Mom Tip #3: Family Scheduling Tips


Lucas’ chore chart

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One of the most difficult parts of being a parent is juggling everything. By everything I mean the usual suspects. For us, that is sports (baseball and karate), being a team mom, hubby is the t-ball coach, school drop offs and pick ups, being a business owner, breakfast, packing lunches, cooking dinner, and so on. You know the drill. Organization is the key to keeping it all together…as much as possible, at least.

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Lucas on his way to a baseball game

Today, I want to share some of our go-to family organization tips. Hope that they help your family too!

Mom Tip General-3

1. Plan your week ahead of time. Both Mike and I sit down every Sunday and talk about the upcoming week. We figure out who will be doing drop-offs and pick-ups, appointments, sports schedules, work schedules, etc. This helps our week run smoother because we work as a team and ensures that our week runs smoother. We then take our schedule and post it on the refrigerator. Yes, we also have it in our phones, but it helps when we can reference it throughout the day and the entire family can look at it too.

2. Get help. Whether it’s sharing carpool duties with another parent at your child’s school or enlisting your teen to help mow the grass or your preschooler to help load the dishwasher. At our house, Lucas has his own chore chart that we update with responsibilities weekly. The point is – don’t try to do it alone!

3. Make a menu. Plan breakfasts, lunches, and dinners ahead of time. Write it down and place it where it will be visible and top of mind (like on the refrigerator). This makes breakfasts easy and quick to prepare because I don’t have to scan my brain for ideas. Lunches are

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easy to pack because again – it’s already thought out for me. It’s especially helpful for dinners because I know when to pull out the chicken to thaw or what can be prepped ahead of time to ensure that dinner is on the table. I can also plan easier dinners for sports nights or nights when I may have to work later than usual.

4. Do as much as you can the night before. Pack lunches, lay out clothes, prep breakfast, make sure ingredients for the next night’s dinner are thawed, pack sports bags, etc.

5. Don’t be afraid to let things go. What I mean is that oftentimes, we over schedule ourselves and our children. If you feel like your schedule is out of control then it may be time to drop or pause a few activities for a while. For example, now that Spring baseball season has started, Lucas has 3-4 baseball activities per week (including practices and games). I could see that between school, baseball, and karate (which is twice per wee), Lucas was getting burned out (as were we). As a result, we decided to pause karate until the summer when baseball is over. Now, we have freed up some time to…just breathe.

6. Schedule in some down time. Our schedules are way too hectic these days! We need to have time to unwind, relax, and bond as a family. So whether it’s planning a movie night, game night or going on a walk at the park – plan some downtime.

Goofing off at the park during some much-needed downtime after school

Goofing off at the park during some much-needed downtime after school



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What are your family scheduling tips?