Simple & Cute Ways to Package Goods for a Bake Sale

Now that it’s officially fall and schools are in full swing, there will surely be a bake sale or two in your near future! We actually had one right at the beginning of the school year and it was such a great way to help Lucas’ class raise money. I made caramel popcorn with chocolate drizzle and red velvet cupcakes. Both were a hit! I have to admit that I had a lot of fun coming up with a cute way to package them up. Who would have thought that simple, clear plastic cups would do the trick?

Bake Sale Packaging-16

The popcorn was packaged using large clear disposable cups, a paper napkin, rubberband, and label. All you do is fill the cup with popcorn or whatever you’d like. Cookies, truffles, or even brownies cut into small squares would be perfect! Top with a paper napkin (luncheon size) and secure with a rubberband or ribbon. I also hot glued a label to the top.

Bake Sale Packaging-3


Bake Sale Packaging-4

Bake Sale Packaging-9


Bake Sale Packaging-10

I packaged the cupcakes in a 9 oz clear disposable cup. I just dropped the cupcake right into the cup. Then, I placed the cup with cupcake in a cellophane bag, attached a disposable spoon and label, and secured with a coordinating ribbon. So cute! Plus, it’s super convenient and mess-free because people can eat the cupcake right from the cup.

Bake Sale Packaging-1


Bake Sale Packaging-5


Bake Sale Packaging-18


I’ll be sharing both the caramel popcorn and red velvet cupcakes recipes in the coming weeks so stay tuned!