Space-Saving Storage Solution for Your Stroller: StrollAway Review

What is it about babies and kids that they need so much stuff?! Diapers, wipes, carriers, car seats, highchairs, toys, toys, toys, strollers…and much, much more. It doesn’t stop until the stuff has overtaken your home! It really is overwhelming for every parent no matter the size of their home! One mom, Mary Ann Schwanewede of Metro Tots, couldn’t take it anymore and came up with her own storage solution for the large and very bulky stroller. It’s called the Stroll-Away and it is ingenious, practical, and a must-have!

About the Stroll-Away (from the website):
The Stroll-Away is an over the door storage system for most brands or models of foldable strollers. Made of durable steel and adjustable to 9 different positions, it is the first and only storage solution for bulky strollers. Wall mount (for the garage) and multi stroller rack system coming soon!

I was sent the Stroll-Away to review and it definitely falls into the “why didn’t I think of that?” category. I mean, every mom has a stroller, but where do you put it? Not to mention, that strollers are like cars-they keep getting bigger and bigger. Seriously, one of my strollers could go off-roading with its huge treaded, air-filled tires! The Stroll-Away couldn’t be easier to use either. You just hang it over the door and you are in business! I have three strollers and it holds all of them without a problem. The Stroll-Away is great for all parents, but for those of you living in small spaces–it is a must-have!

Want It: The Stroll-Away can be ordered online at Metro Tots and retails for $49.99.