Sandra Magsamen Debuts Two New Books: My Little Monkey & Little Bear Hugs {Giveaway–2 winners}

We love Sandra Magsamen books at my house so I was very excited to hear about two new books in her new award-winning Snuggle-Me Stories series–Little Bear Hugs and My Little Monkey. I was sent both of these books to review and they are just adorable! Each board book comes with a soft, little lovey for babies. My Little Monkey features a small fleece blanket with an attached plush monkey and Little Bear Hugs comes with a teddy bear. Of course, like all Sandra Magsamen books–the stories themselves are so sweet and endearing. Not to mention that they make lovely gifts for a new baby, baby shower, or even as a stocking stuffer for Christmas!

About Sandra Magsamen:
Sandra Magsamen is an artist, mom, author of Living Artfully and creator of the Messages From the Heart brand. She designs gifts and ideas that encourage us to live with heart. Sandra Magsamen lives artfully with her family in the Maryland town in which she grew up. Please visit her online at

Learn More About Sandra Magsamen:

Want It: Both new books can be purchased at major retailers or on for $8.99.

This contest is closed. Congratulations to the winners, kngmckellar and delilah0180!


  1. I love Little Blossom.

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  6. She created a collection of pottery for her newborn daughter as af igt of life lessons – and this became the essence of her life work and 'Messages from the Heart' was born.

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  8. Sandra Magsamen is an art therapist!

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  11. the signs are nice

  12. She is an art therapist.

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  16. Sandra founded her handmade gift company, Table Tiles, Inc. in 1991.

  17. Wow, I learned that Sandra has published 35 books. Awesome! seehorce(at)yahoo(dot)com

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  19. Sandra is also an art therapist.
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  20. On her website I found Sandra's Store where she sells cute Ceramic Placques with your etch message and beaded hangers. Thanks!

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  23. I really like the soft book Baby love with flaps that you could set up on the floor for really little babieS!

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  25. I relaly love the ceramic plaques.
    They are all so cute!!

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  28. I visited Sandra's website and blog. She made the NY Post and is in a JC Penny's add on an upcoming appearance there!

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  31. She has published 35 books over the past 12 years.

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  34. oh her line originted with making things for her daughter! i love it!

  35. I learned that Sandra is the President of the board for the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

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  38. I learned that she's published 35 books- impressive!

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  40. She also has some great ceramic plaques.

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  42. My son has the Baby Love book – it was great for when he was younger, teething and chewing on everything! I'd love to see more of Sandra's books. Thanks!

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  44. I read she is an art therapist which is really cool


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  47. I learned that Sandra participates in many charitable causes including helping children in Africa with HIV


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  49. Sandra is the President of the board for the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

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  52. Sandra has worked as an art therapist.

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  54. Messages Form the Heart Baby debut in JAnuary 2008.

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  56. She has published 35 books. Wow!

  57. Sandra Magsmen is an art therapist.

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  60. I like the “No one listens, loves and understands like my sister” plaque! So cute…would make a great gift for my sister. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

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  64. see also sells plaques

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  66. Sandra Magsamen plaque sales have topped millions and every minute, four messages from the heart gifts are sold!!

  67. We love her books and she has published 35 of them! Thanks for the chance.

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  70. I love her custom wedding plaques and also that they make mugs!

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  72. i learned that sandra debuted her messages from the heart line at jc penney in january 2008

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  75. In Jan 2008 Sandra debuted the launch of messages from the heart baby at JC Penneys-a new infant lifestyle brand

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  76. Sandra has working with many extraordinary people including, Alzeheimer's patients, deaf children, criminally insane men, and troubled adolescents.

  77. I love the quote on her site in the living artfully section that says “Many people today are looking outside themselves for well-being and happiness when what they're searching for has been inside them all along.” I agree – thanks for the chance! alicedemskehansen at

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  80. Sandra worked as an art therapist!


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  82. Sandra worked as an art therapist with a variety of people including the criminally insane and Alzheimer's patients.

    I also love her Love Bug book!

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  85. I also like this book;Love Bug In Love Bug, babies and loved ones will read and play along with the sweet rhyming story, which delivers heartfelt sentiments of love.


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  89. She has published 35 books!

  90. Sandra has lines at Wal*Mart and JC Penney. I'm interested in checking out the Wishes & Kisses line at Wal*Mart!

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  91. You can find some of her products at Walmart and JC Penney stores.

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  93. I didn't realize that she had a whole line of products like candles, bears, angels and mugs at walmart. They are seriously cute!

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    she makes christmas cards and ornaments

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  97. Sandra Magsamen is the President of the Board for the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and works with may non-profit and charitable organizations.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

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  101. I learned that Sandra has products at Walmart and many items priced under $10.

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  106. I learned that Sandra has been making products for over 20 years!


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  110. Wow, she personalizes them!!!!

  111. i did not know she has the Wishes & Kisses line at Walmart! i'm not usually a fan of Walmart clothes, but that stuff is SO CUTE!

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  113. I learned that Sandra was an art therapist.

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  115. I learned that she launched Messages From the Heart at JC Penny in 2008

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  117. I didn't even realize Sandra wrote books! I have a few of her super sweet ceramic plaques for Christmas and one that's good for all winter. Those are my favorite products by her.

  118. She has sold over 300,000 copies of her inspirational gift books
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    She has worked with Alzheimer's patients and deaf children, watching them express themselves in creative ways.

  121. Sandra's Wishes & Kisses brand debuted nationwide at Wal-Mart in 2008!! I love the Wishes & Kisses brand!


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  131. Sandra has published over 30 books

  132. I learned that Sandra used to be an art therapist.

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  135. Sandra's products have been warmly embraced for 20years.

  136. Sandra is also an art therapist.

  137. I find it fascinating that she's an art therapist! I love the wall plaques. Thanks! utgal2004[at]yahoo[dot]com

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  139. Over the last 12 years she has written 35 books
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  141. I learned that She created a collection of pottery for her newborn daughter.

  142. I learned that Sandra is an art therapist!

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  144. Sandra has worked with Alzheimer's patients, deaf children, criminally insane men and troubled adolescents…wow!

  145. She is located in Glen Arm, MD

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    She has worked as an art therapist.

  149. She has a book called Living Artfully. Thanks!

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  150. She has a new line that includes plaques, candles, angels and teddy bears.

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  152. Published 35 books over the past 12 years.

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  154. She is an art therapist (way cool I think)

  155. I learned she has published 35 books over the last 12 years

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  163. She is an art therapist

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  167. Sandra Magsamen is an art therapist! Thanks for the chance.


  168. Sandra Magsamen hosted Tori Spelling's baby shower in May 2008! trixpixel(at)

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  170. I learned that Sandra Magsamen's products have been warmly embraced for 20 years worldwide.

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  172. Little Blossom is cute.

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