PlanToys: Ecofriendly, Educational Toys You Can Feel Good About Buying! {Birthday Party Giveaway}

Another one of my favorite toy companies is PlanToys. Not only do they make beautiful, high quality toys that are safe for our kids, but you can feel proud to buy from them. At PlanToys, they do not skip corners or take chances when it comes to safety and quality. Their toys are rigorously inspected to ensure that they meet world safety standards. They only use non-toxic paints and they use a formaldehyde free glue for their toys. Not to mention that they are also an environmentally and socially responsible company.

All PlanToys are made with clean, natural rubber wood and they practice the “Three R’s” of green living: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. All of their packaging is recyclable, which reduces waste and they use soy and water based ink on their printed material because it is easier to recycle. Plan Toys is also a responsible global employer. They create more than 600 jobs in a village in Thailand and they have provided many opportunities for people with disabilities to work within PlanToys.

I’ve worked with PlanToys before–I loved them then and I love them today. I am very excited to have PlanToys back again for the Birthday Blog Party and to share with you one of their new, award-winning toys–the Eco Town Playset {pictured above and below}. The Eco Town comes with an eco home, eco train station, eco charging station, eco street accessories and eco play mat, all of which have been created to encourage clean energy playtime.

PlanToys generously sent Lucas an Eco Town for me to review and he loves it! It is one of his favorite toys and he will actually come and ask me to get it down from the closet so he can play with it. This happens on a daily basis and it keeps him actively engaged for over an hour at a time! Even mommy and daddy love joining in on the fun! He loves pushing the eco friendly train and cars around the playmat and positioning the little eco-conscious people all around the town. I love that through this Eco Town Playset, I am given the opportunity to teach Lucas about living an environmentally friendly life in a FUN way. This is a great set for both younger and older children–like Lucas, the younger kids will love to push the cars, train, and bikes around and the older kids can plan out their city!

We aren’t the only ones that love the Eco Town–it was recently bestowed the prestigious Oppenheim Gold Award and the Parents’ Choice Gold! Plan Toys offers so much variety as well. They have a huge toy selection and Plan Toys unveils many new educational toys each year. We LOVE them!

See the Eco Town in Action:

Want It: The Eco Town retails for $150 and can be purchased online at PlanToys USA.

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