Revolutionary Air Purification Developed by NASA: Airocide Air Purifier Review #samp

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that Lucas has asthma and allergies. He’s allergic to pollen, dust mites, pet hair, and more. He has extremely sensitive skin and will break out in hives for the smallest of allergic interactions. Living in Georgia where the pollen gets really bad in the Spring and Summer, it is difficult to keep Lucas feeling good. He is literally sneezing and coughing all the time, which is really hard on a kid who is sport-obsessed and loves to play baseball, soccer, basketball and just be a boy. We manage it with allergy medicine, breathing treatments, and also making sure the air he breathes inside of the house is as clean as possible – especially in his room where he sleeps. An air purifier is a must for us. However, considering that according to the EPA – the air inside the home is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoors – I’d say that an air purifier is a must for everyone. We recently got the opportunity to test out the Airocide Air Purifier and it is AMAZING. Why? Because it works and has years of results to back it up.


The Airocide Air Purifier eliminates the following from the air:

  • Clears the air of virtually 100% of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) – the harmful gasses emitted by products you have around your home, like aerosol sprays, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, hobby supplies, dry-cleaned clothing, building materials, paints and paint thinners, strippers, pesticides and even air fresheners.
  • Eliminates all mold, fungi, viruses and bacteria (all major causes of allergy symptoms) that enter the chamber. All that exits is clear, crisp air.

The Airocide Air Purifier is different from any other purifier we’ve used before because it is NOT a filter. That means there aren’t any filters to clean or replace, which is a real pain to remember to do. Lucas’ previous air purifier, we had to clean the filter on a monthly basis. Plus, it made all sorts of sounds any time a particle got stuck in the filter – a kind of zapping sound. Not only was it annoying, but when Lucas was younger – the sound scared him and we’d end up having to turn it off. With the Airocide, all you have to do is remember to replace the chamber once per year. And, it doesn’t make any zapping sounds. LOVE.

How It Works:

Airocide draws in harmful airborne pathogens and forces them into a densely packed matrix of highly reactive catalysts that are activated by a high intensity 254-nanometer light. The reaction destroys these harmful pathogens on contact. Nothing is captured so there is nothing to clean. All that exits is crisp, clear air, with zero ozone emissions.

The Airocide technology is FDA approved and was actually developed by NASA. They needed to eliminate ethylene gas so NASA engineers and the University of Wisconsin partnered up to find a solution. The result was the Airocide technology. As a result, now food packers, florists and grocery chains have been using Airocide since 1998 to extend the shelf life of flowers, fruits and vegetables (as much as ten days) by eliminating the ethylene gas trapped in storage facilities and refrigerators.

In 2003 Airocide was introduced into hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, dental offices and daycare centers to help stop the spread of infectious disease. Further studies consistently demonstrate dramatic reductions in mold and bacteria counts.

Proven Results

The Airocide technology is backed by 12 years of scientific testing in the United States, field use on the Space Station, lab studies and case studies. You can read about them more in detail HERE.

Snapshot of Results:

  • Surgery – average results 73% reduction in bacteria and mold
  • Office – average results 72% reduction in bacteria and mold
  • Households – average results 75% reduction in bacteria and mold
  • Childcare Center – average results 60% reduction in bacteria and mold
  • Dental Private Practices – average results 81% reduction in bacteria and mold

Now, this same technology is available for residential use with the Airocide Air Purifier. We’ve been testing out the Airocide for a couple of months now and we can honestly say that we see a big improvement in Lucas. He has been sniffling and coughing less when he sleeps…even now that pollen season is in full force in Georgia. The air in his room feels cleaner if that makes any sense. I can actually notice a difference in the air from his room to the other rooms in the house.

Another great thing about the Airocide? It looks pretty darn cool too. I mean…just look at it…



You don’t expect an air purifier to look this good, but the Airocide is a perfect example for form meeting function. Here it is in Lucas’ room…very sleek and modern…




Airocide Technology



The Airocide is priced at $799 so it’s definitely an investment, but it’s an investment into your family’s health and that is totally worth it. You can try the Airocide risk-free for 60 days though so there’s really nothing to lose.



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