The InGenuity Collection by Bright Starts {Review & HUGE Giveaway}

When I was shopping for baby gear, there are a few things I looked for:

  • Neutral, non-baby colors that fit with my home.
  • Products that served as multi-taskers.
  • Comfort, safety, and quality.

Those are the things that I tried my hardest not to deviate from. That’s why I didn’t buy a bassinet. I bought a playard with a bassinet feature instead. Lucas slept in his playard right by my bed for the first 6 months of his life. We saved money and space by not buying both. It worked out really well, but there were a few things I wished that I could improve about Lucas’ playard. The mattress pad couldn’t be inclined and it was cumbersome to fold up when the bassinet feature was in use.  When Bright Starts introduced me to their new InGenuity Playard, I realized that they had created what I would consider to be the “perfect playard”!

First things first, the InGenuity Playard is gorgeous! I absolutely love the neutral, calming colors and design. It will seamlessly fit with any home decor. Beautiful. The fabric itself is soft and comfortable and the mattress pad is thick and plush, which is of course–very important for baby. It has both a bassinet and changing station feature {can you say MULTI-TASKER?!}. What’s unique about the InGenuity Playard is its Sleep Easy Incline feature, which allows the bassinet to be placed into two different sleep positions–flat or slightly inclined. This is the first time that I have ever seen an incline feature on a playard and it is honestly a must-have feature. Babies often have tummy problems, colic, stuffy noses, or trouble sleeping. Placing them on an incline can really help to soothe babies and help them sleep for longer stretches. That alone makes the InGenuity Playard a keeper in my book!

However, it has a ton of other features as well.
Just Right Height changing table makes it easier for parents to access baby while changing diapers
Changing table easily pivots to the side when not in use
Extra-large storage tray holds a full box of wipes, diapers, and more
Auto-lock wheels make the playard more stable when in use, but allows for easy room-to-room transport
Convenient travel bag

Another feature that I love is that the playard is very easy to fold and can be folded up while it is in bassinet mode. This is something Lucas’ playard did not do and now that I have used the InGenuity Playard–there is no going back! This is the only playard on the market with this feature. Nice. Thank you Bright Starts!

See the Playard in Action:

You’d think that all these features would translate into a hefty price tag. Not so. At $99.99 at {plus FREE SHIPPING} the InGenuity Playard is very affordable and about $60 less than the playard I bought for Lucas when he was a baby.

The InGenuity Collection goes beyond the playard though. From a bouncer that bounces by itself, to a swing that runs on one set of batteries for babies entire first year, this collection of innovative gear products raises the bar on feature and fashion. Check them out!

Want It: For a complete list of retailers, please visit SPECIAL OFFER! Submit your stories to Make Mom Laugh for a coupon code toward a Bright Starts order.

This review is part of a larger 14 Days of Laughter blog tour sponsored by Bright Starts. For the last 14 days, Bright Starts has been working with 14 bloggers on daily reviews and giveaways.

Here are the current bloggers that still have open giveaways for you guys to enter!

As They Grow Up

This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to the winner, The Graves Family (Monkey Tales)!


  1. when we were young my brother used to tease me over and over and over again and I just took it but one day I had enough and he was watching cartoons in the living room and I got a big firetruck and creeped up behind him and smashed it over his head and he started sobbing. I finally got my revenge. ha ha. think i was about 4 and he was 7.

    I would love the playpin.

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    I would like the playard. My funny story is that I got to name my sister. We had a favorite dalmation before she was born. So I named her after our dog. The doghouse had her name on it,also. I would tell her that story over the years.

  8. Funny story- well my kids are 2 and 3- and my older son told me the other day (very worried) that my daughters penis had fallen off! He was geniunely concerned and upset! hahh!

  9. I would love the full sized swing!

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  11. My sister rolled me up in a rug and when my mom asked her why she did that she said she was bringing me back to the hospital! Thanks for the chance.

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  15. I choose the Portable Swing, but since our daughter is pregnant, I would be thrilled with ANY of the prizes.

