Mom Time in ’09: Jump Your Body into Shape!

One of my major resolutions this year is to work out and lose weight! Seems like those are always on my list of resolutions and that’s exactly why I desperately want to change it. One of the best ways to burn calories is by jumping rope. Not only do you burn a TON of calories in less time, but it also provides a full body workout.

One of the hottest new products to have hit the fitness world is the Jump Snap. Jump Snap is a ropeless jump rope that you use just like a regular jump rope, but better. Yes, I said ROPELESS-LOL! With the Jump Snap, you don’t have to worry about tripping or the large space you need for traditional jump roping. It also features an LCD Display that keeps track of calories burned, revolutions, time jumped, etc. You just enter your height and weight into the handle and set it for either the number of jumps you want to make or the amount of time you want to jump. When you’re done, the Jump Snap lets you know with a beep. The Jump Snap is also really portable. It is so small that you can easily take it with you on vacation or while you’re traveling.

The best part about the Jump Snap is that you can burn 600 calories in 30 minutes! OK, so if you’re a beginner like me, that’s not happening, but with some practice and conditioning you can get there. Nonetheless, that means that in 5 minutes you could burn 100 calories, which sounds way more doable!

I tried out the Jump Snap and I LOVE it! I thought that it would take some adjustment jumping rope without the rope, but it didn’t at all. I have been using it in the evening while I watch TV during commercial breaks. I also use it during the day in short spurts. It is definitely a workout! You immediately feel the burn in your arms and to be honest, I can’t jump more than 10 minutes at a time. That’s OK though, it just means I am really out of shape and need to keep jumping! Anyways, it’s a lot of fun actually and I love that I’m burning so many calories in such a short amount of time. You can do this ANYWHERE!

The Jump Snap retails for $59.95 and can be purchased from the company website.

What you get:
• LCD Display for Jumps, Calorie Counter, Timer, User Profile, Target Mode, Key Guard, Auto Shut-off
• 2 Ergonomically designed handles
• 3 insertable weights for each handle of 2.5 oz each
• 8-minute beginner and 12-minute intermediate workout DVD
• 16-minute JumpSnap Jam Session DVD
• Mesh travel bag
• 2 AAA Batteries

See My Husband Using the Jump Snap:

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