NEW by Tide: Tide Stain Savers!

Have you heard of Tide’s newest product called, Stain Savers? They are these nifty little patches that protect stains from being cleaned away in the wash! You know – for those memorable stains that you want to keep forever. Whether it is a stain that you got on the first date with your spouse or a peanut butter stain that resembles Elvis, some stains may actually be worth keeping.





Check out their new Stain Savers Informercial below…

OK, you caught me…there isn’t a Tide Stain Savers product LOL. The video is hilarious though! It is part of Tide’s newest campaign, “Save it! Or Wash it in Tide!” – and a prelude to Tide’s Super Bowl ad, which will air during the 3rd quarter of the big game on February 3rd. This year’s ad features a “stain worth keeping.” It also features both teams in the Super Bowl—the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers! So make sure to tune in to the big game this Sunday during the 3rd quarter to see Tide’s big ad!

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