    My funniest sibling story is when I yelled at my son for trying to touch the stove when he was around 2 or 3. He said “Don't yell at me, yell at Heather (his sister). lol

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  21. I don't have siblings but am now a mom of a almost 2 year old and expecting a baby in July so I'm sure I'll have funny stories to tell then…
    I'd like to win the cradle & sway swing or the playard

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  26. I remember when I was younger, I shaved my brother's eyebrows while he was asleep. lol He was always mean to me.

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  36. My 2 and 3 year old grandchildren were spending a month with me. The 3 yr old boy was having problem sleeping and would crawl in bed with me each night. The 2 yr old found out and complained it was not fair. i tried reasoning (ha), that she was sleeping through the night. But 3 yr old to the rescue and he told her he would wake her and they both would climb in with Nana. So 2 grandchildren and Nana in a bed.

  37. I would like the InGenuity™ Cradle & Sway™ Swing

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  39. My sisters and I were playing “Superman” and my older sister and I were “flying” our younger sister. We landed her on my parents' waterbed and bumped her face on the side of the bed and chipped her tooth! Not funny at the time but we laugh about it all the time now.
    I would choose the automatic bouncer.

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  42. When I was little I used to tell my baby sister my feet smelled like cherries…all the time…and she always believed me, and wanted to smell my feet. I think I was a mean big sister.

    I would pick the cradle and swing,it would be perfect for me!

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  44. My brother and I never did anything together!! So I don't have any stories and I only have 1 daughter.
    I would choose the Bouncer

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  48. My mom had just painted our shared bedroom in anticipation of selling the house (due to the fact that she was quite pregnant with a 4th child and we needed more room). My sister got in trouble and was confined to that room. We go in later, and Susi had written her name on the wall with a permanent marker. She swore it was our other sister who did it to get her into trouble. Sorry, Susi, but YOU are the one who makes your S's backward! Busted.

  49. (Sorry, forgot to say I'd choose the playyard)

  50. One time I hid in the bushes and jumped out to scare my sister and she ended up punching me really hard she was so scared. Not that funny at the time. I would choose the bouncer

  51. FB fan of Bright Stars. Adrienne Bireley

  52. Anonymous says:

    My daughter and niece are 3 months apart and I babysat her and those two could get into SO much trouble together! They powdered my bed with my good bath powder, painted their toenails with brush on lip gloss, salt and peppered the carpet by dumping the shakers out in the floor!

    Id love the playyard since I still babysit and have 3 new babies coming in soon!

  53. My funniest sibling story is from my own kids. When my son was first learning to talk he though his older sister's name was “Go Away” because she had told him that so many times. For months he would wander around the house yelling “Hey Go Away”. We probably should have corrected him more often but it was just too cute! He did outgrow it after about a year!!

    I would love the playard!

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  57. The story that always comes up when my two older brothers are around is how once they put me in a sleeping bag and rolled me down the stairs! Luckily I survived to tell the story. It's tough being the little sister.

    I'd love a new playyard. Thanks!

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  60. I remember in high school my brother and I had music together. There was a kid picking on me so my brother waited till the teacher left the room and threw the kid in the trash can.

    I would like the swing.

  61. Something funny that I remember about my brother was when he was in high school and my mom had went to the store and bought some Beggin Strips for the dogs and put them in the kitchen drawer. Well, mom and I had went somewhere and when we came back, my brother says to my mom, “Mom, don't buy that kind of beef jerky anymore, they aren't very good.” My mom says, “What beef jerky? I didn't buy any beef jerky.” lol, it was the Beggin' Strips for our dog. Twentyfive years later, we still give him grief about that.


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  67. I would love to win the InGenuity Playard.

    When my son was 5 he had what appeared to be an appendix attack. While waiting for the doctor in the ER he asked me if they were going to take his independence out.

