Tike Tech Stroller CityX3 Twin Stroller Review {Giveaway}

Being a fit mom is something that I KNOW we all aspire to. When you have kids though, it is definitely not as easy to work out. Having a stroller that allows you to take the kids with you on walks or jogs is such a plus and can definitely help get us in shape. That’s why I am excited to tell you about Tike Tech strollers. They have come out with an entire line of strollers perfect for the active, adventurous parent that you have to check out!

Tike Tech sent me the City X3 Twin Stroller to review and it is a beauty! Honestly, I was nervous that a double stroller would feel too bulky or be hard to maneuver. I was really wrong. The City X3 Twin Stroller is not only easy to push and steer, but at only 30 inches wide–it can get through most doorways without a problem. The aluminum frame keeps the stroller pretty light for being a double–it weighs 28.5 pounds which is light compared to similar strollers. The 12 inch air-filled tires and IFD Shox Suspension make this stroller an unbelievably smooth ride too and you can take it through some pretty rough terrain.

I love that each seat is independent of the other seat. They individually recline and have separate canopies. The canopies are up there with the best that I have seen. They recline really, really low! The seat itself though does not recline completely flat so it is not recommended for newborns (suitable for ages 6 weeks and up}. However, reclining the seat is easy–you just pull down on the clip on the back of the seat. You can do the recline one-handed–putting the seat back up will require two hands though. Speaking of the seats–they are extremely comfortable! They are full padded, including padded seat bottoms and seat back support. The seats also come with a 5-point harness with adjustable padded safety straps, shoulder pads and an adjustable chest strap. If you do have a newborn, Tike Tech does sell a car seat adapter that allows you to turn the City X3 into a travel system perfect for the smallest of babies!

What all moms want to know is how easily does it fold? For being a double stroller, I think that folding is actually pretty simple. You just unlock the safety latch and fold–sometimes you have to push the stroller closed a little bit. The only thing that I wish is that the stroller would fold a little more compactly. You can take the wheels off very easily to make it more compact so that’s good and it definitely helps. In the meantime, being that this is a double stroller with air-filled tires; I am still pleased and it does fit into the back of my mid-sized SUV without a problem.

One of the things that I love the most of the City X3 Twin Stroller is the storage. It has storage everywhere! You have one pocket on the back of each seat and on the inside of each seat. Plus, you have a huge underneath basket with high sides {things actually stay IN the basket}. You can fit a large diaper bag, blankets, shopping bags, etc. Love that because I always have a ton of stuff with me!

Now, to the getting fit part. Tike Tech does not recommend jogging or running with the City X3–their jogging stroller is the Sport X3 . The City X3 is more of a speed walking stroller. However, I will tell you that since the front wheel does lock, I have done some light jogging with this stroller and it works fine. Mind you–I said JOG not RUN!

Overall, I am very impressed with the City X3 Twin Stroller by Tike Tech. It is definitely a comfy, smooth ride with lots of great features for both parents and kids. For moms and dads that are active, this is definitely a stroller that you should check out!

See It In Action:

Want It: The City X3 Twin Stroller retails for approx. $420.00 and can be purchased at various retailers across the country and online. Optional Accessories include: Snap in Infant Car seat adapter / Snap in Bassinet / All-season Covers / Seat Inserts / Water bottle holders.

This contest is closed. Congratulations to the winner of the CityX3 Single Stroller, Tena!