Radio Control Heli Beast Giveaway


Lucas loves all things RC and was super excited when we received the Heli Beast from Silverlit to test out. It’s basically a remote control helicopter that walks and really flies. The boys (Lucas and Mike) had a lot of fun testing it out as you can see from the video below!

The one area that they had trouble with was the landing. As you can see in the video that part did not go as smoothly. This could be an issue with the Heli Beast or it could be a user issue LOL. We haven’t quite figured that out yet, but they are having lots of fun practicing! Plus, even though it’s gone through some rough landings – our Heli Beast is still going strong so it’s definitely a durable toy. One thing that I love is that it comes with a charger so you don’t go through a ton of batteries.

About the Heli Beast from Silverlit:

Includes beast gear for realistic walking action. Launch your Heli with the touch of a button on the remote. Special Propeller system with auto stabilization technology. Precision speed control for a smooth flying experience. Easy to recharge through transmitter. $39.99. Available at Hammacher now and in the fall.


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