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  71. When we were little, my youngest sister wouldn't give me a pillow I wanted. She was about 5 and I was 8 or 9. To keep me from getting the pillow, she bit down on it. Well, I just pulled really hard, and eventually the pillow flew out of her mouth – WITH her 2 front teeth! Good thing they were already loose! I think she was more surprised than scared!

    I would choose the playard for my new niece!

  72. I would choose the play yard if I won. My sister and I used to hide our food that we didn't like when we were younger, so we didn't have to eat it, but my dad was smart and caught us. It was in our cup of milk.

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  75. I would pick the sway swing and my funny story is once we built 2 forts on our couches and had a full all out pirate battle that lasted for I swear 3 hours… so fun arrrggghhs and eye patch too!

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  81. I am a twin, so my sister and I would always switch! In school, while dating, etc. We had some good times!
    If I won, I would pick the cradle and sway swing!

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  85. my younger sister, a friend, and i would run away from my youngest sister and lock doors behind us. it's funny for us now, but it wasn't so funny for her back then.

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  87. A funny story…when my oldest sister and I shared a room, my sister smelled something horrible. She went to Dad to come smell me because she thought I had B.O. I had 2 family member's sniffing me. It turned out to be a stuffed animal's butt that was smoking. I thought the stuffed animal looked cool sitting in a lamp. She had the lamp on to read, and his butt almost caught fire. Glad it didn't!

    I'd pick the cradle and sway swing.

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  91. This is dating me.. LOL and is funny now to think about.. When my sister and I were kids we would stand on the fireplace with our hair brushes and sing Sonny and Cher songs “I got you babe”..

  92. When my twin sister and I were about 4 or 5 we got this illustrated series of books that answers simple scientific questions in words a child can understand. One of the books in this series was “what is a butterfly” which detailed the metamorphosis process, complete with a cartoon drawing of their eggs. After reading it we went to play in our grandparents garden and look for caterpillar eggs. We found a bunch of little round balls just like the book showed and ran back with handfuls to show our grandparents. Turned out it was rabbit poop!
    I would choose the cradle and sway swing
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  93. I would choose the InGenuity playard..

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  101. Once when I was ten I hit my brother and then ranaway because I was afraid I would get spanked for hitting him. I ran away to my grandmas house! I'd like the playard!


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  107. One day we were racing back to my grandmothers through the yard.I noticed my sister had stopped a few yards from the fence.She looked at me and said,”You won the race,but I get the candy!” Then she took a huge bite of what she thought was a candy bar,but was really dog droppings!

    I would like the playard if I won

  108. So my loving daughter (7) asked her brother (5) who drew the pumpkins on his picture (she didn't think he did it himself) and he replied that he did. She said “I'm going to ask your teacher” in her snotty know it all voice. He, not realizing she was being mean spirited and not believing him replied in the sweetest, cutest voice “ok sissy, do you want me to remind you to ask her?” She didn't have a reply and I just died laughing inside.

  109. Oh, and I would love the swing!

  110. Since I don't have any siblings (only child), I felt like my best friend was my sister. When we played “school”, I always made her be the math teacher (which, obviously, was worse than being the English teacher)

    I would love the swing!

    maria dot donahue at gmail dot com

  111. My youngest siblings(2 brothers and sister) and I would always play jail break. One night We wouldn't let our younger siter play so to get revenge she went outside by the side of the road and started screaming at the top of lungs. Since it was really late at night she woke the whole neighborhood up and we all got grounded for a week. We still laugh at her and her screaming that night to this day.

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  113. My sister was always really slow moving. One day a giant tortoise appeared on the back step before she got home. I said she was so slow even the turtle beat her home. The turtle actually had come from her school, too.

