Boston Market 35 Ways in 35 Days – Week 5 Update! #BostonMarket

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As you guys know, my family and I have been trying out Boston Market’s “35 Ways in 35 Days” menu for the past five weeks. These are a selection of meals that have 550 calories or less. Keep in mind that they actually have over a hundred menu items that are 550 calories or less though!

Without further ado…here are the final twelve meals that we tried. And, yes! We tried all 35 meals! Someone has to do it, right?!

Boston Market Week 5

1. Turkey (Regular Portion) w/ Sweet Corn & Fresh Steam Vegetables: 400 Calories

2. Three Piece Dark (Skinless, 2 Drumsticks, 1 Thigh) w/ Fresh Steamed Vegetables & Green Beans: 450 Calories

3. Turkey (Regular Portion) w/ Garlic Dill New Potatoes, Fresh Steam Vegetables, & Cornbread: 540 Calories

4. Quarter White w/ Garlic Dill New Potatoes & Fresh Steamed Vegetables: 500 Calories

5. Quarter White (Skinless) w/ Sweat Corn & Green Beans: 430 Calories

6. Quarter White (Skinless) w/ Fresh Steamed Vegetables & Caesar Side Salad: 510 Calories

7. Turkey (Regular Portion) w/ Green Beans & Mashed Potatoes w/ Poultry Gravy: 540 Calories

8. Quarter White (Skinless) w/ Garlic Dill New Potatoes & Caesar Side Salad: 530 Calories

9. Quarter Dark w/ Fresh Steam Vegetables & Green Beans: 480 Calories

10. Turkey (Regular Portion) w/ Garlic Dill New Potatoes & Sweet Corn: 420 Calories

11. Quarter White w/ Sweet Corn & Green Beans: 530 Calories

12. Turkey (Large Portion) w/ Fresh Steam Vegetables & Green Beans: 450 Calories

Our Final Thoughts on Boston Market’s Low-Calorie Meals

OK, so after trying all of the 35 meals – our favorites are:

  • Turkey – their turkey is FABULOUS.
  • Garlic Dill Potatoes – these are delicious and the addition of the dill is spot on.
  • Mashed Potatoes – comfort food in a low-cal meal? Enough said.
  • Chicken – So good and feels homemade.
  • Green Beans – Fresh and delicious!

Our Final Thoughts on Boston Market

We never actually ate at the restaurant. Instead we brought the meals home to eat. However, the restaurant itself was always welcoming and customer service was great!






While we wouldn’t normally eat at any restaurant this many times over a period of five weeks, this has been a wonderful experience for us. I love that we’ve found Boston Market for many reasons, including…

1. We’re busy (what family isn’t!) and are always on the hunt for convenience meals that are healthy.
2. We like homemade meals and Boston Market is warm, comforting and tastes homemade!
3. We (Mike and I) are on a quest to lose weight and the fact that these meals are 550 calories or less has been awesome. Both Mike and I have each lost over 10 pounds in the past month!

Make sure to follow Boston Market on Facebook and visit for additional meal ideas, nutritional information, and print the “35 Ways in 35 Days” calendar.

Boston Market 35 Ways in 35 Days – Week 4 Update! #BostonMarket

It’s hard to believe that we are already in Week 4 of our “35 Ways in 35 Days” Boston Market Challenge! This week has been one of those weeks. Everyone except Mike is sick. I am sick. Baby Amelia is sick. And, yesterday…Lucas got sick too. He has bronchitis and an ear infection – poor kiddo! Work has been crazy too – meaning that I’ve had to work late nights to get everything done. All of this means LESS TIME. Less time to do anything including cooking dinner. Boston Market has been a real life and time saver for us this week! Below are the meals that we tried out…

Meal #13: Quarter White, Garlic Dill Potatoes and Green Beans: 510 Calories


Meal #14: Quarter White, Garlic Dill Potatoes and Fresh Steamed Vegetables: 440 Calories


Meal #15: Turkey, Green Beans and Caesar Side Salad: 500 Calories


Meal #16: Cup of Chicken Noodle Soup and Caesar Side Salad: 440 Calories


Meal #17: Boneless Chicken Breast, Mac & Cheese and Fresh Steamed Vegetables: 540 Calories


Meal #18: Turkey Breast, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy and Green Beans: 500 Calories


