Wordless Wednesday: Our Backyard "Beach"


Wordless Wednesday: Our Backyard “Beach”



  1. Whatever works, right? He surely doesn't seem to mind 🙂

  2. Hey I love that, I had some of my best memories in my own backyard beach 🙂

  3. oh I wish I had a backyard to do that!! Nice!

  4. Graham wants to come play!

  5. It looks great. My kids love their little pool.

  6. Looks refreshing!

  7. Very cute! I love the Polaroid frame!

  8. FUN!! Can we come over? 🙂

  9. Awesome! We may have one of our own this year… I think our puppy is *mostly* done chewing everything in the yard! =)

  10. Looks super cozy! And like you're having a wonderful time!

  11. Love splash polls. I like to go in too when it gets really hot. We put the barbies in and play under water barbie land.

  12. Oh this is fun stuff! That's what our backyard will look like in a few days. 🙂

    Happy WW!

  13. If we didn't live in NY I'd ask if we could come over and play. Lol!

  14. Fun fun, we have a similar backyard beach!

  15. That looks like the perfect beach to me! 🙂

  16. My kids can't wait til we get to go swimming this summer. I had thoughts of buying 4 of these little pools but they have thoughts of going to the big pool…enjoy them they grow up so fast!

  17. He looks like he's having a BLAST!

  18. Looks pretty heavenly to me!

  19. Looks like you'll be set this summer. Hours of free entertainment. lol. Drop by and link up.

  20. Every weekend! I wish our neighborhood had a pool but it's too small and our homeowners fees would skyrocket.

  21. Looks like fun! My WW is our little backyard beach too!

  22. Looks like hours of fun!

  23. lloks like what i need to get for my little one! free babysitter!

  24. looks like a great time! I cannot wait for the perfect time to break out the sprinklers!

  25. Cool shots! I can't wait until the weather gets warm enough to put up a kiddie pool out here.

  26. awww what we have at home is porch beach heheh cute!

    u may view mine here

  27. Aw, great photos! We recently bought my daughter a pool and cannot wait for her to use it 😉

  28. Yea,,, when you can't get to the beach,,, bring the beach to you 🙂

    I can't wait to bring out the “pool”.

    Thanks for the WW


  29. We hardly ever get weather warm enough for that!

  30. I love backyard beaches! Can't wait to get out our sprinkler & squirt guns!

  31. I was looking for a storyboard similar to yours. Is that a freebie I can get somewhere or did you make it yourself??

  32. That works! Kids love playing in water so a pool is the next best thing.

  33. Fun is what you make of it, and definitely where you find it. lol Uhhhh a Child's imagination is priceless.