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  115. ok so I only have 1 right now so there isn't any sibling issues yet.. but when I was a kid my brother used to hit me and then run as fast as he could into the other room and act like I was crying for no reason. Well one time he punched me in the arm and when he went to run he turned around and ran right into my mom. SHe had seen the whole thing. Maybe not funny to him, but it was to me. Finally proved I wasn't a cry baby he really did hit me for no reason.
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  117. OH I forgot I would get the swing!!
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  124. When I was little I used to share a room with my two younger sisters, and we would get so bored sometimes we would do really stupid thing. Well, one day we decided to put a coupole of mattresses below our bunk bed., and we started jumping from the top down to the bottome. It was very fun. Until my mom heard us and as she was walking in my youngest sister was jumping and heard her scream at us, made her move slightly to the right and she hit her head on the lightbulb in the middle of the ceiling sparks flew everywhere, it as very scary but funny too!!

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  127. When my daughter was 3 years old her grandma was sleeping in a chair and she went and got a bingo dauber and dabbed her grandma all over her face and arms.
    I like the cradle and sway swing.

  128. Kay Fischler says:

    My sister and I are only 11 months apart so we are very close. I can remember when we were young, we decided to jump on our parents bed. Only thing is, I jump thur the window. I would pick the InGenuity Playard.

  129. My brother and I were only 18 mo. apart, so basically we drove eachother crazy. My mom says when I was a baby, I was sleeping in my crib and my brother went in and threw every toy he could find on top of me. She came in and saved me, but we've always wondered if he was trying to kill me or share his toys with me!
    I would love the Playard.

    sphinxcw at aol dot com

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  131. Fab giveaway!! Thanx for the chance. I really could use the portable swing!! Okay a story about my childhood would probably have to be an evening my brother and I were spending at my Gparents house. They wanted to take some pictures of us in my grandpa's garden and my brother kept trying to put his arm around me (I think we were about 8 and 6). I didn't want my brother to touch me and kept pulling away and my gparent's ended up w/pictures of me w/a scrunched face and disgusted looks. LOL Not a one turned out okay. 🙂 Jenprincess88 at aol dot com

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  136. My daughter was in church and accidently passed gas. She looked at her grandma and said as loud as she could Grandma! and if I win I would like to have the InGenuity™ Cradle & Sway™ Swing

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  139. Anonymous says:

    When I was four, my grampy told me that rabbits could talk on Easter morning- and took me out to the barn: Sure enough, one of the rabbits talked, but he sounded alot like my eldest brother, age 11( He was behind a bale of hay)I'd like the bouncer, please.

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  141. I was told this story because I was the baby in the story plus it was caught on a tape recorder ( you know the voice ones). I was a very fussy baby and cried all the time and my younger brother at the time was so tired of it he was 4 at the time. I can hear the tape of me crying and then in the back ground you can here my brother saying “dumb dumb baby go back into mommy's tummy” over and over dumb dumb baby. I guess he just couldn't stand me at the time haha. We get a long perfectly fine now. Now I am expecting my first baby and I am sure I will have many stories of my baby.

    I really like the automatic bouncer it would be good for a newborn.

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  143. When my daughter was 2 and my son was 4 he had a little handheld video game. She wanted to play with it, but he took it away from her. She snatched it back grabbed the battery out of it and stuffed it in her mouth. Several hours later while in the emergency room to have the battery “retrieved” the doctor said to my son. You sure look bored sitting there. He said “I could be playing Nintendo if she hadn't eaten the battery!”

  144. I forgot to say in my post that I would choose the InGenuity™ Cradle & Sway™ Swing if I were to win.

  145. It wasn't funny at the time, but when we were little my sister and I were fighting. She was running from me and I hit her with a HUGE rubber snake. This thing was monstrous! And good quality, it was from Disneyland. She immediately retracted and started screaming. I swear she had a welt all the way down her back that stuck out an entire inch. We still joke about it today.

    I think I would choose the swing. Not sure though.

    aliasblogger at

  146. With 3 girls, 2 of which are drama queens I have tons of funny sibling stories.

    One of the most recent is this.

    My girls had been sick with a stomach bug that had been going around. So no school for the biggest. They were feeling better late in the afternoon.

    My 3 year old comes to me and says “I need to go outside.”

    So I asked her what she needed from outside.

    Her reply “I need to get a rope.”