Meal #19: 3 Piece Dark, Sweet Corn and Fresh Steamed Vegetables: 540 Calories


Meal #20: Turkey, Creamed Spinach and Fresh Steamed Vegetables: 540 Calories



After trying the dishes above, there were a few dishes that really stood out. The Boneless Chicken Breast, Mac & Cheese and Fresh Steamed Vegetables Market Bowl was really good. I mean…it had Mac & Cheese. Enough said, right? No really, the Mac & Cheese was really good – creamy and cheesy and flavorful – felt very indulgent while still being low calorie! The chicken noodle soup tasted homemade – really warm and comforting with all of

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this polar vortex business going on LOL. I’m still having a love affair with Boston Market turkey – it is my favorite! The only two that I would probably skip in the future – the caesar side salad and creamed spinach. Everything else was delicious!

Tune in next week as we try out the last of the “35 Ways in 35 Days” meal options! In the meantime, follow Boston Market on Facebook and make sure to visit for additional meal ideas, nutritional information, and you can even print the “35 Ways in 35 Days” calendar.


Boston Market 35 Ways in 35 Days – Week 2 Update! #BostonMarket

Disclosure 1

As you guys know, we’re on a mission to try all 35 ways – or meal combinations under 550 calories – at Boston Market over the next several weeks. So far? We have tried eleven meals. Eleven delicious, satisfying meals. Eleven quick, convenient, perfect for busy weeknights when you don’t want or have time to cook dinner. The best part is that this is food that you can feel great about feeding your family! We’ve been loving it!


I love that Boston Market rotisserie chickens are sourced locally and then slow roasted. Plus, they put chickens on the rotisserie every hour so that they are ALWAYS fresh. I especially love that Boston Market has made a real commitment to helping people meet their health and nutrition goals. Check it out!

  • Boston Market offers more than 100 combinations of meals 550 calories or less.
  • Boston Market is a member of KIDS LIVEWELL – KIDS LIVEWELL choices emphasize lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy and meet stringent nutritional criteria.
  • In October 2010, as part of an overall initiative to provide healthier options for guests, Boston Market began a rollout of several enhancements, including reducing sodium in Boston Market’s signature rotisserie chicken by 20 percent and in their poultry gravy by 50 percent.
  • In 2012, they removed salt shakers from the tables in all their locations, which marked another important initiative: they committed to reducing sodium levels in all of our signature items by 20 percent.
  • An interactive Nutrition Calculator allows guests to custom-build Boston Market meals online and obtain their nutritional values.
  • An Allergen Menu feature helps guests with dietary restrictions (such as gluten intolerance) identify the menu items they can eat.

Without further ado, here are the meals that we tried this week!

Meal #8: Quarter White Chicken, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy & Fresh Steamed Vegetables: 550 Calories

Meal 8b

Meal #9: Turkey Breast with Steamed Vegetables & Garlic Dill New Potatoes Market Bowl: 380 Calories

Meal 9

Meal #10: Turkey with Sweet Corn and Garlic Dill New Potatoes: 500 Calories

Meal 10

Meal #11: Mediterranean Salad with Rotisserie Chicken: 550 Calories

Meal 12

All of the meals that we had this week were good, but my personal favorite were the two turkey meals. O-M-G. Seriously, the turkey breast at Boston Market is so beyond good. It is moist and flavorful and…I just wanted to keep eating more of it LOL! I may or may not have stolen turkey from Mike’s plate! This was the first time that we tried their fresh steamed veggies and they were perfectly cooked. You know how steamed veggies at restaurants are usually soggy and tasteless? Not so at Boston Market. These were perfect!

Tune in next week as we continue trying the “35 Ways in 35 Days” meal options! In the meantime, follow Boston Market on Facebook and make sure to visit for additional meal ideas, nutritional information, and you can even print the “35 Ways in 35 Days” calendar.


Family Meals Under 550 Calories – 35 Ways To Eat Right In The New Year

Disclosure 1

Yesterday I posted about our new year’s resolutions for 2014 and how I plan on keeping them. I think that one of the most important tips I shared is #6 (see below).

Tip #6

Anticipate obstacles. This is a big one. You need to figure out what normal, everyday occurrences are going to get in the way of you sticking to your resolutions and figure out solutions ahead of time. And, notice that I said ARE GOING because the reality is that life is full of curveballs.

