ReliOn Temple Touch Thermometer Review {Giveaway}

That time of the year is almost here again. Colds, the flu, and fevers. Kids especially get sick so often during the Fall and Winter and it’s so important to know if they have a fever or not. But, you know what it’s like taking a child’s temperature in the middle of the night? Not fun at all. Not only are most kids not very happy or cooperative {can you blame them?!}, but it breaks my heart as a mom to have to wake Lucas up when he’s sick. Even a temporal scanner thermometer can sometimes wake a child up. That’s why I am thrilled to introduce you to a NEW temporal thermometer by ReliOn called the Temple Touch.

Thanks to MomSelect, I had the opportunity to try out the Temple Touch Thermometer and I must say that I am very impressed with it. First of all, it is so easy to use. You just touch the thermometer to your child’s temple area and within seconds {6 seconds according to the website} you have the result. The best part is that you do not have to wake your child when doing this! Obviously, it is non-invasive, but it is also so gentle that a child will definitely sleep right through it! To top it off, the Temple Touch Thermometer is extremely affordable at only $9.94! Can you even believe that price?!

How does it work? {from the website}
The ReliOn Temple Thermometer utilizes R.A.T.E. Technology that measures the heat radiating from the body and produces a clinically accurate measurement of the core body temperature. Unlike other forehead-type thermometers, the ReliOn Temple Touch Thermometer is unaffected by local ambient conditions, resulting in more accurate readings.

Want It. The Temple Touch Thermometer retails for $9.94 and can be purchased at Walmart and Sams Club.

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