    I asked what the rope was needed for.

    and she says with a serious look on her face. “I'm going to tie up Caitlyn because she won't leave me alone.”

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  149. If I won, I would want the play yard.

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  150. My sister and I are five years apart and after she could walk, I kinda hated her. I used to hit her and then I would say “come here baby, I am so sorry” so she wouldnt tell on me. I was was pretty pathetic.

    I would loooovvee the pack and play!

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  154. When we were kids, my older brother used to alway instigate me and my little sister to do things. For exampe, he would tell us to box each other and then when we got in trouble, he always stepped aside & played innocent and we got in trouble and he did not. I'd like the playard please.

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  158. When I was young my sister would ask me if I wanted to play a game with her and I would say yes and she would say OK but you have to get it out and put it away!I would choose the Playard!

  159. My siblings and I always laugh at our childhood pinching wars. When we were mad at each other, we would pinch back and forth. It was crazy. I would choose the Cradle and Sway swing.

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  163. I would choose the swing.

    When my sister was 3 and I was 6 we went for a walk and got into a place where we weren't allowed. My sister fell & cut her elbow. Because I was scared of getting into trouble I went home and bandaged her up with a bunch of band aids and then calmed her down and took her for a walk, tell her over and over again not to tell Mom. Of course that is the first thing she did! She ended up needing stitches, oops!

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  166. When I was younger my brother and I were fighting and running around the house, my parents told us to take it outside so we literally did take it outside, we fought in the front yard and i clocke dhim one and ended up cutting my fist on his earing which inturn was “stapled” to his neck form the blow. we both ended up in the hospital together, I think it was over some pencils or something not even worth a few cents.

    i would choose the play yard.

  167. im an email subscriber

  168. My mom likes to tell the story about when my sister was first born and at the time I was 5 and liked magicians – – especially the trick where they pulled a tablecloth out from under a fully set table and everything stayed. She did not think it funny, however, when my new baby sister was laying on a receiving blanket and I asked “Hey, Mom…want to see my tablecloth trick?”

    I would like the playard.

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  172. I think that my funniest sibling story is when my brother was in bed with a broken leg I painted his toe nails pink while he was sleeping….since he had a broken let he couldn't chase after me when he found out what i had done.

    I would love to have the play yard.

    annamie2 at hotmail dot com

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  176. it was between my dad & his sister — he put a plastic frog in her milk, she in turn broke his arm =) not funny then, funny now =)

    i'd get the swing or play yard


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  181. I'm the youngest of eight so my oldest brother is quite a bit older, but that didn't stop him from picking on me one little bit lol. One day he hid in a nook under the stairs and scared me so badly that my sister said I jumped higher and screamed louder than she had ever seen. The whole family thought that was hilarious, but I couldn't stand for such humiliation. I had to get back at him. I was only about 6 or 7 years old so I thought that the absolute scariest thing EVER would be for me to drape a sheet over my head and shine a flashlight underneath. So I crept into his room to “scare” him. He was SUCH a good sport! He pretended to be scared and helped restore a small bit of my dignity. He's such a good brother 😉

    I would definitely have to pick the playard! It looks like it has such great features!

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  188. When I was pregnant with our second child, our oldest was not quite two. When we told him we thought of naming his new brother Ryan, he thought we said lion — everytime thereafter, whenever we talked about the baby he would roar like a lion!

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  192. I was the youngest of 4 girls and was always trying to be like my big sisters. We would record ourselves playing games, singing karaoke, or making commericals. I always mocked my sister
    s comericals so one day they gave me my own. “Brusha Brusha Brusha Do Your Daily Brushing” (just like in Grease) When they were recording me, I messed up and started crying. They stopped the tape and calmed me down. The second take was me with tears in my eyes and my sisters singing in the background. At the end I threw down my toothbrush and said, “I hate my co-mo-show.” I didn't think it was funny at the time but watching that video now….great times! 🙂

