PottyMD: The Ultimate Potty Training Resource! Potty Monkey Review and Giveaway!

The first step in potty training is definitely helping your child understand what the potty is so that they are more comfortable with the whole potty training process. It seems easy, but I was a bit confused as to how exactly I should do prepare Lucas for potty training. One day while searching the web for ideas, I ran across what I think is one of the best potty training resources on the web: PottyMD. PottyMD is the ONLY physician-based resource for parents, physicians, and families with concerns about all aspects of urinary and bowel problems in children. Not only do they sell really innovative and useful potty training products, but they also give parents much-needed information on potty training and help with potty problems such as bedwetting and others.

PottyMD very generously sent me the Potty Monkey for me to review. The Potty Monkey is a complete potty training system developed by Dr. Preston Smith, a pediatric urologist and potty expert. The system comes with a cute potty training monkey that has his own diapers and big Monkey underwear, a flushing toy toilet, “Monkey Learns to Potty” board book for kids, and “The Potty Trainer”, a top-selling 80-page parent’s book about toilet training, written by Dr. Preston Smith.

The Potty Monkey is a really great potty training system. It basically works by having children teach the monkey how to use the potty! In the process, children learn how to use the potty themselves! Here’s how it works: The Potty Monkey doll has a built in timer that you can set to go off every 30 minutes or 90 minutes. When the timer goes off, the monkey will remind your child to go potty by saying, “I want to go potty. Let’s go potty.” and “I really need to go! C’mon let’s go potty!” So, your child learns to take the monkey to the potty and himself too. When you sit the monkey on his little toilet, the monkey sings songs and talks. The toilet even makes real flushing sounds! The Potty Monkey is really adorable and tastefully done. The “Monkey Learns to Potty” board book is also very cute and a great way to reinforce the idea of potty training with kids.

See The Potty Monkey In Action:

The “Potty Trainer” book for parents is AWESOME! I have to say that I love Dr. Smith’s advice and philosophy. Many doctors have very rigid ideas on when and how to potty train, but Dr. Smith is very non-pressuring and basically tells you that you should go with your gut and not someone else’s ideas. Dr. Preston also explains many potty training methods so that you can choose the one that you and your child are most comfortable with.

Overall, I think the Potty Monkey is an awesome potty training system! It really is the total package! PottyMD also offers many more potty training products like vibrating alarm watches, bedwetting alarms, waterproof matress pads, and much more. The PottyMD website is also a very useful website for any parent that is beginning the potty training journey with their children.

Want It: The Potty Monkey Potty Training System can be purchased online at PottyMD and retails for $25!

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