The buti-bag company: Where Fashion Meets Function! Review, Coupon Code & Giveaway!

One of the two most important aspects to keeping your sanity as a mom is organization and practicality…oh…and a little fashion never hurts either. That’s why I am totally in love with the buti-bag company. where fashion and function meet so beautifully in the middle! All buti-bag company products are designed by a mom FOR moms.

About buti-bag company (from the website):
The idea for the buti-bag company was started by Nicole Williams, now a WAHM (“work-at-home mom”) to a fiesty toddler. Just like many moms, her ideas come from needing or wanting something specific not available in the marketplace. The buti-bag company’s first design brought to market, the PATENT PENDING bundle, was created after Nicole just couldn’t find anything she liked.

The buti-bag company sent me The Bundle {original} in the Eastover Chocolate Blue pattern for me to review and it is awesome! The Bundle is a rollable EVERYTHING bag. It has multiple interior pockets perfect for storing baby and toddler supplies like diapers, wipes, and a changing pad. It also has a soft water-repellent lining and a removable handle. The entire thing rolls up nice and compact so you can throw it into a big diaper bag or purse or use the clip to attach it to the outside of your bag or stroller. It’s perfect for moms of older kids who just don’t need a diaper bag anymore or any mom who wants to keep her diaper bag organized.

The Bundle is hands down one of my favorite non-baby, baby products! Why non-baby? Well, the great thing about The Bundle is that it is NOT just for moms. Any woman would LOVE it! You can use it for everything and anything. Use it as a first aid kit, cosmetics bag, teen lockers, travel/toiletries…anything! And, did I mention that it comes in a large variety of styles that any woman would drool over? Totally fashionable, functional, and versatile. A must-have!

The buti-bag company has an awesome line up of chic and modern accessories for women and babies. You’ll find everything from multi-functional grocery cart covers, cuddly baby blankets, wipes cases that actually keep wipes moist, to stylish key wristlets and the new Bundle{baby}. The buti-bag company is definitely a place you should check out! SPECIAL OFFER! Enter coupon code spring20 for 20% off your buti-bag company order!

This contest is closed. Congratulations to the winner, Rajee! Winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to contact me.


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