    I would like the cradle and sway

  193. I am a follower

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  195. One of my younger brothers, when he had too much from the rest of us, would fold his ears closed. 🙂
    I would choose the cradle and sway swing.
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  198. I was the oldest of 3, and my brother and sister (5 years apart) were continually fighting. Therefore, on car trips, I never got to sit near a window–and this was before air conditioning was available in cars–since I had to be the buffer zone between them. Since they are both gone now, it seems more nostalgic than upsetting, but I was really unhappy with them for a long time!
    I would like the play-yard please–my daughter needs it for her daycare.

    cgclynsg0 at gmail dot com

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  202. I would love the swing!
    My funny subling story that is on my mind right now- My older sister and I had a bet going and if I lost I had to name my first kid Mole (Don't remember what was going to happen if she lost) needless to say I lost so I have to name My first kid MOLE! Well.. when she was born my parents tricked my grandma and put the name Frickey on her crib (my Grandma had a dream or something that they were going to name her that and she hated that name). So when my first is born we are going to trick my sister and put Mole Coldwell on the crib! 🙂

    stephanie_dunbar07 at hotmail dot com

  203. I'm following both and I tweeted

  204. I blogged about your giveaway!

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  205. I'm a FB fan!
    Stephanie Coldwell

  206. I would pick the bouncer.

    When my parents brought my brother home from the hospital he cried thru the first night. I asked my Mom if we could take him back and get a new one, because this one was broken. Thanks for the chance.

  207. When my daughter was 4 and her brother was 2 while he was sleeping she put makeup on him because she wanted a sister not a brother
    If I was to win I would like the full swing

  208. email subscriber

  209. I'm the oldest of four and between all of us we were always trying to get the other one good. One of my favorite stories is when we were living with my grandparents when we moved back to Michigan, until my parents found a new house. We were divided up in between rooms and my youngest sister was in my aunt's old room that had a picture of her old horse on the wall. We convinced her the house haunted that room. We figured out how to use the heating vents to “neigh” into her room and send her running to my parents arms.

    I would love to win the cradle & sway swing.


  210. When I was changing our new baby our then 3 year old wanted to know how that I knew that he was a boy baby. As I thought for a moment on what to say, she said “Oh wait, I know, if he would have been a girl he would have been born with hair bows”. lol

    If I win I would love the playard.

  211. I love April Fool's Day, and one year I froze my brother's toothbrush in a block of ice overnight. In the morning, I got up early to put back in the bathroom. He had to go to work and was running late as it was, so he wasn't too happy about it! But I thought it was hilarious. 🙂

  212. when me and my sister were in high school we left the house after a huge blizzard and when we came home to get in the drive way she had to hall but up a hill she missed the hill and the car ended up on top of a 4 ft tall snow drift we were sitting at an angle, we laughed for a bout 10 minutes before we went and got dad he wasnt to happy, espically after pulling the car out it came back and hit his truck. We still laugh about it today. I would pick the playyard if i won.

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  217. I would like the playard.

    One of my greatest memories with my big sister was last Christmas, she took me to a Japanese restaurant for lunch and surprise me with a big birthday gift. She even joined the restaurant staffs when they sang Happy birthday to me in Japanese. That was 2 days before my birthday. I was over the sky.

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  224. Anonymous says:

    Being the oldest, I was able to pull alot over on my younger brothers. My favorite, though, was convincing my brother for about a year and a half that he was an alien..I had him do my bidding or I would call NASA & they would come after him like in E.T.
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  225. Anonymous says:

    I just posted my comment (#248 I think) but forgot to add..I would chose the Playyard.
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  226. I made up songs about my sister and nearly drove her insane. The little tattletale ran crying to Dad. Boohoo, LOL.

  227. When my brother and I were younger, we would chant different things we would want from the store (for example, pretzels and cheese). It wasn't us demanding it, but something funny we would do…we still laugh about it now!


    I would love the swing 🙂

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  229. I would choose the playard and I remeber when we would eat at the table if we talked in my sisters direction she would try to blow off our germs by sucking in the air around her plate and blowing it out behind her so that we didn't contaminate her food. Yes, she really did this.

