Potty Training Tip #1: Throw a Potty Party!

OK, so for the last few weeks I have been in the potty training trenches. And I survived. I feel like a “real” parent now LOL. There were many moments that I thought, “my child will NEVER get it. He is destined for a lifetime of diapers.” I even broke down and cried one day. I made it though. And, so did Mike. More importantly, Lucas made it. He is now pretty much day time potty trained! I thought it would be helpful to share with you guys some of the things that Mike and I did that helped Lucas {and us} through the process–starting with a potty party!

I know, I know. LOL. I had heard of potty parties before and scoffed at how silly it all sounded. However, when it came time to potty train Lucas–I remembered the idea and KNEW that Lucas would not only totally go for it, but that he would LOVE it. The week before we were to begin potty training, I started telling Lucas about the big potty party he was going to have the following week. I told him that there would be cake and a few presents to celebrate the fact that he was a “big boy” now and ready to use the potty. It was funny because I would ask him if we was ready to start using the potty and he would answer with a resounding “NO”. I was nervous LOL. Anyhow, even though he didn’t seem very enthused about the graduation from diapers to the potty, he was VERY excited about a party.

Fast forward to potty training day. I woke up that morning before Lucas was up and set the “party” up. We decorated with balloons, streamers, set the table, and put candles on the cupcakes. Then it was time to wake up the guest of honor! Mike and I woke him up saying “Happy Big Boy Potty Day!” He literally gasped with excitement. We headed downstairs, ready to party! Seriously, guys–I wish that I had a good camera so that I could have gotten a non blurry picture of Lucas when he saw the breakfast room decorated for his party. He was soooooo excited. We asked him if he was ready to stop using diapers and start using the potty like a “big boy” and for the first time–he said “YES”.  We lit the candles on the cupcake and sang:

Happy Potty Day to you
Happy Potty Day to you
Happy Potty Day, dear Lucas
Happy Potty Day to you!

After a very “healthy” breakfast of chocolate cupcakes…

…it was time to open a present! We gave Lucas a new pack of Pixar characters underwear since he is a huge fan of Toy Story and CARS. They were a HIT! That was the perfect segue to taking his diaper off and putting on his new underwear. At this point, Lucas was a bit hesitant, but he did it! We also had him throw away ALL of his diapers into the trash can and tell his diapers, “Bye Bye Diapers! No More Diapers!”

The Potty Party really was a huge hit for Lucas and I think it was a fun and positive way to begin the potty training process. Using the potty can be scary for kids–it is the unknown. Something like a potty party helps build excitement and turns using the potty into something to look forward to rather than be scared of.