Key to Morning Success is Preparation #GreatStarts

Mornings at our house are pure chaos. There’s a whole lot of rushing around trying to get stuff done in a very small window. Here’s what has to get done in the morning…

  • Wake up
  • Mike and I get ready for the day
  • Get baby Amelia ready for the day
  • Get Lucas ready for school
  • Eat breakfast
  • Lucas and Amelia leave with Mike to take Lucas to school
  • I go to gym and then come back home to work

Then, there’s a list of stuff that we can’t forget…lunches, schoolwork, etc. All of this has to get done very quickly since the drive to Lucas’ school is at least 30 minutes. That means they need to leave at 7:30am to make it school on time. We wake up at 6:00am and that’s already difficult enough – can’t image getting up any earlier.

The key to having a great morning and a great start to your day is to BE PREPARED.  We love this Night Before Checklist provided by Paralympic Alpine Skier, Heath Calhoun. We have it hung on our refrigerator and go through it every night to make sure that we are ready for the next morning. It’s been very helpful!


Here’s what the night before looks like…

Prep for breakfast



Lay clothes out the night before


Pack Lucas’ lunch the night before


Check that all bags are packed – especially my gym bag


Get Lucas’ karate uniform ready for after school


Set alarm


Charge iPods, iPhones, iPads the night before – we take these to the gym and of course, use for work


Getting all of these things done the night before tones down the morning routine chaos for us. That is so important because a good start to your day – to your children’s day – is really important. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Our breakfast SUCCESS!


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  1. You are so organized – I love it. I try to do as much the night before as I can, too. It doesn’t always happen, but I try. Your checklist idea rocks, though. I am totally trying that!

  2. I”m organized up to a point. As my guys are t(w)eens, they put their own stuff together, I just make sure it all happens in a timely manner.

  3. I really need to start packing lunches the night before. I’m an awful mess in the morning and we always just make it to school on time.

  4. I don’t pack lunches the night before I have in the back of my mind that sandwiches will get soggy or something but it sure would help the morning go by faster.

  5. Crystal @ Surviving a Teacher's Salary says:

    I definitely agree – if you start your morning rough your whole day tends to be a bit off kilter! Breakfast is an absolute MUST for my and my family and it always helps to do everything you can the night before!!

  6. This is so timely. I have been thinking a lot about having a great start to each day. Last night I finally wrote out a schedule to keep the family cared for, house going and work on my fitness and blog goals. It was long overdue.

  7. Our mornings are chaotic at our house too and a checklist is so helpful! We make eggs and smoothies for all of our kids which unfortunately can’t be made the night before, but I’m thinking we could save some time by prepping all of our smoothie fruits the night before. Thanks for helping me to reevaluate my morning and evening routines to make things run more smoothly!

  8. I’ve found that the more I get ready the night before, the easier our mornings are. I love your charging station!

  9. I am so jealous! I need to get more organized then maybe I wouldnt be so stressed. lol

  10. I have always done the same thing. As much as can be done the night before, the easier it makes it in the morning. Mornings are tough enough as is…

  11. Our mornings are always so hectic! I really need to start preparing more at night.

  12. The Night Before Checklist is genius! I don’t know why I never thought to create or use one of these. It would help so much in the morning. We are always rushing and I feel like a chicken with its head cut off.

  13. i’m so not that organized. plus we have 2 kittens who would make short work of the breakfast set up while we slept. LOL

  14. Makes perfect sense to me, to be as ready as you can in the morning. I love the charging station, how very organized and cool!

  15. What a cute post! I get up at 5:00, so I can work for an hour before our morning chaos begins. I also find that the more I do the night before, the better. I love the checklist, though. I think that would make me prep things more often.

  16. We try and get as much ready as possible the night before, but hello! An actual checklist would really help us make sure we haven’t missed anything. Printing it out now. Thanks for sharing!

  17. It’s almost 10 am and I haven’t had breakfast yet! I find that I really work so much better when I start off my day with something in my stomach. 🙂 I need to go grab something quick!

  18. Sounds like your game plan is working for you! I’m grateful to only have one child, it makes things so much easier when we’re getting out and around. As Red gets older, I think my post it notes will get a workout with checklists!

  19. I agree, how you go to bed & get up in the morning really does set the tone for how your day goes. I would LOVE to develop a better bedtime routine. Setting the alarm to go jogging used to work really well, but hard to do that in the cold lately!

  20. I always try to get ready the night before too. It makes the morning so much easier!

  21. we do most things the day before or as soon as we can. I like working off lists like menu plans, cleaning schedules and chore charts for the kids. Keeps me organized all day

  22. I have to get things ready the night before or we run around like chickens with our heads cut off! LOL. I love that night before checklist!

  23. These are great tips! It does help to have things ready the night before. I always have to plan ahead or I can’t sleep.

  24. Great tips!! I need to get some of these in our house!

  25. This is so true. It really helps to be prepared and even plan a head a bit. I like the idea of the night before checklist. Really useful!

  26. You are so organized! With a toddler and a baby, I feel as though organization is hopeless.

  27. This looks so much like my evenings/mornings. It can be so chaotic, but doing a lot at night helps out so much.

  28. Breakfast is such an important part of the school day. Kids who have a nutritional breakfast are shown to do better in school!

  29. I live by check lists. There is just too much to do otherwise

  30. Prepping the night before can be a HUGE time – and sanity! – saver. When we’re traveling I try to do the same thing for us, as well. I appreciate the printable checklist – great way to not forget anything!

  31. We homeschool and mornings are crazy here too. We homeschool but maybe some night before prepping would make things easier!

  32. I wish I was half as prepared as you! I’m a fly by my seat, do I have everything I need as I run out the door kinda person, lol

  33. Good for you with the routine, it makes life a little easier. I hate when I get knocked off my routine, but it does happen from time to time, and I always look forward to the summer time routine (no school)
    Best of luck to you all!!

  34. Dana Matthews says:

    Very inspiring!