For us, one of our biggest obstacles to most of our resolutions is that we’re busy. I know that you can relate because this is a problem that all families face. We are busy with work, carpool, sports practice, homework, life…the list goes on and on. All of these things are constantly throwing curve balls at us. For example, one of our resolutions is to eat healthy, but on a busy weeknight – this can be a huge challenge. I mean, seriously – trying to figure out how to get dinner on the table on Lucas’ karate nights is crazy. And, forget about it when T-Ball starts back up!


This is the perfect storm of events that can derail us from eating healthy. Because what is the typical solution to not having enough time to cook dinner? Fast food. And, we all know that while fast food might be convenient – it usually equals junk food loaded with lots of calories and generally unhealthy stuff.

This is exactly why I am so excited to partner with Boston Market over the next several weeks to try out their “35 Ways in 35 Days” meal options. So, what is “35 Ways in 35 Days”? They are 35 meal options at Boston Market that are UNDER 550 calories. These are just the ones they are featuring over the next few weeks, because they actually have over 100 meal combinations that are under 550 calories. That is pretty impressive! You can see all 35 meal options HERE. What’s great is that these meal options are not only low-calorie, but it’s REAL FOOD. Rotisserie chicken, turkey, veggies – food that you can feel good about eating. While convenient, this is definitely not your typical “fast food”.

photo 2-2

Over the next five weeks, my family and I will be trying out all 35 ways and reporting back to you. We’ll let you know our thoughts on all of the meals plus share more info about Boston Market. We actually started this week and so far have tried seven of the meals so far. The first night was Lucas’ karate night so we decided to reduce our stress that night and eat Boston Market.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.32.43 AM

Mike took Lucas to karate and picked up the food on their way home. I transferred the meals to real plates and we had a healthy family meal at the dinner table.

Boston Market - 4


Here’s what we had…

Meal #1: 3 Piece Dark (without skin), Garlic Dill New Potatoes, and Sweet Corn: 500 Calories

Boston Market - 1

Meal #2: 1/4 White Chicken (with skin), Garlic Dill New Potatoes, and Sweet Corn: 540 Calories

Boston Market - 2

Meal #3: Boneless Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Corn & Gravy Market Bowl: 500 Calories

Boston Market - 3

Our thoughts after our first meal? Delicious. Truly. It really felt like we were eating a home cooked meal. The rotisserie chicken is amazing – so juicy and flavorful. The Garlic Dill New Potatoes are probably one of my favorite sides so far. They are comfort food, but without all of the calories.

Then, on Wednesday evening we had planned on going for a family walk at the park. We were supposed to go early (by 4pm) so that we could get back in time to cook and eat dinner. Unfortunately, work got in the way and we weren’t able to head to the park until 5:30pm. We almost canceled our walk due to dinner, but then decided that we would eat Boston Market instead. It was great – we got to spend some quality family time together and stick one of our family resolutions of being more active…


and, Amelia got to have her first swing ride!


Here are the meals we tried…

Meal #4: BBQ Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Corn Market Bowl: 540 Calories

Boston Market - 8

The Market Bowls with mashed potatoes are Mike’s favorite! These are very filling and satisfying – so much so that it is hard to believe that they are low in calories. Delish!

Meal #5: Chicken Caesar Salad: 440 Calories

Boston Market - 7

Meal #6: Southwest Santa Fe Salad with Rotisserie Chicken: 530 Calories

Boston Market - 6

BOTH of the salads were very fresh. The portions were huge so both made excellent meal choices for dinner. Out of the two – the Southwest Santa Fe Salad was our favorite though. It has so many goodies like fire-roasted corn, poblano pepper and black bean relish, tomatoes, onions, tortilla strips, shredded cheddar and chipotle cheddar dressing. Believe it or not, this was Lucas’ dinner and he picked it and LOVED it!

Meal #7: Mediterranean Chicken Carver on Multigrain Artisan Roll (no dressing): 490 Calories

Boston Market - 5

I had the sandwich for dinner and it was outstanding. It was also filled with yummy ingredients like cucumbers, tomato, feta cheese, and rotisserie chicken. Honestly, the fact that Boston Market uses rotisserie chicken in their salads and sandwiches takes their food up a notch!

Tune in next week as we continue trying the “35 Ways in 35 Days” meal options! In the meantime, please visit for additional meal ideas, nutritional information, and you can even print the “35 Ways in 35 Days” calendar.