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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  233. Anonymous says:

    as a child I hated brushing my hair so both my siblings would cut the twisted pieces any time they had a chance. i looked so horrible.

    i]d love the swing.

  234. Anonymous says:

    email subscriber

  235. My parents had 2 55 gallon drums that my brother and I used to play with. We'd climb on them and walk-joust on them. He fell off one day and I ran him over and earned the nickname Steamroller for the rest of the summer. He was uninjured and we still laugh about it occasionally.
    I'd pick the play yard for my son! Thanks!

  236. My brother and I had a knock down drag out while our parents were gone-broke a chair. It was worth it- he never bothered me again.

    I would love to give the playard to my niece-due in May.

  237. My daughter is so excited about our baby on the way that she has told just about everyone we meet! I didn't even get to tell my own mom!

    I'd love the full size sling!

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  240. Bright Starts Facebook fan as Sonya Neal

  241. When we were kids, my brother asked if I liked my cereal crunchy or soggy. I responded “crunchy of course!” The next morning he brought me a bowl of cereal mixed with bird seed.

    I would love the portable swing

  242. I would love to win this Thank You for this great giveaway

  243. I am 2yrs older than my sister…when we were little, I remember making a clay pizza and making her eat it. I still think it's funny, she doesn't…sigh. Great giveaway, thanks!
    I'd choose the playard.

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  245. When I was a kid, a girl that lived down the street came to me to ask me to tell my younger brother to stop annoying her and her mother by passing their kitchen window and saying “Good morning, ladies.” I told her that was impossible as he was too short to ever reach her window. She said he had stilts on. I defended him again, saying she must be mistaking him for someone else as he doesn't own any stilts. Later I found out he borrowed them from a friend's older brother. My family had named him well – Dennis – and he was a little menace! 🙂
    I would choose the playard.

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  250. I was having a bad day and it seemed like everyone wanted to annoy me. At 13 I thought the world revolved around me. Well I finally finished making my tuna sandwich and I turned around to go back to my seat in front of the tv. That is when I saw my sister in my seat! Without hesitation I threw my sandwich at her! Of course we both started yelling. Now we look back and laugh because it was so ridiculous!

    egreca (at) hotmail {dot} com

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  253. I would love the InGenuity Playard. My daughter loves her brother, but the first time she saw me change her brother's diaper she said “Oh no! Something's wrong! What is that! Take him back, I think he's broken!”

  254. I am an only child so I do not have any sibling stories from my own childhood. My little second child is still pretty young so not to many funny stories yet. But I do think it is pretty cute how my older son loves to watch the babies diaper being changed. What is it about boy's fascination with poop.
    I would select the playyard.
    Jolly Mom Blog

  255. I'm a follower

  256. I'd choose the portable swing for my surrogate son who is due in June. I am sure his parents would love it. 😀

    As for a story, I don't have siblings. But I have three children ages 5, 7 and 7. They are all very close due to the twins being only 21 months older than the youngest. They get along well for the most part, but have their obvious fights here and there. <3 I can't recall any one story. They make my husband and I laugh often. My youngest is teaching her twin brothers to read, and it's really sweet to see. We enjoy hearing them teach one another new (good) things. :)

    Thank you!
    alisonad23 at gmail dot com

  257. me and my sister would always fight but we would make up and would chose the playyard.thanks

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  259. Funny now, not then story. My 2 Sisters and I decided to give eachother haircuts one day while my Mom was at work. This was the 80's and when shaving lines into your hair was “cool”! Ok, I know now how NOT cool it really was!

    We all had the wedge cuts with lines/pattern shaved in the back. My Mom was MORTIFIED!

    I would LOVE to win the Cradle & Sway Swing! Have a new Nephew due in May and my little sis needs a swing still, this would be PERFECT!

    Thanks so much!

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  261. My sister, brother and I used to always see who could stay up the latest. We'd have “shifts” of who would stay awake and if you got sleepy, you'd wake someone else up to takeover. No one EVER woke another person up. I have no clue why we wanted to stay up.

