(VIDEO) Our New BFF! iRobot Scooba 450 Review


OK, so there’s a new member of the household that I’d like to introduce you too…it’s the iRobot Scooba! He is my new BFF. For real. You wanna know why? Scooba vacuums my floors AND washes them while I…do whatever I want to do. I can be out shopping while Scooba is doing the dirty work. I can watch a movie, read a book, play with the kids while someone or someTHING else is cleaning. Yeah, it really doesn’t get better than that, right?!

The Scooba hard at work cleaning the floors while hubby and I watch a movie

The Scooba hard at work cleaning the floors while hubby and I watch a movie

How The Scooba Works

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.52.37 PM

Mike aka “Jolly Dad” aka my husband put together a little video below that shows you exactly how Scooba works and the results that we get.

Our Thoughts

I have been eyeing both the iRobot Roomba and Scooba for years, but was skeptical about how well it worked. I am blown away by the power of the Scooba. Truly. We have a chocolate lab, Aries who sheds constantly. The Scooba vacuums up the floor including all of her fur and then washes it. No prep needed from me! We run it once per week now in the kitchen, family room, and our bedroom (the room our dog sleeps) and it has been such a timesaver. We are already saving up to buy the new Roomba, which vacuums carpets and hard surface floors (doesn’t wash) so that we can use it every day. I.can’t.even.imagine.

Scooba 450 will automatically sweep, wash, scrub and squeegee away dirt, grime and bacteria, neutralizing up to 98% of common household bacteria and leaving only clean floors behind.

Where To Purchase

The iRobot Scooba 450 retails for $599 and can be purchased online, Bed Bath & Beyond (use their 20% off coupon and get a great deal!), and other major retailers. For additional information, please visit iRobot.com.


  1. What a cool new friend!! Yeah I need both the scooba and irobot in my life like yesterday! Enjoy!

  2. It sounds great! I do wonder if it would clean too well and sweep up the boy’s random Legos laying around. I know someone that had one, and their dog was afraid of it. It was pretty funny. She would bark and go after the robot. They put her outside when they used it.