OLS!!! These are great contests!!

    Here's my entry!

  35. To make changes in 2010 I will continue to make an event happen that means the world to 50 autistic kids. Camp. I am camp chairman for Camp Rainman and have been for six years. Here is why I need this laptop:
    I hope you can get to this link.

  36. My changes for 2010 is to get more involved at school and set priorities. A netbook will help me do my work outside of home.

  37. This is my link for my blog post:


    I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

    btw I also included the widget

    will you be letting people know if they are one of the five?

    teechbiz at gmail dot com

  38. I blogged at this link: http://amandakbarnes90.blogspot.com/2010/02/hp-mini-notebook-computer-printer.html

    Amanda Barnes

  39. COOOOL I hope I win the Notebook Computer and Printer

  40. I woul love to win the Computer & Printer.

  41. For family time together, we take local trips to photograph the outdoors and community events. We enjoy our time with one another and take some womderful photos to share. I would love to be able to print quality photos at home with this printer and computer .

  42. Below is a link to my entry. What a fantastic giveaway!


    Ladcraig at gmail dot com

  43. Great prize

  44. Here's my entry!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!!

  45. Creating Change has started! Great Program and thanks for the chance to win an amazing prize.


  46. Here is my entry to this contest. I hope I am not too late!


    My email address is: Changx88@gmail.com

    Good luck everybody!!!

  47. I would like to fulfill a life long goal and try writing, a notebook that I can take with me would come in handy during those moments of inspiration.

  48. I posted my vision for change over on my blog “Mom on the Run”


  49. Here is my entry!! This is a wonderful contest-thank you so much for sponsoring! I had a lot of fun creating this post.


  50. help habitat for humanity ty.

  51. I have left my entry at http://teachercents.blogspot.com/2010/02/as-part-of-hps-create-change-program.html

    Thank you for the chance to win! I am an RSS Subscriber as well as having you pop up on my igoogle.com reader!

  52. Just teaching my kids all I know..

  53. Eric Rollins says:

    I live in a fairly rural, some would say “backward”, area. I would use the upgrade in tech to start a “go green” business. My home would become a living showcase for solar and wind technology. I would not only be able to better research but also find grants to offset the costs.