    The InGenuity Playard would be my pick! tylerpants(at)

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  265. When I was little I had a huge slumber party for my birthday and my little brother became quite jealous with all of the attention I was getting. As the evening wore on, we all settled down in my bedroom in our sleeping bags and started telling ghost stories. At a quiet moment during a story, my pesky little brother busted out of my closet completely naked running around the room. He was only four or five at the time. I was completely mortified, but it sure is funny now.
    I would love to have the Cradle & Sway swing if I win. Thanks!

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  272. I would choose the playard- I really need one of those! My funny story is about me and my brother, he is about 5 yrs older than me. We use to go boating quite a bit and I always use to try to catch the baby fish that swam around the doc. One day I got lucky and took home a little minnow, put it in my fish tank and raised it for a year or so- one day I came home and my brother had fried & ate it. I was devastated!


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  275. Funny Story:
    My sister is about 4.5 years older then me when I was 1 and she was 5 she was coloring on the floor I climbed onto her back and would not get off she could not get me off she called out to my parents for help, they always say or sibling rivalry started young.
    If I were to win I would choose the playyard

  276. I tweeted and I want to thank you! @sexyknickers68 Paula

  277. My sister and I used to have picnics with our stuffed animals on the lawn. Except, we'd go to random people's lawns, no one ever said anything so I guess they thought it was cute! I'd love the InGenuity Playard!

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  282. I had my two boys, who were six years apart, sharing a room together for a year when they were younger. When it came time to clean the room, the youngest one (5) would throw all of his toys on his brother's side of the room, and say he was done cleaning. Although my oldest was then 11-yrs. old, he would come out to me upset because his brother had trashed his side of the room. It was hilarious that he let the little one get away with so much! We upgraded homes and they never had to share a room again, I am happy to say, and they now get along just fine. In fact, this prize would be for my oldest (now 22) who just found out he and his wife are expecting.

    I would choose the cradle sway swing.

  283. I subscribe via e-mail.

  284. We used to burp and say number 8 (simpsons) to annoy my mom.

    cradle & sway swing

  285. Funny story: My oldest was convinced the baby I was carrying would love Frogs and it is so funny because he is 6 months now and just as brother predicted loves FROGS!

    I so need that playyard!

  286. Subscriber!

  287. FB FAN of Bright Starts!
    Karen Bridges

  288. We have a friendly rivalry, between my brothers & I, of who is our parents favorite. They both think it's them, but we all know it's me. lol

    I would love to have the Playpin.

  289. I'm a follower on google friends.

  290. When my sister was around 6-7 months my mom let her play with our old rotary cord phone. I was 12 at the time and laying on the living room floor when I got clobbered over the head with it by her! I had a huge goose-egg on my forehead for a week or so and hated having to explain how my little sister “beat me up”!

    I would love the cradle & sway swing!!

    froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

  291. My brother and I used to have to tape a line between us in the backseat during long car rides. Although it didn't matter much b/c he still reached over and slimed me with his buggars. Gross.
    I would love the play-yard.

  292. Anonymous says:

    When I was seven, I had lost a tooth I'd been working on for quite some time. I was so excited to get some money from the tooth fairy! But first I decided I had to clean my tooth. I filled up the bathroom sink with water, stopped the drain, and let it soak. My five year old sister came along and unplugged the drain (did she know my tooth was in there? I'll never know!). I was furious with her :). The tooth fairy still delivered, though so all ended well.

    I'd love the playyard!

    untenuredteacher at yahoo dot com

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  296. dressing up the boys in dresses

  297. After my mom changed my brother and got him ready for bed after a bath, he would climb back into the bathtub with all his clothes on! courtneycopeland729 at gmail dot com

  298. My mom would get my brother all ready for bed and into his pajamas after a bath and then he'd climb back into the bathtub with all his clothes on! I would choose the play yard or the cradle and sway swing. courtneycopeland729 at gmail dot com

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