Looking For a Low Maintenance Pet? Forget the Goldfish…Get a Frog Instead! {GIVEAWAY}


All kids want a pet. The problem? Parents {ahem…most of the time the moms} end up taking care of them rather than the kids. That’s why, in most cases, it’s better to get a low maintenance pet. Traditionally, parents would go for a goldfish or something similar. How about a frog instead? The EcoAquarium by Wild Creations makes caring for frogs so easy a child can do it and…if they don’t…it’s an easy job for parents too!


EcoAquariums are available in two styles, Classic (4”x 4” aquarium) and Jewel (6”x 4” aquarium). Each starter kit comes with two African Dwarf frogs and includes either a wood or black plastic base {you choose} and frog food. It comes with everything that you and your kids will need to care for your frogs! The best part is that the EcoAquarium is a self-contained aquatic ecosystem, which means it doesn’t need any additional chemicals, filters, or aeration. All you do when you receive your Starter Kit and frogs is set up the aquarium using fresh spring water, which you can pick up at any grocery store. You will want to make sure that you have spring water on hand before the frogs are shipped to you though because you will need to immediately put them into their EcoAquarium. Lucas helped with the entire process of setting up the EcoAquarium and had a blast doing it!


Caring for the frogs and the EcoAquarium is truly a snap. The frogs each eat two pellets of food twice per week. There is a little hole on top of the aquarium to drop the food in. Then, four times a year or every three months, change out the water with more fresh spring water. Easy peasy!

To say that Lucas loves his new froggies would be an understatement! He feeds them with me every week and on a daily basis–he visits the frogs to say “hello” and see what they’re up to. This has provided an excellent learning opportunity for him. He’s learning to care for animals, responsibility, and it opens the door to educational topics as well. Plus, the frogs are adorable and so much fun to watch! We aren’t the only ones loving our EcoAquarium either–the EcoAquarium won a coveted nomination for the 2010 Toy Industry Association Specialty Toy of the Year!


Want It: Classic Starter Kit is $30 and the Jewel Starter Kit is $39.99 (6”x 4” aquarium).  EcoAquariums are also available without wooden base and frog food: $19.99 for Classic style and $29.99 for Jewel style. Visit Wild Creations for more info or to purchase.

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