Plan Toys Review and HUGE Giveaway!

If you’re a parent, you know how much children love to play pretend. Developmentally, it is important to encourage creativity and allow children to role play. Lucas loves to pretend “cook”, but I really don’t feel comfortable letting him play with some of the plastic pretend food on the market because of safety and because of the low quality of these plastic toys. A while back, I purchased a plastic food set. As soon as we opened the package, it became clear that the plastic fruit and vegetables and the thin cardboard pretend cans were not going to last more than a day-if that! So, they went right back to the store.

So, when the chance came around to try out some toys by an award winning, eco-friendly wooden toy company called Plan Toys, I was very excited. They sent me several play food sets and their gorgeous shopping cart! I received a wooden breakfast set, a veggie set, a food and beverage set, and a shopping cart. We were so excited to receive these toys! At first glance, I could tell Plan Toys were a much better quality than other wooden toys. Lucas has many wooden toys, but they are all a bit rough to the touch. Not these. All of the toys we received are smooth with rounded edges. The quality and realism of the pretend food items is amazing too! The breakfast set comes with a tray, two bread slices, cheese, a roll, sausage, bacon, a fried egg, a hard boiled egg that splits in half to reveal the yolk, and salt and pepper shakers that make the coolest rattling sound. The vegetables are adorable and have some felt and yarn details to add to the realism. The food and beverage set is awesome! Like I mentioned before, a lot of what you find in the stores is cardboard or plastic, which do not last! These are sturdy, quality pieces that can be passed down. The shopping cart is unlike anything in stores. It has an adjustable handle to grow with your child and a stopper in the back to prevent tipping. Let’s talk about how cool it LOOKS though! The cart is a sleek, modern design with a fabric basket. It’s gorgeous! Your child will LOVE “shopping” in style! The simplicity of Plan Toys is not an accident. They are purposefully simple to stimulate creativity and promote learning. They actually have child development experts help them design their toys to ensure that toys are educational and aid in the development of your child.

Plan Toys obviously make quality toys made to last, but safety is always on my mind given the recent discovery that children’s toys are not as safe as we thought they were. It is so important to know that you are buying your kids products from a company that actually cares about the safety your child. Plan Toys is definitely that type of company. They do not skip corners or take a chance when it comes to safety and quality. They are the type of company that does the right thing because it is the right thing to do not because of inspections or regulations. I read an article, which said that a while back,Plan Toys recalled a toy due to ONE report that a part had come dislodged on one of their toys. ONE report! Within an hour of the complaint, they stopped all production! Their toys are rigorously inspected to ensure that they meet world safety standards. They only use non-toxic paints and they use a formaldehyde free glue for their toys.

They are an environmentally and socially responsible company as well. They were the first wooden toy manufacturer to successfully use recycled rubber wood trees that were no longer able to produce a useful yield of latex after 25 years. All Plan Toys are made with clean, natural rubber wood. Instead of using the more economical and faster chemical treatment, Plan Toys uses the more time consuming preservative free kiln dry process to maintain the natural integrity of the wood. Plan Toys practices the “Three R’s” of green living: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. All of their packaging is recyclable, which reduces waste and they use soy and water based ink on their printed material because it is easier to recycle. Plan Toys is also a responsible global employer. They create more than 600 jobs in a village in Thailand and they have provided many opportunities for people with disabilities to work within Plan Toys.

Plan Toys makes wonderful toys that inspire imagination while being safe and built to last! This is a company you can feel good buying from and the toys are very affordable.

Plan Toys was extremely generous and has offered one really lucky Jolly Mom reader the opportunity to win ALL of the toys that I tried. You heard me right! One of you will win the breakfast food set, the vegetable set, the food and beverage set AND the super cool grocery cart! That’s over $100 in amazing toys for your little one! The picture below shows exactly what you will get.

This giveaway has ended.